Columbus Warp: World Without Armies

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Trans-dimensional explorers, Fred Watson and Debra O'Brien, go out to a fancy restaurant and a night club with their guide, Michael MacCullum, King Mallock of Syria and various delegates in a parallel world where armies don't exist.

Submitted: November 01, 2018

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Submitted: November 01, 2018



Me and my girlfriend, Debra O’Brien, were getting ready for the Halloween Party. We were at the Royal Hotel in the city of Homs, Kingdom of Syria, in a parallel world where there were no armies. Armies don’t exist in this world!

Debra and I were trans dimensional explorers working for a New Zealand company called Columbus Warp. Debra was dressed up as a witch. She was petite with brown curly hair and glasses. I was dressed up as a pirate. Debra and I had been dating for a few months now. Ever since she rescued me from the world without police. “So you’re ready for the party, darling?” I asked. “I think it will be fun” replied Debra smiling at me.

What I love about Debra was her smile, how she likes to have fun. A bubbly type of person. I like to go exploring, experience new cultures. Debra stepped up to me, placed her arms around my neck. I placed my arms around her waist and kissed Debra on the lips.

Then I heard a knock on the door. Michael called out “Debra, Fred, you ready for the party?”

I pulled back and yelled “Coming”.

I grabbed Debra’s hand. We walked towards the bedroom door, entered the living room where Michael and King Mallock Massa of Syria was waiting for us. Michael was our local guide in the world without armies.

“Splendid,” said Mallock rubbing his hands together. “Lets head of to the restaurant. The other delegates would be waiting for us”.

Mallock gave us a warm smile. Michael was dressed up like a vampire with his blonde hair and tall build. Mallock wore a Roman general costume. We followed Mallock out of the suite and down the corridor of varnished mahogany towards the elevator.

Since there were no armies in this world, there has not been a civil war in Syria as Syria had been a democracy for thousands of years. To ensure each city is represented in the Government. Because there were no civil wars in this universe, then Isis never existed since Syria was stable. There was no refugee crisis, no terrorist attacks in Europe either. Terrorism didn’t exist in this world. We stepped into the elevator and went down to the ground floor of the hotel. Since there were no wars, no invasions, no conquest, the Europeans never invaded the middle east, so there was no resentment towards the western countries. Therefore there was no Al Qaeda, no Brotherhood of Muslims. Syria was peaceful in this world.

As we reached the ground floor, we walked through the lobby to the main exit. Outside the hotel, the chauffeur waited outside the electric Limousine. There were hover cars, hover trucks and hover buses flying along the streets above. A hover train flew through the air. Because there were no wars, there were no dark age in this world. Technology and science was able to flourish at a quicker rate. It was up to the English to harness steam power for practical purposes. It was the English that kicked off the industrial revolution. Technology ended up being more advanced then in our world.

We climbed into the back of the limousine, Debra and I sitting opposite Michael and Mallock. The chauffeur climbed into the driver’s seat, started the engine. We hovered a couple metres above the ground and took off down the road.


“It’s amazing how far technology advances without war” I said.

“Especially how the geography is different in this world” agreed Debra.

Debra was right. Because there were no armies in this world; the Inca Empire, Aztec Empire and Mayan Empire lasted into the 21st centaury. The Latin American Countries were formed by Spanish adventurers looking for new places to explore. The Mayans ruled over the Yucatan Peninsula and southern Mexico, the Aztecs ruled over central Mexico and the Californian Republic ruled northern Mexico, New Mexico and Arizona. America surrounded a multitude of American Indian nations.

Canada was a republic as was the Republic of Australia and the New Zealand Republic. Quebec was an independent republic. Irian Jaya ruled over all of New Guinea Island and Bougainville. Indonesia was fragmented into Sumatra, Jawa, Sulawesi, Timor and Bali. Brunei Darusallam ruled over all of Borneo and Malaya covered the Malayan Peninsular. Myanmar was divided into Shan, Burma and Mons.

China was divided between the Sinkiang Kingdom, Kingdom of Tibet and the Republic of China. The Chinese Emperor stepped down. Communism was never established in China so the Kingdom of Korea was never divided. Northern Asia was split between the Russian Empire and the Kingdom of Tartarstan.

Babylonia ruled over southern and central Iraq. Kurdestan ruled northern Iraq, Northern Syria and south east Turkey. The Ancient Egyptian Empire lasted into the 21st century as did the Ethiopian Empire. Ashanti controlled Cote D'ivoire, the Congo Kingdom covered the Congo Basin, Tanzania was divided into Tanganyika and Zanzibar. South Africa was split between the Zulu Kingdom and the Transvaal Republic.

We arrived at the Kunshan Restaurant, the Limousine landing in the car park. The chauffeur walked around to the back and let us out. We climbed out of the limousine, walked up the steps into the restaurant where the delegates were waiting for us.

“Fred, Debra,” said Mallock “May I introduce to you King Frederick the 3rd of the German Empire, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, President Xi Ping of the Republic of China, President Donald Trump of America, King Najula Mana of the Inca Empire and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of the Russian Empire. This is Fred Watson cand Debra O’Brien from a parallel universe and their guide, Michael MacCullum”.

“Nice to meet you” I said shaking each leaders hand.

