Tales of Wonder - The Fall of Man

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The second chapter of a continuous story line, this latest installment chronicles the events detailing the fall of humankind. In this portion, Seraphim attempts to thwart Zendar's efforts to
corrupt the newest creation as he visits his former friend in his new residence

Submitted: November 01, 2018

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Submitted: November 01, 2018









I am Seraphim, traveler of time and space. I have much to tell, tales that reveal the meanings behind destinies as yet unforetold, tales that are sure to pique the intellect of even the most still of curiosities.  I have been appointed a mission, one that involves bringing a sense of peace to this chaotic order called concrete reality. By Yahwea's voice was I called go forth into the universe to recover that which was lost, serenity in the universe along with the shattered fragments of the Sacred Sphere. I hoped that in doing so, I could help Zendar find the paradise that he had lost as well.
I began my quest by going into the Abyss of Nothingness. Upon entering it, I could sense the pain and torture of the fallen ones beating at my consciousness. Wrapped in torment, Zendar was destined to carry that hell with him throughout all eternity. So powerful was his sense of pain that it would be forever echoed in the minds and souls of any who happened to be near him. Having established a psychic bond with him, a large part of that pain would be mine to bear.
After searching for a while I saw that Zendar was consoling the other fallen angels who  were gathered in a cave. As I kept staring at them, I noticed that the celestial glow they once possessed had been replaced by a dull, gray aura that yielded no light, but instead reflected the pain and torment from within. Zendar, himself, was blanketed by a sharply black aura and his skin had a crimson red color to it. Realizing that I would be in grave danger should they become aware of my presence, I hid behind one of the rocks in order to remain hidden from their view. From a distance I took notice to what transpired before me as Zendar stood before the other members of the Stygian Council and spoke to them saying:
"During our battle with the Creator, the Prince destroyed our beloved Cherubim. I regret that she is no longer with us, and I, along with you, grieve heavily for our loss. But now is not the time for grief. Though we have been cast out of Paradise and imprisoned in the abyss of nothingness, I find that I cannot grieve for our loss at this time because now is not the time. I wish not to grieve for what has been lost but choose to fight for that which we may regain. Our grief will only take time away from us in regaining that which we have lost. There is no time for grief. There is only time for anger and it is that  anger that will lead us  to act. I'm angry about what the Creator has done to you, what the Prince has done to Cherubim, for what they've both done to all of us and I want you to be angry with me, my friends! For in doing so, we may act together to ensure a better tomorrow. Thus, today is the time to put aside your fear, ignore your pain, and postpone your grief so that you may stand with me to break the bonds of the oppression we now endure. It was only by Seraphim's betrayal that our paradise was lost. It will only be by our strength, courage and determination that our paradise will be regained. All of you stood with me during our war in the kingdom. Now, I call on you to stand with me once again to exact our vengeance on Jehovah and recover that which is rightfully ours to have, a haven in which we can all exist freely." So entranced was Zendar by his own words that he was unable to detect my presence through the psychic bond we shared. The effect of his speech was extended to some of the others as well.
"We shall stand with you to the ends of time and space!" Thesa proudly proclaimed, raising her arm as if to affirm her statement more strongly.
"Aye," followed the one called Moloch. "We are with you all the way!" However, the one called Belial did not seem to share the loyalty of the others to their common cause. "Friends, have you all forgotten that we are no longer free agents in the universe, but instead have been condemned to dwell in the world of non reality or wherever we are? Jehovah isn't just going to allow us to walk out of here and attack the kingdom once again. In fact, what is there to prevent the Creator from destroying us now, thereby denying us any opportunity to exact our revenge? I don't want to dissuade any of you from taking some course of action, yet I do not see how we can even begin to fathom such as long as we're stuck in some place that doesn't even exist. And even if we do manage to escape, we might not survive yet another thwarted attempt to take over the kingdom.”
Rather than rebuking Belial for his cowardice, like a nurturing shepherd who unknowingly guides an embittered flock to slaughter, he placed his hand on his comrade's shoulder and said
"I understand your reservations, but know this, my friend. I would never ask of you anything that you are not willing to give of your own free will." Then he turned to the others saying, "I am sure that some, if not all of you all may have doubts as to whether or not we should take any further course of action against the Creator. Then allow me to tell you the details of my plan and after hearing it, I'm sure any doubts and fears that you now have will most assuredly be assuaged.
