Sequel to the original story “The field trip”

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This is the original sequel to my story “The field trip” that everyone loved it continues with “Mathew and Connie right after they got out from there field trip and the bald creepy guy who was stalking he a new teacher?

Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018



I got back to my high school just in time to leave, i walked over to my locker to grab a couple bags and then I was going to go say “Hi” to one of my favorite teachers before I left. I walked down the king creepy darkened hallway. 

I entered my art teachers room and immediately froze in place staring at me was the bald man from “the field trip.” He then said “Guess what kid? I am your new Teacher!” With that he let out a sick twisted laugh that I wasn’t going to soon forget. I dropped my backpack and ran towards the principals office, I banged on the door. 

“What is the big emergency?” He said answering the door. “ there’s a guy in the art room saying he’s the new teacher! And he was stalking me and Connie on our trip today!” “What are you talking about Mathew? I never hired any new teachers!” The principal froze I saw him reach for his radio he whispered something into that sounded like “Mrs Mellon please call the police Now! Don’t panic though...Not yet.” The principal and I walked back towards the art room. 

He turned the light on and we entered the room. No one was around. “Are you sure you saw someone?” “Yes I’m not lying I really did.” “I believe you but the police won’t do anything. After searching the art room and several closets we left the room. Too bad we never bothered to search the vent. The man dropped down the vent and slowly walked towards the door and started to laugh. He saw me and Connie walk outside to the bus. He saw the number “7.”

The next morning me and Connie nervously got to our bus stop and talked. “This is silly we won’t see that guy anymore we really need to relax” “yeah I said agreeing with Connie. As we saw the bus coming we relaxed and entered. To our shock the creepy bald guy was smiling at us from inside and said “Grab my hand” we both jumped back and screamed. The driver told us that the man’s name was tony and the transportation department just hired him as a bus aide.

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