the first win

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fortnite walk through

Submitted: November 01, 2018

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Submitted: November 01, 2018



The First Win 

By: DJ H.

I hit ready and it the circle started to spin. I looked at Fable hunting Dire for a few seconds before the bar was filled. I went to a small island with many different people. My big tomato head was red and ready to win. My backpack looked like a bag full of cash. With my pink lightning pickaxe I was ready. I started to Floss while I waited for the countdown to get to 0. Finally I boared a bus with a big balloon on top. I was playing the incredible game Fortnite Battle Royale. I decided to jump out of the bus at a plce called Tilted Towers. I landed across from a clocktower. I was lucky and found a sniper as floor loot. I sniped three people in the clocktower. I decided to go into the building where I found a heavy shotgun, a smg, rift-to-go, and a medkit. Then a circle appeared on my map. I realized I needed to be inside of it before a purple but deadly storm caught up to me. I ran to the Loot Lake island and used my glider to get to the circle. I barely made it. I started to use my pickaxe to get materials to build. I had three kills and when I checked I realized there were only 47 people left. I saw a default skin running across open ground and sniped him. I saw the shot get closer and closer...untill it missed. He jumped at the last second and I got mad. I rushed him landed a 120 shot with my shotgun to get rid of his sheild landed two 21 shots with my smg. He was extremely low I saw him start to get health back so I took one shot with my shotgun again and BANG! He was dead and began to be warped out of the game. I found he had ammo I needed and he had another med kit so I used it. I also took two mini sheilds, and a big shield to get me to 100 sheild and 100 health. I then used a rift-to-go because I was really far away from the storm and found a legendary vending machine.It had a chug jug in it so I bought it and took it after I used the last med kit. I decided to build on top of a mountain to get high ground. I looked at the person marker and there were only 4 people left! I had four kills too! I got into my late-game stategy mindset, and begin to execute the plan. Here is what the plan was... I was going to try to locate everyone else. Then I would begin to see how they were going to play this late-game.  One was a builder, one was a long range sniper, and one was a default trying not to be seen. He was standing in a bush so I shot and killed him with my sniper. I decided to get to the other side of the circle. I ran but was seen! I had to build a base fast. The player shooting me decided to leave me alone and go for the builder. They kept going in a consistent volley. The sniper would shoot down a wall and the builder would rebuild it. I decided to aim at the sniper because it would be easier to kill the builder. I took out my sniper and realized I only had three bullets left! I had to use them well. The next time the sniper peeked I shot him and hit him for 130! He backed down most likely to med up, but I didn't have the ammo to let him do that. I decided to try and delay him with my smg. He eventually ran out of materials, and I got him with a second sniper shot. Now it was just me and the builder, but I only had 1 sniper bullet left. I decided it was time for me to rush him. I used a launch pad I got from the other players loot. I landed next to him and got 2 shotgun bullets for 65 each. Those shots got rid of his sheild. I hit two smg shots for 14 damage each and then the game went into slow motion for a second. The screen flashed #1 VICTORY ROYALE! I begin to use the emote Twist. After ten seconds I left the game to try and do it all over again.


Based on a true story!

© Copyright 2019 DJKYLO197. All rights reserved.

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