Come to my chambers, located at the end of the tunnels and when you here the bell sound three times, come thither where I shall be waiting." With those words Zendar disappeared in a puff of smoke, and I gazed in astonishment. Moloch, Mammon and Belial took to the adjoining tunnels. Beezlebub turned into a misty substance and retired into the shadows. Malachi and Thesa decided to remain at which point she turned to Malachi and said, 
"I know not what destiny holds for us, dear Malachi, and I must admit I am somewhat fearful."
"Do you have doubts about our leader and the course on which he is taking us?"
"Zendar has always been a good leader as well as a dear friend. It took a lot of courage for him to stand up to the Creator the way he did."
"Yet, I sense a degree of apprehension in your voice. Tell me, dear Thesa, what is it that ails you so?"
"You mean, aside from being wrapped in torment at every waking moment and being imprisoned in the Vortex of Nothingness?” she quickly replied in a sardonic tone which made Malachi uneasy. Upon noting her beloved’s reaction, Thesa regained her composure and continued,
“Forgive my rude outburst, dearest Malchi. It’s just that  I've been thinking about what Belial said and perhaps I do have some doubts as to where or to what Zendar is leading us and it frightens me so. I know that I have never had reason to doubt him before. He has always been an exemplary leader, but fate was something we needed not to question until now, and I fear that the promise that destiny once held for us is no longer, regardless of how successful our leader may be in bringing his plans to fruition. By our transgressions we fell from eternal bliss to unspeakable torment. Tell me, Malachi, do you really believe that it is within our leader's realm of capabilities to restore to us that which we've lost?"
Malachi fell silent for a moment, as if Thesa's words struck some chord of doubt within him that he dared not acknowledge until now. Yet, he did not reveal this to her by word, but instead, embraced her, telling her that everything would be all right. During that tender moment she was facing the rock that up to now, had veiled my presence from their view. However, unbeknownst to me at the time Thesa possessed the ability to see through solid objects and consequently,  detected my presence. Upon this realization she broke free of her embrace and alerted Malachi.
"How dare you intrude into our world, traitor and for this egregious violation you will be destroyed, thus proclaims Malachi!" And with those words he unleashed a bolt of energy that shattered the rock that had once been my shield. Immediately I rose and started to flee, running through the tunnels of the abyss towards the passageway that led back to the dimension of Alternate Realities. Malachi and Thesa immediately gave chase and I then shot a cosmic blast which hit Thesa in the chest, the impact of which sent her hurdling backward into a pile of rocks. Malachi returned fire with an electric ray which grazed the side of my forehead, causing a loud, high pitched ringing sensation that pierced my ears. My entire head ached violently as I pressed onward. I turned and fired a blast towards the roof of the tunnel at which point a pile of rocks fell on him and he was buried underneath the rubble. I continued about my course for a little while longer and stopped to rest. Suddenly, out of the darkness leaped Mammon. Using his trunk-like arms he grabbed me and tackled me to the ground. He then hit me in the face a couple of times as I lay there, stunned by the extemperaneous nature of his attack. He then stood and climbed on to a nearby boulder and prepared to jump from it.
"Now you shall be crushed beneath the mighty feet of Mammon, traitorous wretch!" he proclaimed.
"He's going to try to crush me," I thought to myself. "Well, it's not going to happen in this era." As he sprang from atop the boulder I quickly rolled out of the way; but the sheer impact of his hitting the ground sent shockwaves through my mind and worsened the throbbing in my head. He started to come at me again, but I managed to muster enough strength to lift my left leg and kick him in the mid section of his body, which sent him reeling backward. This gave me enough time to get to my feet while trying to shake off the effects of his initial onslaught. He started to come at me again. Instinctively I unleashed a blast that hit him squarely in the chest, but he shrugged it off and laughed, seemingly impervious to it. I aimed a second blast at the ground beneath him where a giant hole formed through which he fell. I then took flight and soared through the air, not wanting to risk being attacked again at ground level. I felt this midst pass through me, making me feel so dizzy and weak that I could barely muster the energy to remain airborne. It then surrounded me and part of it took on a physical form. It was the face of Beezlebub. Using his mystical energies he enshrouded me in a wall of cosmic smoke, thereby suffocating me, draining my very essence. My consciousness began to slip away from me. I fell to the ground at which point he continued surrounding me with his midst, thereby sucking the life out of me. I tried to hit him by swinging my fists but they just passed through him. I tried to crawl away from him, but my body was unable to move. Then it occurred to me that since his body had a mystic form it was subject to the properties of metaphysics. In fear and desperation, I fired a series of bursts of negatively charged blasts of blue flame at random and each transformed into steam as they came into contact with his essence. The resultant charge between his molecules and the steam disoriented and confused him. He was unable to hold himself together and thus, released his hold on me. Feeling woozy and wounded, I continued to press onward to the hidden doorway to the Crossroad of Alternate Realities.
