creative writing : a lucky romanatic trans-migration between the spider and the vampire bat ( tribute to yammie lam ??? )

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
understanding the misunderstood by the way of buddhism

Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018




Creative writing : A lucky Romanatic Trans-migration between the Spider and the Vampire  Bat ( Tribute to Yammie Lam  ??? )  


There was  two nocturnal beings living in a cave. One was a big black widow spider and the other hanging on the ceiling, a cute little vampire bat. The rain and wind brought these two together in this dwelling place. The spider finished building its web for a great while ago, while the bat was still hibernating, sleeping, as he does not appear to be hungry for a great while as well.  The bat opening one of his eyes looking down seeing the golden white web reflecting from the moon.  While, the black widow was sitting there and lowering its metabolism, to save energy because of having no eyelids. Her eight eyes are unique and distinct, some gives her blurred images other strange colors, nevertheless she was very imaginative, given her poor vision and delusion she solely rely only on her touch and senses to feel any vibration of incoming prey and predators.  There was some blooding dripping landing in her web. It was the vampire bat’s blood, he was wounded.


 “ Hey there, what happen to you” said the Black Widow.

“ I got into a fight,” said the Vampire Bat.

“ Love was it, or food,” said the Black Widow. The bat stood quiet.  “ I see, it must be love.  Are you hungry?”

The bat flew down trying to eat the black widow but she hid under the tunnel of web she built.

“ Shut up, “ said the Bat, screeching. The black widow brought out a wrapped insect.”

“ Here, I have some food for you,” said the Black Widow.

“ Why are you doing this. I don’t need your pity,” said the Bat.

“ I am just being friendly, we are neighbors here,” said Black Widow. The Bat being selfish without compassion naturally took the bug.

“ I will give you back this loan,” said the Bat. He went to sleep once again. While the Black Widow felt appreciated, but her senses changed. Normally she will uses her senses to catch prey but this time she felt something unique inside of her, feelings*. A cold blooded spider who has a reputation of devouring his offspring or mates can have feelings?  The rain stopped, and a lot of mosquitoes and flying insects were buzzing outside of the cave. The bat was breathing hotter and he remembered what the Black Widow’s offering, he was still touched by that little kindness. So he flew outside of the caves catching a lot of mosquitoes, like 100-1000 in hour, and dropping it to his neighbor Spider.

“ Wow,” said the Black Widow. “ I didn’t know you have such a talent.”

“ Thanks, I can hear sounds from great distances,” said the Vampire Bat.

“ Wow, you are multi-talented,” said the Black Widow. And the Bat went back to sleep in the ceiling.

“ How long you will be staying here,” said the Black Widow.

“ I don’t know, “said The Bat. The black Widow was becoming more friendly.

“ How about a bedtime story so you can sleep,” said the Black Widow.

“ That would be nice,” said the Bat.

“ Let me tell you a story of three Buddhist  monks, and one Buddhist girl with her hair intact still. I will call this story the three golden grooms  but one Bride:



Once upon a time there was three little boys and when to the shaolin temple for training, like they were going to school, being independent like a family member,  and independent like a strong warrior. These boys were like in the age of 8-10, like third to fifth graders.  The oldest boy was good at physical training, flexible and strong like an ox, and could remember each kung fu disciplines, he was always motivated to fight and battle if necessary.  The second eldest boy was good at reading and writing, he is an average fighter but not great as his eldest brother, nor was the eldest intellectually smarter. The second boy loves to read sutra, literatures, scriptures, and very good at artistic levels, and perhaps will make a good financial and business management. The first brother we can call him a warrior, the second brother, a scholar. Now we come to the youngest brother, what may his talent be ?


The third youngest brother, he was sick most of the time, and have a bad heart condition. And he was quite slow minded, so he was not talented in the reading level as well. The physical training began and the instructor told his students to run 20 laps around the monastery, but after the first lap, the youngest boy was suffering an asthma attack.  So the instructor set him aside and waived the laps.


Then one day, a devoted  Buddhist parents brought their daughter to trained and study with the boys. I will called this little girl name Yammie. She was a pretty little girl, long brown hair, and clear skin, and a nice smile.  The boys were surprised, first, they never seen a girl before, next is they never knew what is beauty? They were experiencing the emotion called shyness*, they were all nice and affectionate boys as we can see and have good manners. If they choose to get married, she knows they will be loyal and devoted.

And so the three boys trained with the new girl. Of course they were constantly looking at her, like she was a statue being admired, while the little girl was very focused, and romance was never in her mind but hard training. She was already experiencing the harsh extreme training, like china girls practicing martial arts at an early age, being extremely fit and flexible like a professional gymnast.


Finally, they all became comfortable and started to talk to each other, without being emotionally shy.  

“ Yammie, Yammie,” said one of the boys. “Who do you want to marry when you grow up?”

