A Quiet Walk (I Remember)

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A Quiet Walk, I Remember is a short story written in poetic form. To some degree, I feel that it is a complimentary letter of a love of some of the joys and peace that’s contemplated upon.

Submitted: November 01, 2018

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Submitted: November 01, 2018



I think about so many of the things that I’ve experienced with you.

With deep respect and pride I truly love you.

I looked at the many joyful experiences that we could share.

I looked at the monuments of understanding that our love had established and how it’s rare.

There’s a fascination about love.

We’re a joy that’s highly worth thinking of.


I remembered these things as I held your hand and walked with you.

As we remained quiet we looked at our surroundings. 

We were enjoying peace by being able to contemplate how our love is true.

It was a unique experience.

There were qualities that gave to us more pride and understanding of our self and of love.

As we walked we were in love's true bliss.

We were inspired upon its many essences to look within ourselves.

You’re joy and so many other of love’s true qualities that are inspiringly thought of.


I remember.

As we held each other's hand and walked, we were quietly becoming more in tune to the true qualities of love.

I thought on.

I joyfully remembered how we looked at each other.

We could do nothing but smile.

Deep down inside we were telling each other I love you in so many special ways.

Being able to express these feelings this way was worth our while.

As I thought on, I remembered how I hugged you, kissed you, and then looked deep into your eyes.

There were so many quiet messages of joy that we sent to each other of how our loves coincide.

I then remember hugging you, kissing you and then looking deep into your eyes again.

We acknowledged more of the joys of love because of what those quiet moments had mend.


I remember.

I enjoyed how those quiet moments were so inspiring to our dreams. 

Love, joy, peace, the free spiritualism of you are inspiring means.

I then remember we stopped and you said let's not say a word.

Let’s just walk some more.

I’d realized.

There’s so many other beautiful things about you that I adore.

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