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I know
I just don't feel

Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018



Don't yell at me!

Don't tell me i'm stupid

I didn't do it myself

It's not my fault


I know you love me

I know it

You show me everyday

I know it 


I dont feel love

I dont feel the saddness

I dont feel the anger


That I should 


I cant remember emotion

I dont know what it feels like


A barrier keeps us apart


I'm frozen


I cant see, hear, or feel

What led up to this point I cant say


Because I don't know


I just don't know


I'm living my life in a cage

Tied with chains

I can see the smiles

I can see the frowns


I watch the world go by


But why can't I do the same?

Why am I the only one bound up?


I should be afraid

Because I know it's not right


I should be angry

Because I didn't want to be here


I should be sad

Because I don't understand


I know


Don't tell me 

"You brought this on yourself"


Don't tell me 

"You'll be fine"


I'm frozen

Forever trapped in a cold and damp cell

Emotion leaked from me into the ice 

Towards the people


But I don't want help

I've become afraid of feeling emotion


I know I am 


And yet I don't feel it

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