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Rebuking Hurricane Michael

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This is dedicated to my home town of Panama City, Florida which was severely damaged by Hurricane Michael on October 10, 2018. Panhandle Strong

Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018



Rebuking Michael

By Brian Lee Clements


Well, Michael was lonely down in the Caribbean,

when he was formed.

By the time he finished, the Panhandle of Florida was torn,

No more birds chirping,

No frogs croaking,

No animal noises whatsoever,

My friends have left,

And businesses closed

And it’s even hard to find clean clothes

You may find it funny,

But its hard when your son has an empty tummy,

I find it difficult to run around town,

When all the landmarks and trees are all on the ground.

I hope people don’t forget about us,

Unlike Katrina when they made a big fuss

But Michael, don’t make a big fit,

When we tell you to get.

Don’t get us wrong,

We’ll build our town better

Because we are Panhandle Strong




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