The Relieving Machine

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This is another story that got rejected. I say when I wrote this in one night, I was intrigued of where I got this from. I was thinking of Phillip K. Dick before I started this and I wonder how this piece would relate to him if he was still here. It is a machine that devoid all stress levels in the human body. What about the human condition though?

Submitted: November 02, 2018

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Submitted: November 02, 2018



He sat on the bus station with not a care in the world. He is happy after receiving treatment from The Relieving Machine. The Relieving Machine has been around for the past forty five years when he sat at the bus station with not a care in the world. What is inside Vincent’s medicine bag is something of a creative treat that he has been meddling with for quite some time. Vincent smiled with not a care in the world when he waited for the 3:15 A.M. bus that should be arriving now. It is the branching point between lines when Vincent kept his smile that is upon his face. He did not falter that smile. He did not change that smile when he is drained from the stress of The Reliving Machine.

The Relieving Machine is something that is invented by the man that is named Grant Carshaw. Grant Carshaw worked on the device when he was broke, half crazy, and close to the point that he was going to lose it all with his basement being a prison and his mind being a prison as well. He worked on the device out of spare parts with the room being filled with equations that casted a dim eye to the only person that reads the equations. He looked at them again and again when he got little sleep, close to three hours a day when he thought with hallucination to the answers that are bumbling around in his head.

He found the answers by accident on the stretch of aluminum that is constructed in a sleuth of wiring that is only preceded by his unlimited ingenuity. When he found the answer, he is the first to use it with no side effects after. He felt no stress and he got back to the success in life with no burden of feeling the passing events that contaminate the mind.

When it hit the public, it was only for the rich when they also felt no side effect either. They felt happy when the world sat light to call the contraption The Relieving Machine. Now, it is for everyone who has enough money when Vincent went to the site where one of these Relieving Machines exists to dip his mind into the sight where he felt no worries any longer. It is not a permanent effect though, the worries do come back in a course of six months when Vincent felt no need to frown on the coming effects that will happen when they call this event, “the worry DT’s”. It runs through the mind when people feel the worry all at once as a few of them committed suicide in the events of the worry DT’s. The surviving family cannot sue the affiliation that has the possession of The Relieving Machine. The people that use the device signed waivers.

Vincent sees the bustle of cars that are driving over the road that is in front of him when he looks left and right, waiting for the bus to show up when the time on the electronic billboard reads 2:51 A.M. The medicine bag in his possession is crafty as he kept it on his lap when he heard the sound of conversation between lovers that walked past him. He looked over his shoulder when a star flew over the night sky that is cloudless and cold to the universe that is silence above. He kept smiling as the minutes passed when the bus showed up with the squeaking of hydraulic brakes that hissed when the door opened, revealing one fat man that waddled down the steps when he is the only man that came off of the bus.

The man is forty years of age with no wife and no children. He is a man that lives so little when he bundled up against the cold that almost took his breath away when he admired the smiling man that is sitting on the bus bench. The fat man cocked his head when he waddled to the spot that is next to the smiling man when he sat, taking up most of the room when he breathed like a man in the late stages of having COPD. He looked at the man that is sitting next to him when he smiled before looking out at the road that is getting desolate on this hour of late.

“I didn’t know it was going to get this cold tonight.” The man’s breath came out in heavy swabs, filling the air with hot breath against the cold when Vincent looked at him out of the corner of his eye.

“I remember a cold like this when I was a kid around Christmas. The carolers would come at the doorstep with a gleam on their cheeks. I remember skating on the McKinley Lake when I was slim. My mother smiled at the scene of white snow that was all around us. Did you grow up around here in New England?”

Vincent looked at him with a smile still on his lips. He didn’t grow up around New England. He grew up in California where there is no snow with that being the exception in the mountain regions. Vincent only said this once sentence before it happened:

“Never had; never seen the snow.”

“No never seen the snow around here? That is hard to believe. How long have you been around here?”

Vincent only looked at the scene of the road that is desolate when he reached into the medicine bag with his smile cracking over to a giddy, crazy notion as something reached high in the air as the fat man continued to talk. Vincent brought it down when the fat man ceased his talking as blood spilled down his face.

“What?” The fat man blurted out when Vincent struck the hammer down again.

It is the thrill of relief from the Relieving Machine. He felt no stress.

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