My Affair with Andy

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Andy finally noticed me. But why does he not want me to tell anyone?

This is a fictional story written in first point of view. None of this is real. Hope you enjoy. My best friend made the title but my story does not include an affair. :)

Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018



I saw him today, looking as cute as he always does. As always he doesn't notice me. I mean who would? I'm just the normal non popular girl roaming the halls. I'm nothing. Maybe if I get involved in school he would notice me more. Then as I was walking and thinking, I bumped into him. As embarrassed as I was I looked at him and apologized. He smiled at me, making my heart flutter and told me not to worry. From that day on he started saying hi to me and well... this is how my story started. "Hello" he told me. I responded back with a hi. He left and I couldn't resist a smile. I felt the looks of the other kids, those looks as if they knew something, some thing that I didn't even expect to happen. What could possibly go wrong? Andy wouldn't dare hurt me or play with me. He secretly told me he liked me. Told me not to tell anyone. Why? I don't know, but as long as I get to be with him I'm ok. DING DING DING!!! The sound of the bell woke me from my daydream. I get to class and sit, as always the first one there. Next came in Andy. I noticed he had something in his hand. He handed the mysterious piece of paper to me and I lost breath when I read it. "Meet me at the stairway close to the back of the school after class ends. Make sure no one follows you." I smiled and simply nodded. I was dying inside. A mixture of excitement and fear was forming inside my stomach. What could he possibly want me for? Why me!? Of all girls in this school!? My mind was going crazy thinking about Andy, so crazy i could barely concentrate on the lesson the teacher prepared. Time was going slow, so slow I felt as if the time to see Andy would never come. After what felt like 5 hours the bell finally rang. I rushed to the stairway where we'd meet and he was already there. Blushing I went up to him and asked him what he wanted. He pulled me close and smiled. Damn his smile always gets me. It's so perfect. "I wanted to give you something." He told me. I wondered what he could possibly give me. He wasn't holding anything in his hands. "What is it?" I questioned. He pulled me even closer and kissed me. I was shocked but gave in to the sweet kiss. I felt his tender lips on mine and completely gave in. He pulled away and smiled. "I'll see you around." He told me. I didn't reply as I was left speechless. "HE KISSED ME!" I think to myself. It is so unreal. He is popular, the captain of the football team, many girls want him, and he chose me!? I could help but smile and make my way home. Andy was everything on my mind while I was walking. But there was still one other thing bothering me. Why did he want no one to know about him liking me? I couldn't think of a good reason why he wanted to keep it a secret so I just gave up trying. "Could he be capable of playing with my feelings?" I don't think so. He is such a nice guy, at least I think he is. I wouldn't find him capable of. I then stopped thinking of him and continued walking. I entered my house, as always home alone because both my parents worked. I've always wished to spend more time with them. But I guess that will never happen. I lay on my bed wondering what I should do. I went out to take a walk. I was walking slowly deciding what i should eat. I stopped at the closest Burger King to my house. At the same time I arrived there, a car drove in but I thought nothing about it at that moment. I got into the restaurant and ordered. As I turned around our eyes met. His beautiful blue eyes met mine and made my heart melt. "ANDY IS HERE!!" I could hear myself think. "Hello" he told me. Ohhh his voice is so dreamy. "Hi" I responded with a big smile smothered across my face. He turned around looking forward, backward, and sideways. I didn't understand why he did but he told me not to worry. "I saw you walking right now... would you umm like to go with me to the movies?" My heart stopped when he asked. "Yes!" I answered without hesitating. He smiled at me, waited for me to get my meal and held my hand and took me to his car. When I saw it I was speechless. It was beautiful and totally suited him. No wonder everyone likes him. He is charming, popular, and rich!? He is a keeper. He helped me get in and closed the door. What a gentleman! I thought. My eyes were glued on him, as much as I tried to get them off him I couldn't. He turned and looked at me and smiled. Then he turned back and focused on the road. My mind was going crazy as it repeated the whole scene over and over again while I was eating. As I took the last thing in my meal I realized we'd arrived. He got off and opened the door for me. he always made me happy. I ran to the trash bin to dump my trash and ran back to Andy. "What movie would you like to watch?" He asked. I replied back with an anything you want as I normally did. He told me he was into horror movies and I instantly replied "SAME!" He smiled