Shortly after my battle with Beezlebub, I came upon Belial. He was standing in a passageway through which I was about to venture when I met his intoxicating gaze head on. Upon meeting his eyes, my eyelids became heavy. Belial then began to sing a lullaby which further stripped me of my ability to retain my consciousness. My muscles started to weaken and my desire to fight was replaced by a desire to rest. Closing my eyes, I turned away from his accursed hypnotic gaze, but the lullaby continued to render me complacent and immobile. I placed my hands over my ears in order to block out the sound of his voice so that the effects would be nullified. It worked, somewhat, but left me vulnerable to Moloch's attack when he leapt from the ceiling and landed on top of me. He was immune to the effects of the lullaby, due to the spell Zendar cast on them before the attack on the kingdom. I, however, was not, which placed me at a serious disadvantage. Moloch started to pound his fists away at my face for a few minutes before I fell to the ground, beaten and battered. He then unleashed a loud roar that echoed throughout the tunnels of the abyss, causing an avalanche of rocks to fall on me. Unbeknownst to them, I decreased the density of my body while Moloch roared, anticipating his plan to bury me beneath a pile of rubble. When the rocks fell, I was able to phase through the ground. Below the surface I could see the two of them gloating over the pile of rubble which they mistakenly thought to have buried me, which allowed me some time to recover from their attack and initiate one of my own. While I ventured below the surface I detected an extract, a wax like substance secreted by some of the rock and placed some of it in my right hand. I then phased my left hand through the ground to where Belial's foot was, subsequently grabbing it and pulling him so hard that his body hit the ground. I then phased the rest of my body through the ground, pulling Belial by the foot into the air and proceeded to throw him into his fellow fallen angel, causing both of them to hurtle backwards into a nearby wall. Moloch got to his feet quickly and tried to unleash another roar. To avoid the potential side effects of such an action, I unleashed a laser from my right hand in which I had placed the wax, and aimed this substance towards his mouth, thereby covering it. Belial rose to his feet shortly thereafter and as he started to stand, I unleashed more of the wax from my hands to cover his eyes and mouth.  I then released another ball of wax and used it to bind their feet to the ground and them to each other. I left them there as they struggled to free themselves and continued my mission.
While en route to the secret passageway to reality, I entered a vast, and rather majestic looking cavern, that was connected to one of the tunnels. The ceilings stretched to a seemingly infinite degree. The walls were covered with blood red paintings and fire that yielded no light. The room was scattered with arches and other architectural designs that were foreign to me. In the center there sat a huge marble structure in the shape of a bowl, laced in black and purple velvet and filled with blood. Behind the structure stood a throne, covered in blood and fire. The arm rests on this throne were actually two green serpents, each of which possessed three heads. Atop the throne was a metallic emblem that bore the faces of three monstrous images, each of which continuously vomited forth an endless string of dwarfish, demonic creatures that went into the pool of blood that sat before the throne. Each creature then came out of the marble bowl, placed a burnt offering before the throne, and returned to the mouths of the serpents from which they came. While I was psychologically adjusting to the grotesque images that were before me, a voice called out to me as if from a distance and echoed throughout the cavern.
" Welcome, Seraphim. Won't you make yourself at home?"
"Zendar," I thought to myself. "He's built his kingdom here." A figure descended from the air over which the throne stood, and as it approached, I knew my suspicions were correct. He had built his kingdom here and appointed himself as the ruler of the abyss. He stood atop the throne with his arms in the air and hands outstretched in majestic fashion. "I see you have met my compatriots," he continued, "for you look rather embattled." He was right. Bruises covered my face and body. My garments were torn and I reeked of dirt, sweat and blood. I stood before the most powerful entity that Jehovah had ever created, weakened and fatigued, anticipating battle with the ruler of a kingdom that was not my own.
"My apologies for the treatment you received at the hands of the natives. They get a bit testy at times." He descended from his throne and stood before me. "Please, allow me to make amends for this poor display of hospitality by inviting you to dine with me." I was taken aback by his show of good will, but was somewhat suspicious. I knew Zendar had an ulterior motive, but I wasn't going to find out what it was by being hostile, so I decided to play the role of the respectful houseguest and by accepting his offer.