“Its a pleasure being here” said Debra with a smile.

“Thank you very much” said Donald Trump “ Welcome to our world”.

“Lets go sit down at the table” suggested Mallock.

We followed him into the restaurant. He walked up to the maître de and said “A reservation for ten please” with a smile. “Yes, Your Majesty”. The maître de clapped his hands. When the waiter came to him, he said “Show His Majesty and his guests to the table”.

“Yes, sir,” he replied with a bow. The waiter turned to us and said “Right this way, Your Majesty”.

We followed the waiter to the table. We all sat down round the table as the waiter gave us our menus. I chose the satay chicken stew with couscous and lettuce. Debra had the lamb kebab. It was a pleasant meal. The chicken tasted spicy.

The French Monarchy survived the French Revolution as a constitutional monarchy, just like the British monarchy in our world. Because there was no World War I in this world; the Russian Empire, German Empire, Turkish Kingdom and Kingdom of Austria survived into the 21st century. The same four Empires that was destroyed by the first world war in our universe. As a result, Mussolini and Adolf Hitler never came to power. That is why the Italian Monarchy has survived in this world.

Spain had never been a republic as it maintained its monarchy throughout the 20th century. The Soviets never came to power. There were no pre-existing conditions required for the rise of Communism or Totalitarianism. The Roman Catholic Church doesn’t exist. The Kingdom of Macedonia rules over Northern Greece. Britain is divided into the Kingdom of Scotland, the Kingdom of England, the Principality of Wales and the Kingdom of Cornwall. The Kingdom of Ireland is united. Brittany and Catalonia are independent.

As I was chewing on the satay chicken stew I said “Umm, I noticed that there’s no Great Wall of China in this world, Xi Ping”.

“The Great Wall of China?” replied Xi.

“Well the Great Wall of China was built to keep out the invading barbarians from the north”.

“But in this world, honey,” said Debra “Since no army exists in this world, they didn’t need to build a wall. That’s why it doesn’t exist in this world”. Debra popped some kebab in her mouth. “Hey, Fred. You notice the World Trade Centre is still standing”.

“Yes, I know. The Al Qaida isn’t there to destroy the towers”.

“That’s true”.

Debra sipped her glass and I took a sip of my glass too. In this world, the countries were formed when the towns and cities of a specific nationality formed an alliance with a central government. Each town or city elected a candidate to represent them in government. That is how countries are formed in this world.

Once we had finished eating our dinner, we went over to the Halloween party in the Zorb Nightclub not far from Homs. Can’t imagine how peaceful it is in this particular world. We entered the nightclub. The bouncer bowed to King Mallock and said “Come on in, You’re Highness”

As we entered the building there were people dancing to contemporary Syrian music. They were dressed in all sorts of costumes. Werewolves, demons, angels, Harry Potter, zombies, wizards, gladiators. Vladimir Putin introduced us to Pharaoh Katamalu Metaka of Egypt.

“So you’re the famous extra dimensional explorers” said Katamalu with a smile.

“Yes” I said with my right arm round Debra’s waist.

“Welcome to my world, Fred and Debra”.

“Thank you, Pharaoh” I replied.

“Pleasure being here” said Debra with a smile.

The Pharaoh lead us across the dance floor, through the crowd to a lounge and chairs on the other side of the room. We sat and talked about the events that had been going on in this particular world.

“You know,” said the Pharaoh “A few months ago. A soccer team of twelve boys and the assistant coach were rescued from a cave in Thailand by the police diving squad”.

“The police rescued them?” I said.

“Yes. The police conduct rescue operations and deliver aide to the people”.

There was a flat scream TV on the wall. I heard about the tsunami in Sumatra. How the Sumatran police rescued the victims from the floods and delivered food and medicine to the people. I said to Debra “Hey, honey. Isn’t it amazing how the police take on the role of the army in this world “.

“Yes. It’s wonderful. How people adapt. Come. Let’s dance”.

Debra grabbed me by the hand and led me onto the dance floor. We danced on the floor, wriggled our hips and waving our arms up in the air. I placed my arms around Debra’s hips. She put her arms around my shoulders. We kissed on the lips. Her lips felt nice and moist. She stuck her tongue in my mouth. She was an awesome kisser. We pulled back and smiled into each others eyes.

“I love you, Debra,” I said “You’re the best thing that happened to me”. “And I love you too, Fred Watson”.

Debra smiled at me. She kissed me on the lips. Debra led me into the girls’ toilets. She unbelted my trousers as I pulled down her knickers. I massaged her pussy as she rubbed my penis. When my penis became hard, I entered her and humped against her body. My loins burned. We fucked for a while until I ejaculated into her. It was such a relief.

Debra and I were exhausted. We kissed for a little while before Debra put on her knickers and I did up my paints. We walked out of the toilets, holding hands. We walked out onto the balcony overlooking the city of Homs.

“Cant believe how peaceful it is here” said Debra.

“ Yeah. I agree. It is a beautiful night”.

Debra and I hugged as we looked out at this beautiful, wonderful city. Homs. So peaceful in this universe. No bombs. No chemical weapons to harm these lovely wonderful people. Just peace and quiet. Debra and I looked into each others eyes and kissed on the lips.

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