and bought tickets to see Insidious, the new movie that just came out. We went in and took a few hours in there. He was so sweet and we learned so much about each other. He even held my hand and kissed me again!!I couldn't believe I got to spend my afternoon with him. I felt as if I was dreaming. We got back in the car and he took me back home. He told me he'd see me tomorrow in school and that I shouldn't mention anything about us to anyone. Although it bothered me I agreed and went inside my house. Still alone, I smiled, laid down, and I ended up sleeping. I woke up next morning and got ready for school. I finished and went down for breakfast. My mother always left me with food done and a note. "I left to work already sweetie. I'm sorry I haven't been here for you how I should but I'll make it up for you baby, I promise. Have a great day at school and remember I love you. -Mom-" The note said. I smiled as I ate. I finished eating, grabbed my bag, and started my walk to school. I got there at the same time the bell rang. I made my way to my seat, pulled out my phone and I realized I had received a message. "OMG IT'S ANDY!" I heard my brain scream, but it automatically stopped when I read it. "Hi Ari. We won't be able to hang out today. You'll see me in class but don't even dare get close to me." My heart broke looking at this and I could feel my eyes starting to tear. "Why can't I get close to you? What did I do?" I replied. "You know I love you Ari. Just don't get close to me. OK?" He responded. "Fine!" I answered and put the phone away. Class went by extremely slow that day and all I was able to think about were the messages. Why does he not want me close to him or anyone to know about us? It's not fair. Am I really that bad that he doesn't want anyone to even suspect anything? I don't know but this bothered me all day. At lunch I sat alone as always. I never ate the food either. Bored, I decided to take a walk around the school just to kill time before the bell rang to go back to class. As I was walking, I felt sick and angry by the scene I saw. I felt tears falling from my eyes like waterfalls. There he was, holding hands, hugging, and kissing one of the popular girls. I ran from there as quickly as I could, still feeling the tears flowing. "How could he do this to me?" I angrily thought to myself. I had no courage to face anybody at the moment so I got out of school and ran back home. I got to my bed and threw myself on it. My notification sound rung and I checked only to find a message from that cheater. "I saw you crying are you ok?" "YES I'M OK! AFTER I SEE YOU WITH ANOTHER GIRL KISSING I'M TOTALLY FINE! I don't wanna hear from you again!" I answered feeling anger. "Oh you mean my girlfriend? She is much better than you in everything and she is popular... unlike you! Get over it Ari." I was shocked by what he told me. From the sweet guy I met he automatically went down to a jerk. I just left him on seen and lay on my bed crying and heartbroken. I lasted like this for a few hours until I finally was too tired and fell asleep. It had been the worst day.... until the next days event happened. I woke up to my normal routine, got ready for school, went down to eat breakfast, and started to walk to school. My smile has disappeared yesterday. I wasn't in the mood for anything. I arrived and he was already there. I tried my hardest to fake as if I didn't care but failed when I saw that girl happily kissing him. My breath started getting harder and deeper. I could feel my anger getting worse. I wanted to jump that girl and Andy but I was sure they'd get me harder. I just bagged my feelings and kept walking. I got the same looks I had received the first day I met Andy. Now I understood those looks perfectly. I understood perfectly. Andy was a player. Maybe it is just my fault. He wouldn't have done that to me if I was popular. That's probably why I get left home alone too. I disappoint everyone.


-At lunch-


As always to kill time I walked around the school. Today's walk made my day go a little more interesting. Andy's girl was making out... WITH HIS BROTHER!!! I didn't know how to react at first. I was surprised. As they were still kissing, Andy passed by and saw them! "Paulina!!!" He screamed. She immediately pulled away and turned to look at Andy. She stayed completely quiet. "Wow, Paulina! I didn't think you were like that." He said. "Well your brother is way better at kissing and making me feel better." Paulina laughed. "You're such a hoe. Don't even dare get close to me." He replied to her and I came to his mind. As I saw all this occur I felt better about myself. Then I turned and I noticed Andy coming towards me. "Ari, I wanted to say i'm sorry." I smiled sarcastically. "Ha, you left me for that. I forgive you but I already told you I want nothing to do with you." "Ari, I know I messed up. Please give me a chance." "You had your chance, yet took advantage." I replied coldly. "I already said I want nothing with you!" I added and left. It was a sad ending for us, but on the bright side  got people to talk to me now and hang out with me. Maybe life isn't as bad as I thought it was.

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