Apex Sin

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This is a very short story about abuse and what can it do to people that are brought into it with both the abuser and the one that is doing the abuse. This is set in the past when child abuse was turned away more often than now in its present-day opinion. Some happenings should not be just left behind closed doors.

Submitted: November 02, 2018

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Submitted: November 02, 2018



His father ran out of beer. He knew what is going to happen. It is the year of our Lord; 1978. The Dodge Caravan that sat outside of the house still ticked with the cool air blowing underneath the frame of the big groovy machine. His father at the same moment slammed the door closed with his whooping senses driving him to the point that is heart is leaving his chest.

The beer is spent when his father started to rage.

“Where in the hell is rest of my beer!” his father scampered across the linoleum of the kitchen when Huey felt his need to open the window, escaping out into the night where the evil cannot touch him.

“I knew you and your bastard friends are skulking beer! I knew it! You think that beer grows on trees!” His father met the base of the steps that are narrow when he looked up into the darkness where only the shadows of his dark imaginings lie. He is mad, mad to the point that the senses of his sanity had left him.

“Come down here, you little brat and take what is coming to you!” his father bellowed up the stairs, fetching the Slugger that is coiled in the umbrella stand that is next to the base of the stairs.

“You’re going to get yours! I’ll get you! I will get you until your dead!” His father laughed with his feet clomping up the stairs.

Huey got up from the bed with his hands opening and closing. He looked at the window that is to the right of him and then looked at the closed door that is in front of him. The shadows are growing around the closed door like an infection that is too strident to be pulled away when the steps met the door on the other side of the closed door.

His father knocked on the door with the blunt end of the bat.

“I’m coming in and you better be ready for your beating.” His father proclaimed in a high falsetto voice. He is crazy on the other side of the door. This has happened before when he is lain up for over a week during summer vacation. His beatings are worse during the summer vacation. Huey knew that when he gulped.

“I don’t want any trouble dad.” Huey is looking for an answer but he is coming up slim.

“You forgot how much beer you drank. You know that?”

The beer is eating away his mind when father banked on the door again with the blunt end of the bat again.

“I know everything and I won’t be justified by a little bastard that won’t help me with the bills.” His father chuckled eerily on the other side of the door.

I am in a bad rut this time. Huey thought about the window and thought about it with his lips being sucked into his skull. He wanted to rush through the window and break it with the force that is faster than the stride of Bruce Jenner. The Dodge Caravan is within his reach. He can feel it. Huey’s bell bottoms are bumping up against his leg when his father beats harder against the door.

“Unlock this door. I’m giving you a grand slam entrance, if you mind me?” His father proved to his only son that he is crazy when Huey responded with one word:

“No.” Huey blurted out with a moan escaping him after.

His father raged on the other side of the door.

“I can kick this door down. I know I will, you little son of a whore! Your mother is a whore! Your mother is a whore!” He laughed and raged on the other end of the door.

Huey looked at the window and ran to it, pulling the window up and jumping out of it with his ass on fire and his hair catching. His father started to kick down the door when Huey met the crop of the roof with the grater on the edge of the roof. He pounced down the cropping of the roof with his mind going towards the open window and then going towards the grating.

The door gave way and it flew open. His father came into his room, looking around like a predator looking around for his prey. He sees the open window and flew to it, touching the perch of the window when he looked out to his only son that is moving off of the roof with his foot touching the grate that leads down.

His father poked out of the window with his bat following in one of his hands.

“I’ll show you to drink my beer, you little shit!” He reeled the bat back and threw the bat over the shingles of the cropping. The bat flew over Huey’s head and landed onto the wall of the next house on the other side of the fence. The bat landed into the Bloom Lily Bushes with a soft and silent landing when Huey continued down the grate.

His father retreated back into the house, running out of his son’s bedroom and rolling down the stairs. His eyes are burning evil fire, feeling the strength that he has never felt before in a very long time.

“You are going to pay, shit head! I’m going to lay you the fuck out!” He roared in the house when he stormed out the front door with his mind blaring fire.

“You like to drink my beer. Okay! That last beer better be good cause that is the last fucking beer you will ever drink in your short life!” His father ran around the house, meeting the grating when he sees nothing but cold steel on the grater.

Out of the blue, he is hit upside the head with something harsh. His father bopped and rolled back when Huey came into the yard light with the slugger in both of his hands.

“I got you. You hit me all of these years! You will get what you deserve!” Huey laughed when he hit him in the head again. Little did he know that the blast on the side of his head led his father into a convulsive state?

“You need some lesson on teaching people respect! You’re nothing but trash; nothing!” He hit him in the head again when his father started to seize on the ground.

Huey stopped when his blood ran cold.

“Oh shit! Oh god, what did I do?” Huey stood over the body that still convulsed when his father calmed as the night winds continued to blow. Out of the distance, the sound of a barking dog honed in as it howled for its master to come and check it out.

His father came back into the fold when he knew of the horrors of his father no more. Huey later on went to jail for a count of aggravated assault, pleading not guilty for the crime when he is found guilty for the crime that is unjust in this sort of practice. He only spent eight months in county as his father rots in a mental hospital with half of his brain still functioning, pissing in the wheelchair and asking for beer when there is none.

His father only looks out through the fencing of the window when his son came to on one afternoon, kneeling down to look at the haggard face of his father that is only looking out the window.

“No more.” Huey resolved this with no question.

“No more.”

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