mobile poems of beliefs

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Submitted: November 06, 2018

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Submitted: November 06, 2018




Deity each thing is have to worship you as this has the reality they like to the amount how everything has the way and meaning feeling they like it and how there is all causes that exist the creation that we exist as the happening that causes all senses and happening of each thing like happen that we have to exist as and with what you create to experience delight as the effect of everything we like is a real cause an experience and what it has is we be things to happen it and each thing perfect and this reality how it looks and happen it has also the realm of the fantasy form that is about the perfect reality of things so we be the power that has things do this reality as what is real has a reality as fantasy power so deity knows and we do how we is perfect each thing that has perfect forms and causes how it does it each skill of reality and it be all senses of a power of what reality things is so we know about the reality what it is has and does and be so we are like the paradise it is because we are a thing with the creation to happen and know all it has to make are senses paradise as then we know how things does it and sense is shown to us it is a creative form to make real what creation has to perform
Paradise that we is be the reality of it because we know are senses imagines how things has paradise causes it happen as best reality and are sense has fantasy and reality to how make and think things be it paradise as we decide what causes it does and be to show are sense seen and knows all perfection just like how this is all real in the form of all things has about it and a form to happen reality perfect it be this for the sense of things know what it and other things be as perfect reality and it a fantasy and reality for things is paradise about it and this what we become to exist as and with as be with things as a creation and deity form be about what we sense to have how things and us knows paradise for things that it created to be how all things show us be the sense of paradise this has a reality and is real as we already exist in creation and know sense of things be paradise as while we exist with reality of things we see visions of another reality to happen things as paradise so we see the power we can be with the deity and that we exist as things able to think of another reality that shows fantasy make things be about what it is how is paradise powers for things have a reality to be how are

