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Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018



I woke up looking like a barely clothed pornstar
half dressed in a comfortable soft robe splayed open
having an increasing amount of what seemed like small heart attacks
as I recalled the journeys that I’d just been through in my dreams

that last experience I had should go down in the multiplatinum megasellers hall of fame for ubergods
I love waking up from dreams like that

I nod a little hypermosh as I collect myself in perfect parabola formation
I’m still waking up slowly
and I’m actually feeling a little peeved off about nothing

I decide to dress properly to walk up to the shops
I wanna gather myself some snackies
hmmth I’m thhinkin thome thasty burgers would go down a treat right now
thdef might gather mythelf thome snnnthnackies of all sorts
maybe thome ice cream, and thomething crispppppppp yaaaa
and some froooot joooooce!
juicy crispy fresh funky fresh snacks OO YEAH

I swagger along like Godzilla, storming up the hill to the shops
I’m as excited as Big Kev in a room full of carpet stains
dragonflies are buzzing through the foliage surrounding me
and something that feels kinda strange and psuedoreminiscent is lingering in the air
In the distance, there’s a girl with a Daffy Duck hat on
she looks so familiar, I skip up my pace to catch up

Duck-Hat soon swiftly disappears in to my favourite vintage store of all time
it’s full of books and cool esoteric items
so I catch up and leap in behind her like an aging Olympic athlete
ready to surprise and charm my long lost buddy with some regressed arcadian musings about stuff

so I burst in and we make eye contact
and I’m not sure I actually recognize her
so I smile and nod and I pick up a cool looking genie lantern and I admire it casually

I wipe off a layer of dust and give the lantern a little rub
and it suddenly gleamed

Duck-Hat was watching me the entire time and yelled out a sweet shriek of laughter
it was innocent and full of glee like cheeky little fairy blossoms
then the lantern glowed, shining pockets of sunbeams and plasma rays
the room wobbled and started to expand outwards

I’m deeply concerned as the room continues growing and growing
it’s getting larger and larger, glowing brighter than blindingly bright as Duck-Hat and I shrink down in to tiny micro specks of molten physics
our corporeal beings dissipating completely
frankly I’m just feeling kinda annoyed that I’m still in this damn crazy shit-show of a dream

although I do think dreaming like this is better than waking up in the middle of each and every scar filled night, screaming for sweet release
I’m still annoyed because I walked up a pretty good hill to get here and I’m gonna have to do it again in real life when I wake up for real and I never feel like I’ve had enough sleep when I have busy dreams like this all night

my mind screams to me in no uncertain terms that I could just try to snap back in to my body NOW
call it a night, begin my day, its gonna be smokingly superduper high pitched hot later so I wanna be home by 2 in the afternoon
but I try to wake
and I’m still just shrinking and shrinking

The room oscillates wildly with tiny drifts of numbers tracing through the air and I look over at Duck-Bill-Hats pile of dissipating particles for one last time before our molecules vanish through the floor

I really need a decent beauty sleep, not another descent down in to the mind jungle
but I’m here for now so I settle in for the shit show
cuz I’m an ethereal girl and it seems I’m on some kind of otherworldly mission and although it’s not entirely clear to me
the universe always unfolds exactly as it should

It seems I’m balancing the forces of good and evil in my sleep and doing a pretty good job of everything
so hit me with another great classic hit

it’s disgustingly beautiful as I fall through the floor
I’ve been reduced to a molecule on a colossal microscopic fragmentary fractal trapezium of molecules forming a parrallelogram of golden circles and every colour is weaved in to a crochet of kaleidoscopic Aboriginal artwork of rippling golden hoops and shiny dots and there were new colours that I couldn’t even imagine and oh my fucking god people I couldn’t give less of a fuck about anything at this point zip nada nothin absolutely, it was the loveliest thing

I was flying as a microscopic modicum at a super super high speed down through the tunnel of artwork and it was it was unholy rollin Armageddon as I slip down through the panspermial vortex like a tiny plasma eel
a geometrical mosaic glowed through everything
it was a shitshow of a tapestry weaving through the fabric of reality
my molecule tries to somehow kinda magnetise itself to the surrounding colours and dots and shapes and patterns in the constantly shifting cosmic panoply I’m trying to connect to something, to anything, to slow me down

Suddenly a loud booming announcement comes over my mental loudspeaker
with precise instructions to take as many golden hoops as can be carried on the way down
This is a life-or-death competition folks
There’ll be a real prize at the end for the winner with the most golden hoops
They’ll get to live
Plus they’ll get a seat in the multiplatinum hall of fame
And a Grammy Showbag
but everyone else loses and dies and never stops falling
forever and ever and ever

my smashed molecules spin and tumble down the vortex like I’m in a waterslide
I try attaching to the golden hoops as I spin, collecting a few hoops but missing most
they bounce off the colours and wind and richochet through the  swirling space

