A Witty Woman

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Remembering Carolyn on Veteran's Day.

Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018



Carolyn, my mother, was a witty woman.  I suspect this accounts for why she left this world on Veteran's Day, eleven years ago.  Not to be disrespectful to war veterans, in any way; she was a veteran of all the lessons and experiences, battles and successes, a soul accrues over the course of a lifetime.  She completed her life of 81 years in the shadow of Alzheimer's Disease.

Accompanying her along the years of this progressive disease, I grew as a person, a daughter, a member of the world community.  In a sense she presented me with many opportunities to mature into something more than I would have been, as we set sail on this unique and challenging adventure.  In a sense, I became a veteran, too.

In the intervening years since she left, I've continued to grow and become a more seasoned human being.  Lacking her steady, deep, friendship and companionship forced me to find new friends and companions for this part of my journey.  She took me as far as she could.

Carolyn was the most conscientious of parents, and one of the most supportive in terms of believing I could do whatever I set my mind to experiencing and accomplishing.  Early on, she set up opportunities based on what she perceived regarding my interests.  She did this even when my interests were not at all her own.  This seems the mark of a very wise soul.

My mother was rather shy, but intensely interested in the people around her.  Those who were lucky enough to break through her natural reserve and humility, found her to be a gentle, fun, and caring friend, relative, and coworker.

It takes a village to care for someone going through Alzheimer's.  Carolyn held the only one way ticket on her trolley car to heaven, but many of us rode along for bit.  The sheer number of health care workers, assisted living employees, and folks we met at each step along this steep climb, is inestimable.  So many people of heart, and skills we needed to see Carolyn along, live on in my memory.  At the end, a wonderful hospice team made her last days more comfortable and peaceful.

I write this tribute for Carolyn, and her care village, this November, from my heart.

(Do you have a similar journey?  How did it change you?)

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