"Very well, then," he responded, sounding genuinely pleased to see me, and I started to feel the traces of the bond we shared beat within my heart. "I will have my servants escort you to your chambers and prepare you a bath so that you may rest and nurse your wounds. I will have someone summon you when the hour of the banquet draws near. Rest well, my friend." With those words he turned and walked towards his chambers and I was escorted towards mine. Upon entering the room, I took immediate notice to the lavish, beautiful decor of the room. It resembled a garden filled with flowers whose colors blended together in a harmonious spectrum trees which yielded all kinds of fruit. The ground was as soft and as smooth as silk and provided a cushion with every step. The flowers gave off a warm, sweet aroma whose scent was so strong that one could detect the taste of warm honeysuckle with every breath. In the center of this room there lay a bed surrounded by white and red roses with a silky cushion in the center. The pillows appeared to be wrapped in clouds, soft and fluffy to the touch. In the corner was a waterfall which ran into a pool of sparkling, blue water, and atop the waterfall a muse whistled a heavenly melody on a from his flute which touched the ears gently and moved to the soul, putting anxiety and fear to rest. The combined effect of the sights, sounds and smells of the room bade and persuaded me to withdraw my suspicion in place of complacence and with apprehension gone I bathed, nursed my wounds and rested.
I dreamt that night of a garden called Eden, which was located in the mid eastern section of a place men call Africa. The landscape contained a rich harmony of trees and flowers that sprang from the countryside, complimented by a melody of clear, blue sparkling rivers that ran through the lavish display of gardens which covered the fertile surfaces throughout the area. Other life forms, unlike any other I had ever seen, hopped, jumped and played happily in the trees and small tunnels that ran below the ground. Some were covered with fur, others with scales and others with a combination of both. All lived in peaceful coexistence with one another. I later found out that these beings were called animals yet they played like children.
In the center of the garden lay two other life forms, a man and a woman who bore the image of the Creator. A midst rose to signify the birth of Jehova's newest design. They was covered with a golden brown texture called skin. The man had a cleanly covered face that was attached to a robust, muscular body. And the sunlight glistened off the golden brown hair that covered his head. The woman had a face whose beauty rivaled that of Cherubim's with high cheekbones covered by soft, smoothly layered skin. These perfectly designed beings, constructed of matter both celestial and earthly, clothed in nakedness, were locked in an intimate embrace as they slept peacefully in the center of the garden. The man awakened into consciousness and the woman did likewise. They gaped in awe at their surroundings and wondered as to how they came into existence. At that moment, a voice from paradise called unto them saying,
"I am Jehova, creator and ruler of all things great and small. It is I who have created and molded you, who bear my image. Just as I created the angels who reside with me in paradise, so have I designed you to dwell and have dominion over the earth. The man shall be called Adam and his mate will be named Eve. Together, you shall reap what I have sown, a paradise on Earth that I have designed especially for you. I encourage you to eat of the fruits that are offered unto you but do not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, which stands in the midst of the garden. For indeed, the day on which you eat of this fruit you will surely die. As the first of my newest creation, you shall be the first to explore and establish a foundation in this place I set before you. I implore you to set a good foundation for the rest of your kind to which you will give birth. Be fruitful and multiply so that you and your kind may continue to dwell in the Garden of Eden. I leave you, but let not my words leave your minds lest you forget who you truly are. Forget not who created you and your creator will not forsake you. I leave you now to enjoy your newly formed existence. Farewell.
When the Creator left them the Adam turned to Eve and touched her gently on the cheek saying, "My dearest Eve, the Creator has bestowed unto us many gifts but you are the fairest of them all. I pledge my love to you, dear maiden, for all eternity. Together we shall dwell in this garden that Jehova has prepared for us and our love will nurture our spirits as the garden nurtures us." Eve then responded saying, "Adam, my love, I shall walk with you as well, and as I take your hand into mine, so let our spirits become joined as well. The Creator bade us to be fruitful and multiply. Let us then enjoy the fruits that Jehova has placed on our bodies and taste of the sweet nectar we have to offer each other."
