Only Him

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Submitted: October 31, 2018

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Submitted: October 31, 2018



When I see him, It's only him. My world stops. I can't breathe and it's only him that I can see. Everything fades around me, and I feel so good. Then my head starts pounding, and my heart thuds so loud in my chest that he has to be able to hear it. His smile. God. It is so beautiful. Almost perfect, and pearl white. He's tall, and as graceful as a ballet dancer, yet masculine, empowering and dominant. He makes me feel small, which I am, but he makes it a good feeling. to be small, and having him hold me close to his big, strong, muscular body made me feel like that was how it was mwnat to be. His blue eyes peirce through me like icy rods, and he watches every move I make lovingly as if I'm the only thing on his mind. I love the way he makes me feel when his hand touches m skin. The feeling shoots through me, and makes my brain a hurricane that he controls within me. When his finger traces graceful small shapes on my body, I hold my breath because I don't want him to stop. I don't understand my feelings. My emotions and my body crave more, yet my brain and rational thoughts scream at me to stop. His arms around me, and tracing his name on my bare shoulders. It burned. I felt every letter even after he ceased to write them. Like he was branding me. as his own. Like I was his. Then I hear his soft voice whisper in my ear. The soft sound was deep, and vise-like on my heart. 

"You really shouldn't love me." He said softly

"I can't help it. You're the only one for me." I smiled.

"I'm warning you. I'm dangerous." He cracked a smile.

"I'm okay with a little bit of danger in my life," I said a smile still plastered on my face. "We're in this together, Always and Forever."

"Forever and A Day." He pressed his salty sweet lips to mine, and I kissed him back. After a minute, I laid back in his arms and fell asleep with my head resting on his shoulder. The Love of My Life.

Dylan Moore<3

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