The Little Comet Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
As with most fairy tales, there are often re-imaginings and different versions to this tale. This is the most popular, and arguably earliest, version translated in English.

Submitted: November 03, 2018

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Submitted: November 03, 2018



A long time ago in Russia, a little girl was playing with her Mama and Baba in the snow. She was a young girl, having already celebrated her 7th birthday in this world. Her hair was as black as the dark side of the Moon, her skin as white and gentle as clouds and despite her child sized body she was bursting with life.

As she was making snow angels, she heard something crash into the snow not far behind her. She turned around and saw a rock surrounded by light. She reached out her hand toward the glowing rock and picked it up off the ground. It felt warm in her hands as she held it, feeling like a rag that was just put into warm water.

“Mama! Baba!” she called to her parents, “Look what I found!”

The rock then shone as bright as a star in her hands. The light engulfed her body, making her glow bright like the Sun in the sky. Mama and Baba had to shield their eyes, as did all the villagers close by. Once she saw that she was glowing, she shrieked with fright as she dropped the rock. Then, as the rock hit the ground, she reverted back to her normal self once more.

The rock was completely without any light to shine left as it laid on the ground in front of her. Mama and Baba quickly embraced their daughter as she was still in a state of confusion.

The villagers spread word of a little girl who shone like a star from town to town. Word eventually reached the Tsar, who was filled with fear when upon hearing the news. The Tsar fear the girl could possess the power to over throw him. Thus the day after their orders were given, the royal guards reached the home of the little girl before knocking on the door.

“Yes?” Baba said as he answered the door.

“By order of the Tsar,” the captain began, “Your daughter is to be executed on the grounds of being a potential threat to the empire.”

“You are mistaken, I have no children.”

“Lying to protect your daughter is noble, but in vain still the same.”

Upon giving the signal, the captain sent the guards to raid the house. Baba tried to stop them but the captain struck him down to the floor. The guards found the daughter with Mama hiding in the barn before bringing them to the front of the house.

“NO!” Baba shouted as he got up.

“Restrain him!” the captain ordered as the guards held Baba back.

“What did I do?!” the girl said as she cried.

The captain bent down in front of her and held her head as he said, “The Tsar and all of the empire see you as a threat, young girl.”

“They do?”

“Even your own parents fear you.”

“LIES!” Mama shouted before turning to her daughter, “Do not listen to him my darling. Baba and I love you very much.”

“Silence!” barked the captain before demanding, “Put the girl in the carriage, now!”

As Mama and Baba screamed and cried in protest, the guards forced the girl into the carriage before binding her with chains. As the door was slammed shut, she pressed up against it and cried out to her parents as the carriage rode off. During the ride, she begged and begged to be released.

 “Please let me go,” she begged, “I promise I will hurt no one.”

“The Tsar’s order’s are final,” the coachman said.

The ride then came to a complete stop once they reached the destination. The guards pulled her out of the carriage and onto the cliff where they stood high above the lake. She struggled brake free but her efforts were in vain as the guards through her off the cliff.

When she was thrown off the cliff, she closed her eyes as she anticipated the impact. As she was a falling, however, a spark of light shone from her chest before completely engulfing her in a blanket of light. She opened her eyes to find she had stopped before she hit the water. She tapped the surface with a finger before floating upwards towards the guards, who were frozen with fear by what they saw.

The girl then took flight through the night sky, shining like a small little Sun and out shining all the stars in the sky. At first, she was relieved that she didn’t drown, but as she flying into the clouds, she realized that she was too high up. She wanted to get down but was unable to descend. And thus she kept flying through the atmosphere and into deep space.

She was never seen again.

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