Ice Misfortune

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Email is losing his cool because of Kerny.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Email's anger

Submitted: November 02, 2018

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Submitted: November 02, 2018



Kerny is walking through the halls to get to the infirmary to learn more about Pat and also to grab some medicine to poison Eric’s food. Man, he’s annoying. He noticed commander Leviathan just left the infirmary. What was he doing in there? Making sure Levi left, now he went to the door of the infirmary. Kerny was about to open the door.

“Email…We need to talk about Kerny…”

They are gonna talk about me, huh? What does Pat know? Being really interested now, he started to eavesdrop on them.

“N-no Pat, I don’t have time. I need to finish some paperwork.” Email turned to leave, but stopped when an axe just flew by into the wall. It almost hit him. Pat’s weapon is an axe, so it must be his. The older went over to the door and locked it. Pat looked at Email with a We-are-gonna-have-this-talk-or-we-are-gonna-be-here-all-day look. “I can see through your lies, Email. Beside, didn’t you just finish your paperwork for the week?” The youngest in the room shocked that Pat knew that he was done with all of his paperwork.

Email didn’t know a way out of this, so decided to turn to Pat. “So, tell me why you were unconformable in the presence of Kerny?” He just looked at Email, waiting for a answer. “I-I don’t know why exactly…I feel like I’ve met him before, but I don’t remember when…”

“I’ll show my love to you, like how dad showed his to mom!” Declared Email’s older brother while holding an heated iron. “No, please don’t do this, -----!” A 7 year old screamed in fear. The older placed the iron on the 7 year old’s stomach. Email started to scream in pain with tears running down his face.

“Email? Email?! Are you alright? Why are you crying?” Pat shouted in worry while running towards his younger brother. The 35 year old wanted to know what is going on with the younger. “I-It burns! MAKE IT STOP!” ‘It burns’? What does he mean? I just treated his burn wounds… Pat was confused, but decided to put Email on a chair in the infirmary.

Kerny by the door was smiling insanely. Why was he smiling? Does he know something? Before, he could eavesdrop further the conversation.
“What the hell are you doing, Kerny?” Asked Comet in curiosity. “Huh? I was just looking around the ship, but started daydreaming right here.” He excused. His face is weird, his eyes are empty and his half-baked smile. But Comet didn’t mind it much, with the years living with Email and his other siblings made it seem normal. “Well, anyway...I was gonna get Email and Pat, because lunch is ready.” Kerny got up and left to the cafeteria. 

The albino went on to knock on the door. Waiting a few seconds and the door got opened by Pat. “What?” He looked a bit anxious. “Lunch is ready. Is Email also in here?” The 29 year old noticed that the blue eyed one was tense. “Huh, he’s not feeling so good…” He sounded like he didn’t want to talk. “What does he have? Stomach bug?” Comet was really curious. “No…It’s a panic attack…” Pat refused to look the younger in the eyes. 
“What?!” He pushed the older to side and went to Email who’s still sitting on the chair. The 31 year old was flinching in pain. The sniper put his hands on the other’s forehead and said. “Calm” Email calmed down. “What the hell did you just do, Comet?!” Pat asked in concerned voice. “Don’t worry, he’s just sleeping. It’s my stone's power.” He smirked at what he did. Suddenly, they heard snoring, it was Email. The two commanders started to laugh.

After dinner…

The commanders were called into the captain’s quarter. When they came into the room, they greeted their father, Alfred Pourfort and he greeted them too. 

“So, pops…Why did you call us here? If this is about Email sleeping in the infirmary again, we can explain!” Comet didn’t want any problem after last time when Pat said it was his fault that the enemies stole a chest full of stones from them even though he was the one slacking off in the first place.
“Don’t worry about that, my sons. I called you four here because I have a mission.” Alfred informed and he knew that his 4 strongest sons love missions. Now, they were alert and all ear. The old man almost couldn’t hold his laughter because of his sons’ reactions. 

“You four will be going to Coldshore, apparently the Heavenly Knights want to turn the place into a new base, instead of just move the population that lives there and they are killing them off. It’s your job to either fight of all the Heavenly knights so that they leave or move the islanders to another island.” With that explained, the four commander left to their rooms to pack for the trip.

