the spooky basement

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Submitted: November 06, 2018

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Submitted: November 06, 2018



I could feel another set of eyes watching me said the old man to his friend the mummy. The mummy said that was impossible were the only people that can walk here anyone else that walks here is trespassing on your property and gets a fine by the gatekeeper said the mummy. Ya i know the old man said to the mummy but that didn’t matter the old man said the old man in is head. The old man was right about another set of eyes watching him because a few seconds later the mummy was gone and the witch came to swap with the mummy.


The witch said to the old man to save your friend come to the old house on witch grove at 6 o’clock sharp or your friend will be lowered into an acid tank. The old man accepted because he is very good friends with the mummy so at 6 o’clock sharp he was at the old house on witch grove and when he entered the witch appeared and said follow me to come save your friend. He followed the witch into the basement and he heard bep bop and a lot of robot sounds and what he saw was his friend above an acid tank what he felt was worse he felt brick the was so scratchy he couldn’t touch the wall without getting a cut.


When the old man was in the basement and tried to free his friend the witch said stop you can’t free him and the old man being very old just said can I please have my friend back and the witch said no you can’t have him back you have to battle and defeat me to get your friend back the old man accepted in the first battle he lost same went with the other nine until he recognized a pattern and he asked if he could come back tomorrow and the witch said yes but he had to be there at 10 o’clock sharp. The old man went home to train for tomorrow. The next day he forgot the pattern so he got beat 10 more times then he saw the pattern again and wanted to know for shear that was the pattern so he got beat another 10 times and he was shear that was the pattern so the old man finally beat the witch and got the mummy back.

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