Elemental Guardian Warriors universe episode 2

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This happens between book 1 and book 2 as well

Submitted: November 04, 2018

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Submitted: November 04, 2018



Elemental Guardian Warriors universe episode 2

Dean looks at the multiverse watch and wears it around his wrists. He types in a location and enters it into the universe.

As Dean enters the universe he discovers he’s in modern Tokyo.  Then he looks around the place and sees a man who looks likes him but Japanese who trying to calm a fight between a boy and girl. Dean takes cover behind the bushes. He listens to the conversation about someone conquering the world and they were speaking in Japanese. He sees that his lookalike is carrying a huge sword on his back.

“Maou I swear to god if you try to conquer this city I will break your back again as I did in Ente Isla,” said the lookalike Dean in Japanese. “And Emi please don’t kill Maou because we need him in defeating this new foe who is trying to conquer this world.”

“Yes Akira,” said Maou and Emi together in Japanese as well.

“Now then I suggest you two be on your own because Alas Ramus is waiting for you two at home,” said Akira.

“Yes sir,” said the both of them.


As Maou and Emi went off to go to their daughter, Akira looks around and says, “I know you're out there villain.”

Dean was silent until Akira pulled out his large sword. Dean stepped out slowly and showed himself. Akira was surprised to see Dean who almost look like him.

“I’m not from this universe I’m just visiting,” said Dean.

“Really then give me your name,” demanded Akira pointing his sword at Dean. “And by name, I mean your real name.”

“I can’t tell you my real name because it will break the fabric of the universe,” said Dean.

“Really, I don’t think so,” said Akira.  

“How would you know that,” said Dean.

“Because I’m from Ente Isla and I know my counterpart in this world does not exist,” said Akira. “So I’m going to ask you again who are you?”

“Who am I, my name is Dean Lee Zhou, and you don’t exist in this world as well,” said Dean.

“Impossible, your lying,” said Akira.

“From my knowledge, this universe is called The Devil is a Part-Timer and there was never a character called Akira or should I call you Alecto that’s what people call you in Ente Isla,” said Dean.

“Don’t test me,” said Akira.

“You want proof I’ll show you the—

“Dean what do you think you're doing,” said a familiar voice.

“Who said that?” questioned Dean. He then realizes time has stopped.

“I did,” said the familiar voice.

Dean then sees a man who looks just like him walking towards and was wearing all white.

“And who are you?” asked Dean.

“I’m the Creator,” said the man.

“The Creator of universes,” said Dean.

“Of course, good thing I stopped you from telling my creation that he does not exist in this world,” said The Creator.

“And what if I had revealed it,” asked Dean.

“I would have destroyed you along with your universe and including this universe and all the other universes that exist,” said The Creator.

“And you came here to prevent me from telling him the truth,” said Dean.

“Correct,” said The Creator.

“You make a good point I won’t tell him,” said Dean.

“Now I want you to return to your world and never tell your counterparts that they don’t exist in their worlds,” said The Creator. “And if you do I’ll destroy you.”

“You think you can destroy me,” said Dean.

“Don’t test me, Elemental Guardian of Light,” said The Creator.

“Fine I won’t tell him he doesn’t exist in this manga,” said Dean.

“Good,” said The Creator.


“Well, are you going to show me,” said Akira.

Dean then remembers what the Creator told him and then said to Akira, “On second thought, I made a mistake on your existence.”

“That’s what I thought,” said Akira putting his sword away.

Dean then started to walk away and Akira asked, “So how strong are you?”

“Stronger than you and your friends,” said Dean teleporting out.


As Dean returned to his universe, Akira looked up in the stars and said, “So there are other universes that have a person that looks just like me.”

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