Circle Of The Universe

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The circle of the universe is a motivation based on people’s reactions, behaviours and misnomers they encounter when they are at their most vulnerable positions. This motivation is focusing on displaying the truth about people in general and the way they conduct themselves which proves discomfort in the universe as a whole. It aims to teach and to properly guide people nowadays on how nature is supposed to be respected.

Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018




Author: Lindokuhle Ndinisa Acknowledgements I would like to acknowledge and express my sincere gratitude to the people who encouraged my hobby of writing short stories & motivations to be something that can help people learn and go through their challenges peacefully. To those very important people who have walked with me on this journey. I am very proud and pleased to mention them here: For their generosity, I thank: Yanga Piliso, Siphamandla Cele, Ndiphiwe Mbokodi, Sithembile Ncanda, Sikhulule Msengana, Lwando Gagu, Siphesihle Fanta, Aphumelele Tonga, Enathi Genu, Nombasa Mbiko, Sandile Mtshemla, Phumelisa Bayisa and everyone who has read and liked the first two short stories titled “When Life Feels Like A Test You Didn’t Study For” and “If Its Love Then So Be It” . Most importantly, my family, readers, Facebook friends etc. SUMMARY The circle of the universe is a motivation based on people’s reactions, behaviours and misnomers they encounter when they are at their most vulnerable positions. This motivation is focusing on displaying the truth about people in general and the way they conduct themselves which proves discomfort in the universe as a whole. It aims to teach and to properly guide people nowadays on how nature is supposed to be respected.


Author: Lindokuhle Ndinisa


Life has a way of showing people the reality of the universe. Many people tend to forget that life has ups and downs, they always blame other people for their own impediments. To be realistic, that’s nature, people always feel good when they have someone else to blame. Having great opportunities after a huge blast of disappointments is a good way of taking a break and put away the past to its miserable existence of oblivion. Without any further ado, having a start to a great life is a spiritual healing on its own.

Apparently, having self-pity now and again is a spiritual suicide and death caused by one self is a death blamed to no one. In life you need to learn before you know, you need to struggle before you can live like a king or queen. We all fear something in life, we all fear not to be successful, we all fear not to be great men or women, we all fear not to have wealth, we all fear not to look good in public. We forget one thing, we forget what is called self-consciousness. We as people we do things to please certain individuals.

We do things to get fame from the outsiders forgetting the insiders (family and friends). We struggle to find ourselves but willing to give up on ourselves, we look ourselves in the mirror and see a reflexion of a bad person. We all make mistakes, we all deserve a second chance in life and we’re all who we are because of who we were.

When people judge you, they will judge you by your reflexion (your clothes, your looks, your voice and how you walk). They will make you feel inferior, lost, objectified and insignificant. Their ego will prove their egocentricity and their unkindness. Always listen to your inner voice and the best part of it is a true self-identification that involves no outsider but yourself. A self-identification is a confidential self-making way of new ideas about your goals, ambitions and protection of your own self-reliance. It involves reality about yourself, things that you wish for you never wished for by chance they are possible to happen. To gain respect amongst people you do not have to be White, Jewish, Indian or Coloured. Every person of any race can be successful and gain respect from other people. An entourage happens to great achievers. Be the achiever or the one surrounding it.

Success is the final stage of a human journey, one who fails to maintain and preserve his own crown, will end up falling from the world above of the riches down to the miserable life of the peasants(old life/previous life). When you grab an opportunity wrap it with a protection plan and run with it. Vultures are many outside, crooks, thieves, criminals and hooligans are waiting and fully prepared to forcefully take your hard work away from you. No one is fit enough to start his/her life from the beginning, the work of many years cannot be done in days. It is either we protect our crowns or we end up dying looking backwards.

Experience comes with hard work and hard work requires a full time dedication and commitment. An individual lacking these prerequisites will therefore fall to the world of the untutored people. People who are not tutored often get limited skills, in this century of the 21st, people with limited skills are used as slaves (they are objectified), they work hard for many hours and paid peanuts. This kind of predicament invites extreme poverty and low standard of living. To save ourselves from being used as slaves we must require a free treatment, an equal treatment.

As people what we think is very important but the question is raised on how we act. It all starts in the mind and ends with an action. Meaning in simple terms, what an individual thinks will determine his or her results of action. A key way to observe an action is through thinking. As people we act based on what we think. Pains we feel, disappointments we face, rejections and betrayals we undergo are all felt by the heart through a process of thinking. It is then the thinking that will determine the final phase of action in dealing with the current situation at that very moment, and in that particular point in time. As people we listen to other people’s approval of ourselves.

