Middle School Drama

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Im hoping most of you guys could be in middle school right now, or at least have went through the things I'm going through till this day. I suffer from depression, maybe not extreme depression but till this point I can say I'm depressed.
I dont know why people can be so mean these days, why boys send nudes, why lies can spread out so easily. especially from girls. Girls can be so mean though, it won't make sense at all till you read the story down below, but I hope some girls or even boys can relate to all this.

Submitted: November 02, 2018

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Submitted: November 01, 2018




sorry i havent been uploading.


Over the past whole freaking month of October. There has been some drama over my school. My school aint no low nor medium class students. This is total high class sh*t. And when you know they are people with hella money, they gonna be really hella rude or at least fake AF. 

So ive known these people since I was 8. Im 14. So its been about a good 5 years of trust. 

About the middle of September, there were this couple. They have been together probably since the end of last year, so it wasnt that serious. So this is where everything starts.

It was the very end of September, and this boy named Jake the one that was with the girl named Melina. 

Jake texted me asking if i wanted to play a game. So i said yes being the idiot i am. He said "truth or dare", so  of course i say "truth" because im a chicken. 

He asks me all these nasty questions like.." who would you fuck" or "who are you most likely to do this with".

So first i explain to him, wth like you have a girlfriend and im not going to answer those questions. So this is where i messed up. He told me "its not like im cheating on her, the questions arent involving me in it right?".

So i answered.

The questions arent bad but this is where everything went down. Later on, beginning of October he finally admitted that he liked me a little bit. I didnt know how to respond to that, because ive never really had an expierience where a really popular guy basically asked me out. So i said "are you on drugs?". I dont really know how ackward that couldve gotten but i survived. 

The week after that he asked me "truth or dare" again. This was all through snapchat so i could NOT save the chats because he would know. This time, i answered "dare". Guess what he asked me to do. You guessed right, "send me nudes". 

Now of course, i said no because you had a girlfriend at the time. He kept on demanding for me to send those pictures through snapchat. Im not stupid, and i told him strictly i was not comfortable to send them. He kept begging each time we texted. 

Finally one night, he asked me again. The worst part about this whole situation is that he sent me one. Actually no, he sent me 2. Wait no he sent me 3 nudes. I opened the chat again, and he said and i quote " now you have to send me one, since i sent you some". Now what really got me pissed off at this moment was that he expected me to send back just because he sent me pictures of him. 

I told him a very strict no and he didnt leave me alone till i stopped responding. 

The past 2 weeks, guess what happened. They broke up because Melina figured it out. I dont know how she figured it out but lets just say everyone hates me now for the wrong reason. 

Middle school drama part 2 will be posted tommorow around 10:00.

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