Lio's Advantures 3

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Submitted: October 31, 2018

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Submitted: October 31, 2018



Sharp toothed mouth ate me


I wafted to Phwhaka’s esophagus.

I sank my claws into Phwaka’s

Tissue strongly.

Phwaka shouted shirlly.

I climbed up towards the mouth

By sinking my claws deep into

Phwaka’s tissue.


Bubbling asidic liquid rised up

In the dark esofagus.

My body started to melt and vaporize.

I was still holding my spear so

I hit the esofagus with my full strenght

As I did to strongest man in village.


I didn’t thoughg to give up

By the reason of

Very strong instinct to survive.

After 7 hits and be 45 cm close

To the mouth,

My spear appeared from neck of the



After couple of strong hits,

I also appeared from that whole

As my spear.

Man holding spears cheered.

Fresh clean cool air

Made me cool.


I hit the neck.

I hit the neck.

I hit the neck.


With my full capacity.


After the struggle of hard work,

Phwaka collapsed to the ground.

From Phwaka’s mouth,

I appeared with splashes of

Blood, acid and tissue. Disgusting!


Man holding spears were carrying

Happiness of the themselves

And the full stomach of the village.

Me too, killing for

Their fundamental need

Isn’t it.


When we arrived the village

We entered as heroes.

People welcomed us

With cheers, dance, shout of

Joy, satisfaction, fullfilment.

Village couldn’t got big prays for

3 seasonal loop.

So this was the victory!

Victory of the organization!


This day, I worked in stone shaper.

We took the given stone bricks,

Than shaped with sharp metal tools

As in limestone shaper.

In brown house, gray stone bricked


We heated the stone for widening,


We done almost same things

In limestone shaper.

When I asked the reason they said:

“Limestone is abundant,

Village needs it so much,

So more worker and tool needed.”

Different mostly brown gray stones,

More labour, more tools,

More process, more knowledge

Bigger fire for heating.


Couple of days later, garnish shaper.

Lots of different small stuff

From precious colorful stones to

Insignificant dry leaves.

In garnish coloured big house,

With ten families,

We arranged those different stuff

In any form.

Some forms considered,

Fortunate or unfortunate.

They guided me with warnings.

This place was one of the area

That you can use your creativity

In this village.

Necklaces, rings, body dots

(Colorful dots sticked to body),

Wall colourers and more more more.

They interested to my garnishes

Because I was the source of

Difference in the village,by

Different knowledge fallen from skies


More happy days later, voice shapers.

In hill, covered by houses and tents

There was cave under it.

Open brown rocks and lots of

Music insturments.

Man and women in colorful fabrics

Make those insturments and play


We worked and played insturments

In absolute silence

For being more sensitive,

Knowing the our shape to voice fully.

Those man are source of joy in fact

In every evening by shaping voice

In joyous way.


After silent days, I worked with

Wood shapers.

I asked them:

“Why you cut the alive things?”

They said:”Trees are not alive.”

How ignorant are they.

I shaped only dead wood not alive.

They thought I was obsessed.

In fact I was just behaving ethically.

They shaped the wood as playdough

By sharp metals as usual.

They shaped the wood without

Limitations except tradition as usual.

Then I became curious about

How all those people are so motivated

To WORK!!!!!


In one evening I danced so good

So everyone cheered me.

I touched to myself and said LIO!!!!!!

Than again. Than again. Than again.


Public cheered Liooooooo!!!!!!!!

After than, eveyone started to call me

Lio. In fact it was the name I created

For being more charismatic

As lion.


In next morning, I tried to join miners.

Man holding spears said:

It is painful and dishonourable for

Charismatic jem.

Even so I willed to join.

Man in spears said:

“See how painful is.”


By hard rock or metal wedges

We hit the rock all day.

It seems easy but

You burn under the Sun

You freeze in the wind.

You don’t have any spare time except

Short eating periods.

No allowance to talk, socialize.

Man holding spears hit you when you

Work work work.

If you work slower, do wrong

They hit harder and shout

Short sharp only one command.

I don’t know what it means but,

It commands you to work true.

Miners work in blood and sweat

When they turn

They carry what they mined

When they arrived to village

Man holding spears plunders

Most of them.

How hard the miner class suffers.

50 families are equal to slaves.


In next couple amount of days

I worked in repair shaper group.

We repaired mostly houses

But also tools, garnishes and statues.

We inspect anywhere

When we find problematic thing,

We solved them. As the result,

They were so good at solving problem

They don’t give up from solving.

