Yemen Girl Who Turned World’s Eyes to Famine Is Dead

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May we come together for the great help when we need to serve others from our contributions never so far made here... :)

Submitted: November 02, 2018

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Submitted: November 02, 2018



May we never witness how this child life ended,

Only bones and no flesh,

Nothing can be so devastating in any human conflict for economic gains,

Who will end this unrest for the world seem distant and turned away,

When we call for a cessation of hostilities the toll war has taken,

And each child who battled these days to survive,

Yet pushed to the brink of existence,

No scripts change here but only real life characters face these reality,

To leave everything for our sustainence why we fought for freedom,

A catastrophic man-made famine must re-examine our support for the war,

Never remembering the future outcry over why we belong to one cause where humanity exist,

In one spirit let What pushed millions in the brink of starvation,

End to move toward a peace effort here,

Miles ahead for the grievous human cost why this has happened,

Everyday in the failed states such life story burns,

And kill themselves unedited in a cry,

The world may be deaf but hope distress as the worst choices humanity ever faced,

Every family displaced and their struggle may help to save their child,

A searing portrait sum up such dire circumstances of any war-torn country,

Everyday millions are torn into this darkness frightening the last message of our fears, 

When they join this unending woe without any revenue to buy some food and water,

How will any lifesaving journey we fight near the end of the war,

Those life stories so miserable wanting to face death from violence, hunger or disease;

Yet live the greatest horrors of our darkness we have laid in the fear to survive,

This child is only one in many galvanized image of the cruelty done so far in our commom home,

Unlike many cases like her the last prayer ever still hope,

May we not stay divided in debates when we need to provide help,

Let us not run short of time without assisting the lifesaving journey we are commited from our reach,

Our real time help can stop this unrest from spreading,

Let us bring home the real help for a time still sick without any short contribution,

This child has put a human face beyond a heart broken end,

For her daily bread expressed the raging hatred why we have created a war wept the last hope,

Nothing to feed her child one mother wept endlessly as none offered any food or help,

How we are laid for this cruelty still sweep many war torn stories,

We may not be able to end such war,

But we can stop this hatred from spreading,

How any child so haunted and turned down for the terrible famine without impassionate relief?

Let us call for nourishing one common outlook,

Where peace will restore the lasting times of happiness,

May we devote for welfare and reachout for one help of the great love.

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