His Dark Side

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He lived among normal people for a long time. But his best friend being the nosy friend he was. He uncovered the horrifying truth.

Submitted: November 06, 2018

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Submitted: November 06, 2018





Luke, Anna, Josh and Mia were the best of friends. Having known each other since toddlers, it's no surprise. However, there has always been a little bickering between Luke and Josh, but for the sake of Mia and Anna, they had kept it minimal. They did everything together, they always had. Whether it was tuition in Highschool or swimming in year 4. They valued their friendship over everything else. Even relationships. "Mates before dates," they said. Now about that bickering in was talking about. They told each other everything, but when it came to the oath of truth, Josh noticed Luke looked a little agitated. "He's Definitely hiding something," Josh thought to himself. Every since then, Josh had kept insisting to Anna and Mia that Lukes hiding something, but they merely brushed the remarks off. But what they didn't know is that Josh was slowly uncovering the truth. One day, after the gang went cinema, everyone returned home. Except for Josh, he had other plans. Which mainly consisted of following Luke home. Luke took his usual bus home while Josh rode his bike behind the bus. When Luke arrived home, He went straight for the garage. "How strange..." thought Josh. Luke seemed to be in such a hurry, Josh didn't have time to be ultra sneaky. If he wanted to see what Luke was up to, he had better hurry. As soon as the garage door opened high enough for Luke to pass through, he closed it. "Whatever he's hiding, it's in there" Josh spoke to himself. Having had enough time to convince himself to follow the break in the garage, Josh acted. "Wait, I don't have to break in, I already have the garage fob from our volcano experiment we done last year," Josh thought. He went in front of the garage, did a quick prayer in case he gets caught be Luke, and opens the garage. As soon as the garage door opens, A disgusting stench rushed up Josh's nose. Josh pinched his nose and made his way through the garage. At the end of the garage, past the tools and Mr.Doyles (Luke's step-dad) tools, was a wooden door ajar. Although Josh has been in Luke's garage many times before, he hadn't really paid any attention to the door or the smell because he thought it'd be rude to make a remark. As he approached the door, he had this strong tingling in his gut, Josh always listens to his gut but the time, he ignored it. He reached for the handle and pushed the door slowly, not that it made any difference because the push was followed by a large creak. If he wanted to catch Luke red-handed with whatever he was hiding, Now is the time. Josh lunges inside the room to see the most horrific sight imaginable...
Luke was crouched down with massive fangs dripping with blood, dug deep into their maths teachers pale neck. Thick grey veins were bulging underneath Luke's eyes. Luke's eyes had this red splash around the pupil, replacing his deep amber eyes. Luke raises his head, his eyes meet Josh's, Josh was preparing to leg it, but Luke does budge. Josh tried to understand Luke's facial expression and when he realises what it meant. Guilt and shame. Luke was always joyful and optimistic, so this came as a surprise. But Everyone has A DARK SIDE...

By Omar EL Khatab


© Copyright 2019 Omar El Khatab. All rights reserved.

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