Daffy-Duck-Hat girl is long gone, she got sucked down a different path along the tunnel
but her TEE HEE laughter repeats around in my consciousness TEEHEE TEEE HEEEEE TEEE HEEEEEE
and I can’t help but think in a snorty contempt that Duck-Hat bitch of a figment definitely totally knew that this was going to happen
she was still cackling her sweet cheeky laughter as we desynthesised in to particles and I flew down like an effervescent sparkle
through ya go, big-daddy, TEE HEE, I’m shoved down in a frenzied blur
my molecule plummeting grasping at dots to slow myself and with superspeed I'm clutching away at anything remotely golden as I’m falling
dropping some golden hoops as I collect more
it's three steps forwards and two steps backwards as
I ripple forwards direction, I ripple backwards direction
and plummet straight down

I think I’m doing kinda well with everything
but then a team of creatures stream by me
they’d collected huge colossal merkabas of stacked golden rings
they were glinting like the sun
growing bigger and bigger, sucking more and more rings in as they flew down
they were unstoppable, colossal

I try not to compare myself to others, but the fuckin Merkaba team were pretty award blitzing
I would happily trample their disgustingly beautiful shiny rotting corpses right in to this hideously magical space carpet for the chance to be that fucking gleamy
but I knew deep down that I never stood a chance at winning
and you can't go winking out everything that beats you

There’s a fork in the tunnel so I decide to take it
I rip past in a blink of light, slipping off down the hazy cascading tunneling path
there’s a blinking flashing red light like I’m going the wrong way
but nothings stopping me

I land in a shallow pool of beachy water
I drop all of my golden hoops and suddenly I seem to have rearranged my particles
I have my arms and legs back again and the golden hoops float off around me
I stumble up, glad to be on my feet again, back on my game

I’m splashing furiously, I recollect my fallen treasure and my hopes for survival
I’m failing
the background noise drifts back in and I’m hearing calls of help from the distance
seagulls and yells
out in the waves distant summer calls
a boat is leaving down the horizon
a rogue wave smashes it and it tips
many small creatures go flying off
they’re struggling to get back on

drowning in the deep water, their wild boat rocks uncontrollably

I was mesmerized
in this strange docklands, the way that you know things in a dream
I knew that this place was the very end of everything and nothing
and it would be the very first dream that I could really die in or get trapped in forever

I was fucked in comparison to the Merkabas so I decided I'd give up
on the competition
might as well do a good deed
so I collected up the last of all my golden hoops and I swam out fast towards  the little drowning creatures
carried on the sea of adrenaline, the sea of a million broken dreams and distant calls and murmurs
I used my golden survival hoops for buoyancy and painfully achingly I started flipping out the golden floats out to the drowning creatures
one by one by one
they cried in joy as the life jackets rained down on them
how can we ever thank you!
I said there was absolutely no need

I explained in detail how I became a molecule and then I flew off track from the competition that goes down over there, and that I was losing and I’d never have enough golden rings to win this crazy life or death competition
I saw too many colossal merkabas of golden rings
I hadn’t done enough good and got enough hoops
and the creatures understood what I meant

They apologized to me for the ways of the land
they thanked me profusely for saving their lives as I splashed around and helped each one back up on to the ladder
I made sure each one climbed back up safely on to their boat
because I had nothing better to do
that beautiful tunnel to nowhere town clutching at hoops pathetically just made me feel sick and pissed off
so I splashed around a little bit and made sure I saved all their lives 
then forgot about my stupid hoops and started to splash away to die

The creatures called out What are you doing? Climb in!
so I climbed aboard the rocking boat to never neverland
thinking why not, this might actually be the last journey I ever take

the small creatures I saved from drowning in the water all gather around me
their skin is ugly and oxygen deprived as they are thanking me
they pass along a long rope between them

from below deck, golden hoops start to slide up on to the rope
defying gravity
faster and faster, blurring in
the rope grows longer and longer, fuller and fuller with hoops
until my entire field of vision is full of shimmering golden rings and blinding ethereal beauty
the rope of golden hoops swarms closer and engulfs me
the creatures swirl the rope around me and are secure it on well

it’s tight and it was uncomfortable at first but then it felt rather nice
the creatures give me a big HOOOOO  of congratulatory whooping
then they kick me off the boat back in to the water

in an instant I’m gliding back down the vortex water tunnel in a spinning haze of golden glinting with the longest rope of hoops that have me shimmering in a shapely multiversal bubble and I’m way bigger than the Merkabas and I’m shining I'm gleaming I'm blindingly bright I'm rippling
and I'm feeling pretty chuffed about myself when I glide past Daffy-Duck-Hat girl and she looks at me with surprise
and then I’m looking at her and I realise I’m actually looking at me

she has quite a large web of hoops, but not as large as my own
her molecule mouth turns to a shocked smile as she recognizes me
we slip past eachother oscillating wildly, forming together, our golden hoops mutating, looping together

and then we are surrounded
there are other large glowing beings extending their expanse of hoops around us too
they are sucking us in together
it's beautiful

Lights are flashing like paparazzi as we spin towards the end of it all

I’m secretly having a little girly meltdown
like pull yourself together babycakes this is your dream
everyone that deserves it is breaking through the winner flag at the end of this together

I can’t believe it when I look at Daffy-Duck-Hat-girl
her duck hat managed to stay on this entire time
she smiled at me as we all won

magical streamers rained down on us
you made it, again
you kill em with kindness
it’s time to go home

I wake up with a jolt in my bed

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