Pat just took some medical supply and his axe with him, Leviathan packed enough food for the whole trip and Comet decided to bring his two favourite guns with him and his goggles.

Email went to his room to get a notebook, a compass that was designed for New bay and… “Come on, where is it? I just placed on my desk last night!” What was he searching for? He was literally turning his room upside down to find it, but found nothing. “Hey commander Email! Are you searching for this?” That’s Kerny’s voice… The younger turned around and looked the other in the eye. The commander’s eyes widened when he saw that Kerny was holding his collar. “Give that back!” Email ripped that out of the taller’s hands. The 31 year old needed this in battle or else he might lose control especially when they arrive at Coldshore, it should be full moon than. “Y’know, ‘Thank you’ would’ve been also sufficient then just ripping out of my hands.” That goddamn smile is what Email hates about this guy.
“You can leave now, Kerny. I’m almost finished here..” Instead of hearing him leave he came into the room further. Kerny locked the door for a second they wouldn’t have a disturbance coming in. 
“I said, you could leave, Kerny…What do you want?” He was feeling unconformable again. 
The older pushed the commander against the wall and put his leg between the brunette’s thighs. “W-What are you doing?!” Confusion and anger was written all over the younger’s face. Kerny licked Email’s neck and the younger jumped a little from the contact. “You are always so beautiful Email…” The younger was looking at nothingness with disgust on his face and a bright blush. The 41 year old grabbed the younger’s face and turned it. 

Then the lips met…

Email’s eyes widened and he pushed Kerny off. “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” Before the older explain himself, the younger stomped to the door, unlocked it and went outside. Slamming the door shut while he was at it.

Email was still angrily stomping through the halls, he also whipped off his lips and his neck, the places where Kerny touched him. He was muttering stupid Kerny and what’s wrong with the guy. Pat just came out of his room and was confused on why his best friend is angry again.

At 3 Pm, 30 minutes later, the four commanders were done packing everything for the trip. Pat and Comet were smiling and energized, Leviathan is smirking and Email looks still angry.

A few crewmembers were gossiping. “Dude, it looks like commander Levi and commander Email just switched personalities.” The man got a few yeahs and yeses.
While, the commanders were getting into the smaller ship, Kerny came to say goodbye to Email, but got flipped off as answer. Email has never been this rude to any crewmember, you’re supposed to get that response from Leviathan.They finally set sail towards Coldshore. The other 3 commanders wanted to know why the first mate is in a pissy mood.

“Alright, why are you taking my job to be a dick to everyone?” As responds he got elbowed in the stomach by Comet. “Wrong question.” He turned to Email. “So…Why are you so angry all of a sudden?” Comet was thoroughly curious. “I-“ He unconsciously placed his right on the place Kerny licked. “I-“ The three other men wait patiently for him to answer. “I don’t really know why I’m angry, okay? It started when I got that flashback.” They didn’t expect Email to answer so loudly. Flashback? They knew Email lost his memories a long time ago, but getting his memories back now? Isn’t it a little bit too late for that? “And when did those flashbacks start?” Pat wanted to know more, he felt worthless if he can’t help his siblings. “W-When Kerny joined us. That’s today then. A few hours ago.” The 31 year old sighed and put his right hand on his head. Levi just noticed something and started laughing. “Why are you laughing, you idiot?” Comet sometimes just wants to kill Leviathan. “Email has a hickey! Did you have sex today or something?” He sound like he’s dying of laughter. 
“W-What?” Email touched that place again and suddenly saw the vision of Kerny licking his neck. His cheeks began to become bright red. Anger filled his head and Email sucker punched Levi right in the jaw line. 
“Woah!” Pat and Comet were shocked at their brother’s behaviour and they decided to grab each one of Email’s arms. “Calm down, Email!” The brunette’s teeth became sharp. 
“Pat, I think it can also lay with the full moon coming.” Suggested Comet and the older agreed.

What’s wrong with Email? The full moon is coming? Is he a werewolf?

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