Use their full capacity,

Work hard and wise.

In repairment system of the society


A walking worker:

“Hey Lio! Lets meet at my house

This evening.”

I said:”Yes, why not.”

Worker:”All right, be good.”


After the dance and feast,

I entered the house that I was invited.

First, we greeted each other.

Than we talked with each other.

There was also a priest at that time

In order to faint the

Man holding spears by spell.


First, talking happily.

Hi, how are you? Is all good?...

Than complains about the situation,

Critisizing the organization.

I listened them and speaked less.


After that I said:

“We must make a change in

Process of the organization.

For sake of happiness, positivity,

Prosperity, fruitfullness of the village.

Liberty shall come to all of us.

And we shall be friends everytime.

I am determined to do that!

You should determined to do that!!!!!!”


Day after next day

Working in dye shaper.

In very colorful tent.

Also, coloured with strange smells.

Dye shapers were like a chemists.

They mixed and spelled liquids

And grained solids,

In order to create dyes.

We also shaped by changing them.

Different exotic colours, and liquid,

Solid, swamp or playdough like

Mixtures, that coloured the insides

Of the village and mind.

I saw workers giving dyes to the

People and get what they could get.

Bardering was I saw.

That motivated people to work.


Than labouring with gatherers.

They aren’t only source of food

With haunters, also they are

The gathering hand of the village that

Gathers anything from nature.

Fruits, vegetables, bones, carrions,

Small sticks, fallen woods for

Wood shapers, flower oil, mud, grass

And more that anything

They could find.

I felt like explorer.

Every minute I found lots of interesting

Things in the nature.

Even I saw kids doing these jobs

In great joy.


Some evenings were meetings for me.

Happy intellectual chats mostly,

There were also rival planings too.

I begged leatherer to join us.

He became not lonely and friendly.

I begged all lonely workers to join us.

They became happy and not lonelys.


It was friendship that made happy.

Understanding and learning took time

But, drinking fresh fruit juices

Chin chin, dances, comedy talks

Singing poems.

Made all of us happy.


“Our main dream shall be, living

as dancing, talking as singing.

We make real this dream

In this house, so we should

Make real this dream in whole




I sang colorful fabric next day

Made of dye coloured thin fabric

Of the wood and human hair.

It was hard boring job to bond them.

Than colouring, than wireing together

As tailors.

Just for sake of more luxury,

Tough work for 12 people.

Then selling it all in barder.

Just for get what you need.

This is nonsense of the work of the

Working class.

Then the deliver shapers.

We took the materials from storages

Than delivered where organisers want

All day, running running.

Carrying in stone bowls or bare hands

We also delivered given information

In wanted way.

Our work was strictly checked

And we warned to do the wanted

If not, working in mines for entire life.

How scary is it?


Evening meetings became

More permanent and longer.

More crowded, more happily.

Kwe:”Now who are we?”

Lio:”Intellectual rival middle class.”

Digu:”But we are weakened long.”

Kvi:”We couldn’t show our power for


Priest voi:”So power is our need.”


In another evening

Everyone sang:”Toasting to love...

Hugging and flowing

With the colours of sky and land

As a fire.

We are friends always.

There is no need to discrimination.

Love is our only social case.”

Everyone hugged each other.

Put their arms on other shoulders.

Man holding spears who obeys

To chiftein

Saw and cried.

Be touched as melting ice


Man holding spears said:

“What are we doing?

Biting women, men, children.

Why? Solidity is only sadness.

Brutality is anger.


If there is to be love why cruelty for

Tradition, chiftein, organization.”


I joined the man holding spears.

For knowing them and attract more

Them to the middle class

For sake of having military power

For rebel.

They gave me basic jobs

Because of being freshman.

As every time.

Those men and women were like


Sometimes they bullied,

Sometimes they became buddy.

Those men were borned teenage

Died teenage.

Passion and pain, fad and anger

Were their main feelings.

So they became controlled more easy.

We protected our village with our

Highest attention and severity.

Obedience, courage, soldier on

On the alert, discipline, full strenght

And high emotional controlled energy

Most importantly, for activating

Whole capacity of the body.


Lio:”What’s behind all these?”

Priest Voi:”Strong and weak groups

Chiftein:Coordinator of all

Organizators:Leading burea?cracy

We priests:Intellectual coordinating

Bureaucrat class lives in luxury.

Those are strongs others are weak.

You know who are how weak.”


