Christmas Porcupines

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Just a little story about a Porcupine that found fame.

Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018



It was Christmas Eve and Stickerly the Porcupine was slowly making his way across a brand new lawn that stretched around a brand new house. And the house sat on the edge of a brand new subdivision called "Happy Hollow".

Stickerly had not been in this area of his scavenging route for a very long time.

The noisy bulldozers and construction workers, with their banging and clanging, disturbed Stickerly's sensitive sensibilities; so he just avoided the area until they were gone.

And once they were gone he decided to see what changes they had made, and boy had they made changes.

Of course, Stickerly did not know that it was Christmas time, so all the colored lights and decorations were just part of the newness of the area. He paid them little notice as he went, here and there, through the different yards and flower gardens.

But the Ferguson's had planted a very big Star-Pine tree in their front yard and they had asked friends and family to come and help decorate it for their first Christmas at Happy Hollow.

Well everyone that was invited, and some that were just walking past, had a great time trimming the tree.

In fact, some of them over-did it with the gold and silver garland. Ribbons of the glittery strings draped all the way down to the thick green grass.

The children got in the act by sprinkling and throwing gobs of multi-colored glitter all over the tree, and themselves; they had a great time too.

But then it was Stickerly's turn. He didn't add to the tree, he just removed some of the excess from under the branches. And when I say removed, I mean he walked under the tree and anything that his quills snagged, stayed on those quills.

It wasn't long before Stickerly the Porcupine was ready for any Christmas gathering. With multi-colored glitter stuck to his body, and gold and silver garland streaming from his quills; he was radiant, to say the least.

Even the local yard dogs just looked in wonder at this strange and unknown creature.


Now years have come and gone, but the legend of Stickerly, the Christmas Porcupine, lives on.

Children draw and color pictures of him. And their parents proudly display those pictures on refrigerator all over the community.

There is even a bronze name-plate in Stickerly Park, just for him.


A Statue in the park? No, a statue was never commissioned.

Can you imagine children playing on a metal Porcupine?



JE Falcon


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