Eve took Adam by the hand and led him near the waterfall where the sun glistened and bathed their naked bodies in heavenly illumination. A drop of water found its way to Adam's neck and forming a wet bulb resembling honeydew when positioned against the backdrop of the sunlight. Eve placed one hand on Adam's neck and rubbed his chest with the other. Adam them embraced Eve and kissed her gently on the lips. They then engaged in a long passionate kiss as they continued to embrace one another. Adam then caressed Eve's breasts, touched her nipples with his tongue and explored the contours of her body in the same manner. The two beautiful creations then made love by the waterfall under the afternoon sun as their spirits were forged into one flesh.
Now, some of the angels in paradise snuck a glance at them while they slept and responded with a sense of adoration. They marveled at how delicately beautiful they were. Shortly thereafter, word swept through the kingdom about these new creations and it was not long before they had captured the good favor of the other angels. All, that is, except for the desolate one, who was cast out of paradise for the crimes he committed against the Creator. Now a fallen angel, he carried a hell within him that followed him wherever he went. In this state of reason, he viewed the new creations like a jealous older sibling, for both he and they were begotten from the same essence.
"Why should they get to enjoy the sweet solace of creation while I endured an  eternally torturous state of mind and spirit?”  he mused resentfully.  "I shall go to the birthplace of these new creations and set them against their creator and the spiritual gap that exists between the gates of hell and the Garden of Eden will dissolve." He transformed himself into a state of anti matter to escape from the abyss and traveled through the tunnels of Hell until he came upon the passage that led to the Crossroad of Alternate Realities. Crossing a bridge that resembled a rainbow, he entered the Milky Way Galaxy and went into a solar system in which a series differently colored, shaped and sized spheres of land masses called planets revolved around a second rate star called the sun. He approached the third planet from the sun which was called Earth and entered into its atmosphere. Now he was in the Garden of Eden in the form of a serpent, waiting by the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, anticipating that the new creations would pass by where he lurked. When Adam and Eve approached the tree they took notice of the serpent for he was unlike any other creature in the garden. The serpent spoke to them saying,
“This tree yields delicious fruit. Why do you not eat of the fruit that it bears?"
"Jehova told us to not eat of the fruit of this tree” Eve answered.  “Neither shall we touch it lest we die."
"But I say unto you that if you eat of this tree you will not die, but become like Jehova, for you will possess the knowledge of good and evil and your eyes will be opened," said the serpent to the woman.
The two then scrutinized over the tree and saw that the fruit was delightful. Like children who thirst to explore the forbidden, so did the two of them eat of the forbidden fruit. Upon swallowing the first bite, Adam's head shook and his eyes lit up. Eve followed suit and the same happened to her. Their eyes were opened to good and evil and upon this awakening they became ashamed of their nakedness. They then cut the leaves from fig trees, sewed them together and clothed themselves in aprons constructed of the fig leaves. Shortly thereafter, the Creator sent forth a spirit of the Divine Essence through the garden to visit the man and the woman. Adam and Eve sensed Jehova's presence in the garden and hid themselves in the bushes. The voice of Jehova called out to them saying,
"Adam! Eve! Where are you? Come forth so that I may speak with you."But in their shame they continued to hide and remained veiled from the Divine Presence until they were detected. The spirit asked them,
"Why did you hide yourselves?"
And the man, after searching for a response, answered, "Because we were ashamed of our nakedness."
Upon hearing these words Jehova realized that they had become aware of the concept of nakedness, an awareness that could only stem from consuming the fruits of knowledge of good and evil. Jehova became angry and the Spirit manifested that divine anger by shouting to them in a voice that could be heard throughout the universe,
"I did not create you to know shame, especially when in the presence of your creator! You must have eaten of that which was forbidden! Why have you done this?"
And the woman answered, “The serpent told us that if we ate of that tree then we would become like gods, and the fruit seemed delightful so we ate.”
“Then you have acted foolishly in your quest for knowledge, and have been rendered weak in your quest for power. The serpent fell from Paradise because he sought to usurp the throne of power that his creator held. Consequently, he relinquished his seat within the kingdom and was therefore forever banished from Paradise! So have you committed an act similar to that which he performed when Heaven was at war with itself. He  allowed his pride to incite him to rebel as did you. You have committed an egregious error, for now you know evil and have reaped this evil upon yourselves and upon the souls of your children. There will be strife between the two of you. The woman’s pain in childbearing will be greatly multiplied. The man shall bruise the head of the woman and she the heel of the man. Because you have eaten of this that I have commanded you not to eat, in toil shall you eat of it all the days of your life and it will bear thorns and thistles to you as fruit. The ground beneath you is cursed, so you may only eat of the plants in the field. In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread until you return to the ground for out of it you were taken; you were dust and to dust you shall return! Behold the future that will stem from the rude foundation you have established!”  With those words the Creator left them to their own devices.