Svei interrupts:”That organizes

That shapes our existence

That shapes our dreams.

There are natural powers, but

We also occupy different realm.”

Hovai and Ori:”Realm of dreams.”

Man holding spear enteres and says:

Tomorrow we will attack to

One of the migrating tribe

We will plunder their precious things.

It important thing will happen that is

Worth to tell.”


Now man holding spears aren’t

People who we are hiding from,

Some of them started to help us

Especially by protecting.

They even joined our conversations.

So rival middle class

Became supported by military class.


At next afternoon we walked to war.

Lots of man holding spears and


On yellow green plains

Bunch of trees spreaded as clouds

Enemys village was close to a

Denser group of green trees.


Enemy attacked us with

Sticks and stones.

They were running to us.

Battle started.


Under the blue sky as a roof

3 suns shined as spot lights.

Stick to stick

Stone to stone

Blood to blood

Punch to punch


War is war.

So I fought

For benefit underneath

The nature of war.


Enemy, throved big or small

Stones, sticks even their bodies

To us!!!!


We fainted instead of killing

By putting special liquid

On the sharp part of the spear

Before leaving the village

For victory.


Stick punched skin.

Spear entered the legs and arms

Bleeded where it entered.

Than fainted it peacefully.


I felt as actor on stage.

Fighting was easy.

Because enemy was weak.

I fainted what enemy soldier I saw.


Suddenly war ended with victory.

But, society didn’t cared it!!!!!!!!!!!

They just took rivals big dead pray.

All of it.

Than they left the war area happily.


Big opportunity

I realized suddenly.

I am with man holding spears

Who some of them are my buddies.

All fighting people

Even chiftein of the enemy

(Actually we were enemies.)

Were fainted.



“My dear buddies!!!

We fought with this village for

Disgusting reason.

For just getting more lump of luxury.

But we good people must,

Convert bad to good, pain to pleasure


You comrades.

Please rule this village,

As a scruplus.

Behave everyone as your brothers.

Protect nature, give pleasure

Supply their all needs.

Consider what they will.

To sum up,

Apply what you learned.


At first you were our pupils

At now, you are holding first piece of

Dimond of the golden age.

You are beginners continuors.

Apply what you learned.”


Man holding spears:

“We will protect them as our children!

We will make them good everytime!

We promise comrade Lio,

For dancing collectively with them.

We will apply what we learned.”



“Amazing comrades, Amazing!”


Lio and some spear holding men

Lefted the tribe has tents made of

Wooden long and thick sticks,

Has nomadic haunter and gatherer

People, closes to nature.

Has more primitive tech.


Finally, we returned to our village,

Leaving our comrades

We said about them we lost them

Chiftein and his man didn’t created

Any problem to us.


I worked with hard people of the


Boneshapers who played with bone

As a dough as usual in every job.

So my plan to know public was ending

Only couple of jobs lefted to be done.

As the result, I was integrated,knew

The Working Class

As socialists.


Shou:”Movement is the essence...”

Gwak:”No the speech, what you...”

Priest Voi interrupts:”Dreams!”

Shreu:”I like dreaming, when I say,

I like dreaming when I tell,

Words are the es...”

Stallion:”What we are talking about?”

Black buddy(it is just a name):

“I don’t know.”

Lio:”Human nature!”

Sheru:”Actually! Dancing,

We had been talking about.”


When one talks others were silent

Mostly, so we could listen each other

Well, this became habit in

Hundreds of years in middle class.

And we got used to in short time.



“Did you ever asked why am I here?

Why am I in the village?

Why am I interupting your talk?

These are not rherorical questions?


In my deepest part of the algoritm,

There is a force which I couldn’t,


But I know that it arrives to

Single conclusion.


Collective dance!!! And melting in it!!!

This irresistable underlying instinct,

Finds tools to make itself a realm;

From fighting to loving,

Friendship to ruling,

Individualism to collectivism.


I see human nature as my playground.

Will, emotions, thoughts, instincts,

Habits, addictions, opposings

As toys to play.

In combinations of these

Which are you,

I see vibrations of your dreams

As prisons shaking fences


Definiton of dance is moving right?

(This is even no rhetoric question.)

Your souls wants dancing!!!!!!

Dancing to happiness, pleasure,


With trenendous power you carry.

We must break the chains by

Not finding but,

Creating heaven on the surface!!!!!!

So we will dance in sea of

Pleasure and colours bonded by love.

I call it socialism.”












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