Run Away

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Submitted: November 03, 2018

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Submitted: November 03, 2018



I was running away. Away from my fear. Away from that thing. The thing that ruined my life. The thing that took my sister away. It ruined me. Suddenly, I turned. I had a new surge of energy. It wasn't fear, it was power. I wanted to save my sister, not let her die. I ran in the opposite direction, towards the direction the monster was running. I know, it sounds stupid, but you might do anything if something that was a major part of your life was on the verge of death. I ran. And ran. Farther and farther. I heard new footsteps behind me. I turned, and there was a new monster. not the one that took my sister, but still. I ran towards it, and did anything to annoy it. I ran around it and found a pipe. I grabbed it and hit the monster. It crumpled to the ground. The power must have been radiating off me because I would never have been able to do that. I ran towards the sound of the monster. Suddenly, I heard the sound of something disintegrating. Then a cry. It was my sister. She had defeated the monster but was in terrible shape. I ran to the sound and saw the monster. It had manipulated sound itself. It hurt me bad, but I hurt it worse. I crumpled to the ground and so did I. I crumpled down next to my sister. We both sat in a pile of our own blood. We hugged and slowly felt ourselves slipping away from life. At least I got to see her after hours of searching. At least we would die together.

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