The Mirror Part 7 - The Awakening

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the young man makes an astounding discovery ...

Submitted: November 03, 2018

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Submitted: November 03, 2018



THE MIRROR: Part 7 - The Awakening:

With those words farewell he bade me,

And I found I was alone.

For the tavern was all but closed,

And all the crowds had gone.

I turned to call the barman,

And when I looked back I saw,

That through what seemed to be a window

Stared the fellow I had seen before.


Imagine my amazement,

When I was then told

That there was ne’er a pane of glass,

Through which one could see the night so cold.

What the barman then did tell me

Turned my heart to lead,

The sweat broke o’er my brow,

For before me was a mirror instead.


Those haunting eyes that held me

Captivated for so long,

And so utterly that I had not heard

Neither a single laugh, nor bawdy tavern song.

That face upon which was written

The tale of life so sublime

That it made my heart grieve, I could not believe,

That this gaunt face was indeed mine.

© Copyright 2019 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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