Fading Light

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accomplish what you want. anything is possible.. have strength and courage

Submitted: November 02, 2018

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Submitted: November 02, 2018



It  was a dark mysterious night. I thought it was strange that I was walking alone at night. Letting it roll off the shoulder, the journey continued. Out of nowhere I saw a gleam of light. A cold breeze blew by and all of a sudden, it became nothing.

It was just me and the light. It's a long walk towards it but it gave me a feeling that I had to go. Then, at the snap of a finger it was gone. Then, before I could walk away it came back and that's when I knew I had to get closer. The begining of the journey was tough. The obstacles that I had to get over before I could reach the straight path tested me. I have never been tested like that before. All my biggest fears coming together to try and stop me. Not letting them faze me I put my head down and started my way. Halfway through, I began to think. Is this too much to take on, will I be able to finish.

Kicking myself back into gear I started to get to the halfway point. Now, human anatomy is going to come into play. Knees hurting, feet bleeding, chest expanding in and out and sweat dripping down. Now any normal person would stop and head back. Not me, I kept going. There was a fire inside telling me to go go go. As i'm inching closer the pain gets worse and worse. Almost to me knees, i'm reaching the final point. Before I collapse, I get enough energy to reach my arm out. In that last effort I reach out and grabbed the light.

Finally, with it in my possession I began to cry. With all my hard work paying off I got to see the light first hand. Gathering enough strength, I manage to stand. For the first time I am able to look into the light. Confused of what I see my head starts to hurt. Then, seeing a faint silhouette in the light I realize it's me. All along I was chasing myself.

Seeing myself in a little light form, i'm shocked. Then me inside the light starts to move. Not knowing what is happening I see my own heead shaking back and forth. I do not know why. It stops and out of my mouth comes all the negative things i've said about myself. Realizing it then, I knew that the shaking was me trying to get out of the war inside my head. Trying to escape myself, the light was my release. Getting the light, seeing myskef and what I was doing to myself at the time. It was time to let go. In order to do that I had to come to terms with what I was doing. After spending time with myself it was time to let go.

As I reach my arm in the air with tear filled eyes it was time to say goodbye. As my fingers released, I watched the old me float into the dark sky. Fading away slowly it was finally gone. Wiping the tears, I realized the strength I had. I was now stronger than I have ever been in my life. I was now free of all past judgements made by myself. I didn't know it took me to change until that very moment.


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