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Submitted: November 03, 2018

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Submitted: November 03, 2018



Today small voices tell me how I feels,

Trust the word of Gods love I felt one humility as our judgement,

Getting to know you better in an another story told so aloud,

What you thought it was and fate wanna fantasize a change of heart,

Struggling how I feel and whom I could let it go,

The past so gave you my heart to hold everything from start,

How this last supper said our goodbyes,

But so quiet when I was comming home,

The pretenders were all the same,

I know that I messed it up,

But so lost when time back a ride to see me through God's vision,

I swear I was wanting to light up like a morning you watch the sunrise,

But a smile took a trip nowhere by the miles,

Over the fields and your time watch it crawls,

A lifetime was given for all these experiments,

Today I just want to give myself,

Where I challenge always to do the best,

Every single day I tune your vision leave my heart feel heavy now,

For too long I searched a revelation undone so long,

Who can savor the solution once broken away in the last candle light,

Given all the promise I close my dreams take a chance,

All the pain is finally over,

I believe in you, 

So I put diamonds in your work God bless you deserve that,

Shooting for the stars when high hopes always had a vision,

Tomorrow one moment just passes weave I always had a feeling,

Gonna always be willing to sacrifice for my loved common home,

A time waiting destiny for peace back in those days,

Staying up on that rise I wanted to be the change,

I hated to see you waiting for the next chance,

Together forward we go feeling the best of our loved lifetime,

No reason for calling the world so isolated,

In God's vision we are never going to stop loving our common home,

That's why I'm calling you,

Just answer me,

What are you going to do for the next moment?

You'd better have good time,

All I loved is our wellness,

Not for the body alone,

But for one spirit of unity no diversity may chain our endless tracks,

On this Earth if you feel the same,

Let you rise in this love for shining where you are for our better days ahead.

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