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Family is important.

Submitted: October 31, 2018

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Submitted: October 31, 2018



Francis had a plan for her life. An outline of how her life should go. She would go to college find a nice family-oriented man and marry him. Have at least five maybe even six kids and be surrounded by family for the rest of her life. The greatest meaning in life was family and she wanted a large one.

She only had her sweet dad now and some random uncle she never saw. Her mother left them when she was a little girl and she never understood why and they had never heard from her again. It was just her dad and her and as she had grown he had gotten his own life. They were more like roommates and though she loved him dearly there was a rift there she couldn’t seem to overcome.

In college she majored in business even though she knew she would never use her degree it would help her to run her large family’s household. In the four years she was there she finally met Sam. He was perfect! Everything she wanted in a husband. Smart, hard working and he wanted a large family. It was another thing to check off her life’s list. They got married and they both got to work and fixing up a home they bought in town with a little yard and a tree swing.

When the first miscarriage happened, Francis blamed herself. She hadn’t known she was pregnant, and she had been jogging and tripped. When she found out she had been devastated. When the second one happened, she had known she was pregnant, and she had taken precautions, but it happened anyway. Two more after that and Sam said he couldn’t be with her anymore. He divorced her and moved on with his life. Francis was devastated.

Life goes on and Francis did too. She found a new job and a nice apartment and then she met a nice man who already had three kids and the house. He had been divorced for a few years and was dedicated to his family. What more could she ask for? Ben was perfect. They got married and Francis had three kids to care for. Twin boys age six and a little three-year-old girl. It was what she had always dreamed of and she threw herself into being their mother with everything she had.

Francis was not happy. She wanted her own baby. She loved her three step-children, but a baby of her own is what she wanted most. They tried and tried and after Francis had two more miscarriages she started to seek fertility treatments. The doctors mostly said it wouldn’t happen. Her body just wasn’t meant to bear children. Francis was devastated.  Her whole life was in shambles. She would never realize her dream.

Then she found out she was pregnant once again. She did everything just right this time. Everything. After the second trimester went by and things were good she started to really enjoy being pregnant. She talked to her baby all the time and she bought the baby everything she could think of and she had story time with all the children gathered around her. This was her perfect life. This was what she dreamed of.

On the day she went into labor she was the happiest she had ever been. When her daughter was born and she held her for the first time she knew everything would be perfect for her. When Ben and the kids left and it was just her and her little girl she whispered secrets to her. Then the nurse came and said it was time. Francis nodded with tears in her eyes. She was exhausted and had fought it as long as she could, but knew it was time.

After the nurse left with her daughter and the deep dark abyss pulled at her in the recesses of her mind she could hear the witch whisper to her…your life for hers that is the way.

The End.

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