“ Of course it will be me, I am the strongest. I will protect you. I will be a good leader, and you will be worshipped as a goddess. With me, no enemy can harm you and virtue will be always upheld,” said the eldest boy.


“ Nah, you cannot rule with strength. You need wisdom and guidance and security. With me, Yammie, we can be rulers. You will be an empress! I can manage the city and household, and you will live a comfortable life, fill with glamour and admiration,” said the Second eldest boy.


“ huff, huff,” cough the youngest boy, smiling and watching his brothers arguing.


“ What about you,” said Yammie to the youngest boy.  She was trying to comfort him because of his sickness.


“ Um, I don’t know. I am not that smart or strong, I am always sick I will just be a burden,” said the youngest boy.


“ Aww. I can be a doctor and healed your sickness,” said Yammie, smiling. The third boy smiled and felt good. But in reality Yammie knows such a thing is impractical, it can only comfort such people, and giving them false hope. She was trying to be friendly, but the third brother was slow to understand.

“ Its okay brother, I will protect you, no one will bully you,” said the eldest.

“ hmph. I can provide you shelter and a good nurse for you,” said the second.

“ Aww, you both are very nice,” said Yammie.

“ If you become a doctor, Yammie, I will study with you and be your assistant,” said the young boy, smiling. Yammie rub him head and smiled. Yammie was wondering that day, what kind of husband is right, and what kind of savior does the world need, is it a protector, a healer, or a teacher.


After the Black widow finished telling her story, the blood of the Vampire Bat was dripping, it did not healed but he died slowly. The Vampire Bat was dreaming, from the bats he was fighting with and flew away from the family, and then his dream  shape shifted into the story what the Spider told. The dead soul bat flew around Yammie, while Yammie was staring at the night, the stars, and the lunar.


“ If I can give you a wish, I would,” said the invisible dead Bat to Yammie.


“ If I have a wish, I would give that young boy my wish,” whispered Yammie, looking at the star. And so the vampire bat flew into that young boy’s bedroom and enter him as One* soul.  The young boy became more psychic and intuitive, and foreseen his brother’s future and Yammie; one is to be a fine physical martials art instructor, the other a fine teacher, and Yammie a fine doctor, while he will not get to live to see it but will died shortly.  


While the Black Widow Spider, lying down on her fine thin web line, in a meditative trance, because she does not sleep without eyelids, it was easier for her to enter a trance like state, where death and living became one. One of her eyes saw her companion, the vampire bat soul left into that astral realm and into her story, her world of imagination. She has spunned an invisible web line, similar of that witches that can look into a human’s life line and would cut it when there time is up in folklore. This special invisible web line along with her newfound astral projection  enter the dream, and she left her physical body. She admired the Bat’s talents in some ways, his gifts, and his mystery .  



The young boy’s soul is now dead at a later time, but the spider walks toward its sleeping soul in a tunnel of astral realm, the next life of reincarnation. The black widow’s eye was looking at the past lives that this young boy has been, he became an emperor, a warrior, a classical literature teacher, a doctor, and now a Buddhist monk but not exactly an enlighten Buddha. The young boy’s soul is awaken in the tunnel of time, in the astral realm but cannot speak but only observe in a state of mediation, like you can only see the outline of his body and physical eyes but the rest of the body was transparent and invisible.


The Black Widow’s spider carried an intention of a love ritual, and persuaded this young monk’s soul into a future world that has fallen to the abyss and darkside of life. Given his slow minded nature, but honest character he trusted the little spider, and enter the path to understand perfect love,* and in that path, unknown to him,  that he will also learn twice as fast then his brothers in terms of physical health and enlightenment, and thus he was born having a nocturnal, daring, and a mysterious character. While the spider’s soul crawled to the darkest part of the world, which she found a couple of a dark nature, a pair of criminal and killer background, and thus she was born as a human witch: confusing, hypersensitive & active, over dramatic, intelligent, and dominant.


However, being her soul was special; it allowed three more women souls to entered. And these souls were destined to be punished in the new life because these were sisters that fought and died together in civil strife. And so the souls were gathered, formed, and inherit a psychic ability. Her many spider eyes, gave the One* soul many arts of self-deceptive and imaginative delusional abilities, in which she cannot control where it became self inflicting as she became a human too fast as well as adapting with alter personalities. But it did not hinder her, as this new Buddha’s soul in that lifetime became a Medicine Man that will put things in balance in the confusing universal scale.


“ Young man, I think you are making a mistake,” said an invisible voice to a young man, looking at the night sky.  “ She is not right for you.  You will get into a lot of danger.”

“ Well the world is going to end right, I might as well do something great with my life,” said the young man to himself.

“ Stupid fool,” said the voice.


© Copyright 2020 Daniel Wren Chung . All rights reserved.

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