Disappearing Climate

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May you never feel insecure when I have drafted this message as a strange thought of the war we have already started in the name of God. :)

Submitted: November 01, 2018

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Submitted: November 01, 2018



Days we spend on our planet,

Always delighted the angels who visited us here,

If God listened for a wheel of choices,

When made undone in a faith,

God was so curious about the story of humanity and one Earth,

The money we can harvest food grains for feeding the needy,

Is paid for wartime spendings leading to famine and death due to starvation,

One day an angel asked God,

Who will pay for the unending war in our Earth?

God knew an escape where small battles are fought for larger causes,

However this angel wanted to know less more than God could forget,

Started like a supporter of our struggles,

This angel closely woke up for the wakeup call,

God understood no limits can drain away the wealth from our Earth,

Yet this angel thought,

About lessons we learnt from wartime,

And holocaust dissecting profit inflation matters deliberately at that time,

In our world of inequality on this Earth when millions who die of starvation,

 Is this not something natural that God unlocked into our future?

God knew our common home always faced this uncertainty,

This world handed over an invisible liability of money and power,

All wars deficit that deliberately pitch for the need of balanced budget,

When the disowners of a wartime never dreamt that peace was fought in the name of God,

But this angel knew one day we will see this disappearing climate,

These days become the victim of a ruling who will not discriminate war as a repression,

Yet the question of maintaining our livelihood,

Always lives of utilisation who is the fittest on our Earth,

Here this forest has a lion,

No one gives this lion a free lunch,

They strain every act of injustice to examine the implications how to survive each day,

When the climate witness this change,

And the need closely be the catalyst of a better balance the least damage cannot be death,

When profit inflate and reserve something what we can identify within every development here,

Lastly this angel wanted to know, what will be the recoverable war expenditure of our story on this Earth?

Unlike the teacher who paid the end of war as the dearest sacrifice,

When that raise out of God promise for all HIS angels on our Earth,

We never felt this invisible demand that never divided us as human,

Yet a story untold financed this balanced budget,

Many say this as our ordinary replacement of wastes under necessary condition,

Than sowing a character as the seasons war on these desired scales,

How will the war end? Angel made this as our final choice.

Can we stay poor or resist our temptation never being greedy?

How will we prefer the latter and stay away from hatred?

If there are remaining alternatives,

Who can question this wage-earner God be sensible and natural letting life flow everywhere without anyone’s judgement?

Can money illusion an entrepreneur’s policy to let the utmost income be the substitute of profit inflations if we otherwise need the global market to be bear and bulls in their wage cuts?

This story again entered into a war,

Until the end of the story is not unrest yet be peace without deficits,

When I know you need to feed your reserves always with an initial budget,

A war boom of such unprecedented misrepresentations,

May disingenuous reasoning as our sound finances to support living here,

Claim the price of all necessities start every day,

May pour into your soul seeking delight to reach out a hand,

A reason that everyone seeks this war as a vicious circle of existence,

May we never contaminate this with hatred and distrust,

Yet may raise every angel with the spirit to challenge the last willingness,

To stray into the dark until there is light,

To end the darkness until the fight is for true vision in pure faith,

For happiness is sowed in every seed to seek rebirth as life here,

When this trust flames the change as wings of our freedom we have safeguarded,

Let us raise fuelling each other’s growth as one family,

Together forward we go,

In one name for the spirit of our common home,

Let us bring the turning point of our disappearing climate,

Seeking this wisdom in all,

Not to be criminals who has shed lot of blood into this ocean as the betrayal of one human faith,

Let us stay safe in our unity for peace, hope and joy;

Our Earth accounts for many such gifts,

It is said God watches this happiness for why we are here,

For this angel connected our story more than a message of peace,

May all here be willing to bring a change we can share its gifts for all in one God all seek the longest days live here…

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