We think we are better when someone has confirmed that indeed we are. Why can’t an individual follow his/her heart? I think it is because they are indecisive when it comes to the making of their own decisions. Deceivers are powerful and they have skills to cover the eyes of a go-getter. An individual following his/her own path does succeed.


Women are life, they are the backbone of the human kind in its entirety. They give birth to beautiful creatures, take care of them, protect them and teach them everything they need to know. Women are survivors of many painful experiences but their strength and courage makes them more powerful than their problems. These admirable people are the result of every good deed in this entire universe. Imagine a universe without women, it would be like a dry ocean full of dead and smelly species. Those are our women (mbokodo); people of pure heart, fidelity and exquisiteness.

To draw attention to what women are nowadays, it’s a painful experience. Women have become egocentric, they have become a burden to men and that’s a shame in many respects. Women, nowadays are users, they are also used as sex slaves by wealthy men and they are choosey when it comes to the type of men they can get married to or date. Their presence have been invisible to the eye such that their only purpose in life is to look good to the public and lack a very important element in a human being called Ubuntu. Ubuntu to women of nowadays is something that is completely forgotten or unknown, in a nutshell an oblivion.

They have lacked discipline and love, they have forgotten who they are and where they are coming from. Their gender is questioned many times whether it still hold manners and morals to its highest degree as expected or it drops radically like an economy of a country with no trading partners. Women are a competition amongst themselves. They are lost in more ways than one, their egocentricity is extreme and scary in so many levels. What happened to Imbokodo that we as Africans used to praise, what happened to our women of honour and integrity, the mothers of Africa have gone to exile because they have failed their own children. Rise up African women and be the unbreakable stone (mbokodo). Men are taking advantage of you because they see nothing to respect. Give them the competition they deserve and stand by your words as a collective. Women are life, women are the future of this entire universe.


The born-strong, courageous and intelligent. Men are leaders by nature, they are the protectors of the universe, the warriors of human kind. They are physically strong in nature, they are muscular and broad in every part of their body. Men are hard-labour people in general and they can do any job; they can be better described as a puzzle that fits in every open space.

To shift focus on men nowadays, it’s a shocking experience and unpleasant one. Men nowadays have become monsters, evil people and devils of darkness. They destroy every good thing they come across in the universe; men have become enemies of women-progress, they feel intimidated by women to an extent that they are left with no choice but to murder them, rape them, abuse them and make them feel objectified and damaged.

Men are literally bad people, they are the result of discomfort in the universe as a whole. Men have brought darkness in the eyes of many and they have conquered hope with hopelessness, faith with unfaithfulness and belief with the unbelievableness. It has been a fight with no success to try and change men in their entirety to do good. Those who do good, they do good by choice and by following the foot-steps of the almighty God. Religion has changed many men because the devil is living inside their hearts, tormenting them to do bad and undesirable things to the universe with an intention to destroy it.


This has been a forgotten element as far as friendships and relationships are concerned. People tend to make it a habit to lie and deceive other people, to isolate the truth from the entire universe and to bring forward the unexpected and the undesirable.

Trust cannot be practised individually but it is an element that works in tandem with a group of people close to you. People you share your problems with, you share love with and all the goals and ambitions with. Nowadays, it is difficult to trust people because of past experiences but we forget that the old people who brought the doubt to us are different from the current ones we just met recently. It is totally unfair to die for the sins of another person, especially the person you have never met before.

The negativity about trust is that its impact stretches so wide that it also affects other people who are far away from it. In friendships, if your previous friend did not keep a secret and split it out in the public and you somehow got embarrassed, of course you will lose trust but that does not mean your new friend will do the same thing. It’s a matter of who did what and when and who is here currently.People differ and that is a fact, other people might share same principles although they are complete strangers but that does not mean have trust issues to everyone you come across.

Same with relationships, a person will find out their partner’s infidelity and decide to break-up with them. In that note, of course trust has been lost. But does it mean the person you will date in the future will do the same thing? The answer is NO!... People must stop depressing themselves by what they think, people differ and also people may share same sentiments. Be that as it may, that does not mean lack trust to everyone new you come across. The universe has a lot of good people and bad ones of course but your focus must be to the ones who are good. To know the good ones you need to practise what is called patience. Patience helps you study a person and get to know their true intentions. Have time to figure out what that person wants and how long is that person willing to wait for what he/she wants to happen.

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