They bore witness as nature ceased to nurture and started to rebel. The trees refused to yield ripened fruit which was replaced by leaves and thorns. Vermin scampered freely about the countryside. Plagues swept throughout he populace and cries from the mouths of diseased babes pierced the ears of a seemingly indifferent universe. In the west the ground shook like a thing unfirm and in the east rocks of ice fell from heaven and covered the earth. Likewise, the nature of the land’s inhabitants modeled the ensuing chaos around them. Refusing to live peacefully, they waged war on one another on every imaginable scale and in every conceivable context. Like the scales of the serpent’s skin, their minds became cold and their hearts were hardened. Husbands and wives betrayed one another and siblings fought each other with the ferocity of ravenous lions. Stress and strife became the governing agent of many a household. Some inhabitants placed others in chains and forced these prisoners to do their bidding. Communities of these inhabitants calling themselves nations sought to overtake others in their relentless pursuit for power and in the name of a new religion called globalization. In the center of this troubled land stood the beast. In turning their eyes towards him, the inhabitants worshipped the creature rather than the Creator, thereby wandering into the abyss with their newfound master.
When Adam and Eve saw this vision of what was to come they wept bitterly and the angels wept with them for this new creation was greatly loved. Now, none who resided in Paradise loved Zendar more so than did fair Cherubim who was now a pile of ashes that lay at the Prince’s feet. Upon witnessing the fall of man, he shed a tear which touched the dust that was once Cherubim’s frame and in a flash of effervescence, she was rendered whole again. This time, however, she was different. Her body was now encased in a navy blue encasement and her face shined as brightly as the ocean against the sun. Upon her resurrection the Prince told her that she had been granted another opportunity to live, but that the Creator would require her to perform a task as a display of her loyalty. Enveloped in a heavenly glow of blue and white, she knelt before Jehova’s throne and said,
“Your son returned me to my life, Master, and bade me to come to do that which you require. I am ready to do your bidding”. Yahweh then told her to rise and opened the passageway to Earth, thereby revealing to  Cherubim the newest creations. Upon seeing them, Cherubim marveled at how delicately beautiful they were as the other angels had even more so and was overcome with a sense of adoration to which that of the others’ paled in comparison. Jehova, upon seeing her admiration, commanded Cherubim to go forth and drive Adam and Eve out of the garden and gave her a flaming sword to aid her in her task. She immediately turned to the as if to desperately plead that she not be sent to which Jehova responded by pointing in the direction in which she was assigned to go.
When Cherubim came upon Adam and Eve, they were huddled behind a bush near the edge of the garden, bearing expressions of intense fear and sadness. She pitied these poor creatures and was sickened at the thought of having to perform the task she was assigned. With a heavy heart, she drove them out of the garden and led them to the Tree of Life. While doing so, she noticed the serpent lurking at the edge of the garden. “Zendar”, she thought to herself. “He must be responsible for this travesty somehow. I’ll find a way to fix him”.  And with that thought in mind, she plucked a seed from her womb, composed of celestial matter, and planted it at the foot of the Tree of Knowledge. After doing so, she returned to the task at hand and told Adam and Eve to eat the fruit from the Tree of Life to sustain their existence. She then left them and returned to the garden to find the serpent but he had already gone and returned to the abyss.
At that moment I was rudely awakened by a thorn that pierced into my skin from underneath my bed. Though I had slept soundly, a sense of fatigue and restlessness lingered within me. The picturesque view of paradise that had once been my quarters was replaced by a grotesque representation of nature. Thorns spontaneously sprang from the bed and the waterfall now spouted blood. The walls were quickly covered with black colored weeds and a thick canopy of flames that yielded no light engulfed the room and it became unbearably hot. Quickly, I rose from my bed and exited out of the door through which I originally entered and found myself in Eden. In the distance I saw Adam and Eve asking the Creator, who appeared to them  as a matrix of colors, to forgive them. Jehova gave them a sign of forgiveness, told them that their lives would be spared and then gave them garments to wear. Following this act of kindness, was the revelation that the Divine  presence was forever veiled to them. It vanished, and there they stood upon a hill at the edge of the garden, casting their eyes skyward, hand in hand, armed with despair and hope for an uncertain future.






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