The Maniac

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Submitted: November 03, 2018

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Submitted: November 03, 2018



The Maniac


- Goodnight Johnny.

- Dad?

- What?

- Dad, can you tell me a story?

- Alright Johnny, what sort of story would you like?

- Well Dad, seeing it's such a stormy night, how

about a scarey story Dad?

- You sure you won't get frightened?

- Of course not Dad!

- Alright, this is a true story, it happened once upon

a time before the existence of mobile phones, on a 

stormy night like this...

  Two teenage lovebirds were parked in their car

in a deserted street not that far from here, having a 

kiss and cuddle. It was getting late so the girl pleaded

to her boyfriend to take her home so she wouldn't

get into trouble with her parents.

  So the boyfriend turned the key in the ignition, but

the car wouldn't start, so he tried again, but it still

wouldn't start, so he told his girlfriend to stay in the 

car while he went to find a neighbour's house with

a phone so he could phone for help.

 " Don't get out of the car! " He repeated to her. " I'll

be back shortly! "

  So the girlfriend waited and waited, but her boyfriend

still didn't come back. She got bored so she turned on

the car radio, and was listening to late night rock,

when there was a

news flash, a maniac had escaped from the nearby

lunitic asylum, and authorities were telling everyone 

he was extremely dangerous, and they should not

approach him.

  Just then she heard a banging on the car roof, over

and over again she heard the banging, and then she saw

torchlights, and heard a voice yelling through a

megaphone, " Do not get out of the car! Do not get out

of the car! "

  But she couldn't resist. She got out, and saw in the

criss cross of torchlights the ugly crazied maniac

banging her boyfriend's severed head against the roof

of the car...

- Dad is that a true story?

- It sure is Johnny, you're not frightened are you 


- No Dad I'm not.

- I don't want you running off crying to your mother

like a sook!

- I won't do that Dad.

- Because you know Johnny she won't be able to 

mollycoddle you now.

- Why not Dad?

- Because Johnny she's out there.

  An Johnny's father pointed out the window to the 

stormy night, and when the lightning flashed Johnny

saw his mother's decapitated head hanging by its

resplendent golden braid from a branch of an old 

ghost gum...

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