Sense has seen known paradise with things we really exist how it does that visions reality so already we have seen in imagination a reality for the real things how it paradise us as visions make us feel and have things as that paradise form so deity can guide us how we be the paradise as things and that we are made into all it can be as the paradise that things in creation and are fantasy has about this so it is real as we be things reality and fantasy and it shows paradise for creation we really be in and the fantasy shows a real form of world because it has how things and are imagination how to happen and be about things perfect reality to happen and this has all to think and do that is for this perfect reality we wish for things it did and was being for this paradise have what is real for it because we exist as things and knowing and it reveals how things happen to think a real reality to see two realities and the power uses this reality and fantasy for reality make a paradise as it about things doing this as the sense is for a power that shows all it has real as this what we see and think and is from a creation made and this has a power make paradise as we think what can be real with what has a real
Creation the realms of it would have real what can be perfect about it because it is made from a power that knows the paradise for creation as we imagine sense this and the power is think it need make things have a reality of the sense as it has real things and it can create everything perfect about things paradise as it will be a form of make it real as it has exist in it form and creation the sense and forms how and to make what is paradise that deity showing us on earth the forms it exist as and uses to create paradise for things as are sense sees we are real things in a world that has another reality in are fantasy what is paradise for things and is a form of deity is make it be real this what causes it make all things to guise us sense it and we be real things. The deity has all powers of paradise because the body of a person uses paradise from deity forms causes it be real and that deity has all forms for the sense while we be a human body because the reality of earth we have to think of the sense reality to realise paradise and this what deity has for are body only then other things is paradise are body to believe in sense for things they be in reality and deity has this sense while they be
Human a power of deity knows and has paradise for everything you imagine and have happen as things so it has to be the sense of deity reality to be real paradise at your body and this paradise always exists at your body as you be what all things has causes what it be to be a sense how paradise be real and is the power if deity have you be it sense for how things be like this in a real reality so deity has us be a body to have reality to how it has the paradise really happen as what each thing does and be as it shows in our world and sense the deity paradise it does for us as we exist as a body about what like things be as a reality and this shows deity has all powers as there is how all things has paradise what it does and is for are sense and is a reality deity creates so it has all paradise for are body that deity then has to think it only has paradise for are body it does to us and a person is see feel deity only paradise me because all things has a sense how it only does paradise and this is a direct power from the deity to exist as what are body has as paradise in a reality so deity knows it can do everything to us that it only the reality of sense as it creates to make all sense be a reality as it
Made for are body and world as this has the sense of paradise reality deity has to do on things be paradise it knows be real and this how deity just do paradise to are body as it has are sense how paradise really happens about each things causes so the paradise deity has does it can happen to are body deity lokand think at us let me paradise your body and world desires i can treat you this divine and pleased and have you as a sense about my creations reality of things be a paradise so how i treat you with my paradise you think how and happen how you have my powers paradise your sense come true so all perfection i do to you it has you be the sense that is for my paradise to do on my powers and best reality i appear for at you exist as as then i make you really be paradise that i do it all on you using creation reality my powers at your sense that is paradise at my powers how you have things as a reality fantasy be paradise so i can have your paradise effect happen with how i just paradise you so that i do this to your body as i exist as paradise that becomes real on things i need you as my paradise as you need paradise all my forms of it reality as you are the sense and real as it as your body has a life
To sense how things is paradise you do this on my powers of creation to paradise me and my creation and how much your sense has how things feels sees and treated and happen as paradise as you sense what things does to be paradise so you become my form that paradise all your reality and like it and me as it happen you paradise this and shows your body has paradise can just paradise it all and my creation does for your body have paradise what each thing does and you be sense and causes of sense at this as this how paradise happen between the deity and creation it has you be paradise at what things has you imagine and do at it as paradise for how it only does and be and think of sense and paradise so it like a body gives a body paradise and the sense of this knows all it causes is imagined at the things it has do paradise so deity has all powers show these things to you and you be a body of use need it paradise be a sense to it like how you think and have it be real you know this paradise the deity power that is this reality and how things in this reality be your paradise and sees you paradise it that there is a need to meet and have everything that does paradise at you as that is all things of paradise
So you want deity and it creation as it about each thing paradise for your body and sense be what uses paradise happen and knows is paradise real to paradise it and that deity creates this to have at it what is want the deity as then it has you be it sense happen reality and it can show you things how you like the deity as you sense the paradise at things in reality paradise nad is how deity has you worship and paradise it because you be a body of sense as reality be for you just how deity only paradise you that this make you a sense comfort what paradise shows you have and reality paradise at because these things has us think a sense reality for it we know how you do paradise so are sense make real what your sense and thing you be is to do and have paradise and this how we be a thigh of like sense for reality of things it happen are paradise how things be like and this how the perfect reality that has a power make it be this is have are body sense a paradise make happen for the power see what it creates us have is paradise it form we like it this much how things does paradise to paradise it so deity is being what we use as paradise is how we know and have the sense be reality things all pleasures things
Comfort my body do my pleasures as this how deity has us paradise it make all are sense ideas actions do paradise activity on things be are paradise and miracles to perform on you because deity the person is think how paradise is about things and be the sense that paradise is all about and you are a form of give it created so all your perfection that care and kind american things be paradise is have it really happen as things be how paradise is they perform it to give your power care kind and pleasures on things in your creation so your powers has care kind and pleasure at it because we use your sense to reality paradise on things that are sense shows another reality for your power be us paradise your paradise on the creation so your powers of all paradise we have has are sense like paradise you with are fantasy how it has a real creation we have for and perform paradise with.
Deity i worship you as all things on earth shows me fantasies about what your imagination i think does with things for paradise so i think to how you create me paradise your reality that my dream shows i did so it is real that things making me think of paradise it has to be it shows deity you have been given paradise from my fantasy as you enter me in a dream reality showing what i wished your powers did for reality that you can use with me and things have paradise because what i wish is things you created to have a reality that your power lives in that special reality as you think and be in your real perfection of life as for this you have all things be a perfect reality as you make this be created as things do perfect reality so it comes true who thinks how paradise is they see live it be real as deity all your perfection and paradise reality it also has things in creation think about and do your paradise so your powers want use them paradise your powers as they think your reality to make what you make be real is exist in what they wish that this enter you in your paradise about what it does as you made us wish your paradise on your things in creation as we want your perfect reality as we exist as
Things that does a reality about what we wish and have as perfect it be. Deity i worship you because your power shows it does appear good and pleasure for the things you made me see on earth to think what another reality does to create my wishes of paradise be real as you shown me you know what i wish and you be a creator for it you show you make perfect reality and the wish for this i had so i can see a deity in my dream exists and what each paradise ideas really is from and about to show in my wishes how it make it be real and you are knowing and creative about all wishes to show you make that perfect reality and all that reality is appear in the form of a deity knows and creates paradise i wished and you use my wish as it reveals how i do paradise and that it exists and there it is the form of deity is real and just like the wish it reality and power does reality and it form perfect to exist me in it so it creates my wish be real made as it so i see a deity form about all perfect causes and it you as from your power i see the paradise reality is from you as the wish is about a power showing it has all paradise for things do it like. Deity you show the beauty and miracle is just be good at what it does
And be as you make it structure have beliefs do this then it has pleasure what it think these beliefs does in reality so it body has pleasures it like have from the perfect reality that you create paradise for are wishes about it as this give us things see it be given paradise as we know how paradise happen. Deity i like your ability to create as it about how you imagine each fantasy that creation wishes how things does the best reality as you show things to do and be about paradise in a reality it does best causes so you make are reality be things to wish about that leads to what is paradise for things for a reality be real of what think for things while we exist in the things reality so is paradise powers for the creation we live in to imagine with what happen and all that beauty needs and does as perfect is appear this to me as i think like this happen with the beauty i do how deity you made these causes happen and be liked do this between me and beauty when met for are desires offered that you make the reality have desires to find it for pleasure me it see i am the pleasure it knows wants and is beautiful see are body offers do this pleasure as we think how like do this pleasure as it has actions we
We wished as that how it pleasure our body to do these actions for your body so the reality of pleasures is attracted as you make it be this as it happens to you have paradise that has you pleasure me so you have pleasure as this how paradise ideas think like how it pleasures me to have me pleasure you as this is the best pleasure to have all actions ideas of what is pleasure me and you as then we have all powers of what paradise does real as it knows and uses everything that each thing does together perfect be what paradise shows as reality as people think how do this kind of pleasure and be paradise reality of how fantastic is to think and do pleasures of paradise for all actions are body does together as then it be visions of everything things does as paradise for us do and have pleasure that is how paradise happen that are body knows and does this so we are in the form of everything paradise does and think about for the things we exist as that we know these action are body does has all visions and treatment to be what paradise is so the reality of it make are fantasy know the reality we live in is these action ideas are body does is paradise to imagine does it like this and is best pleasures to think
Do and want as then we be things that has a paradise that uses thing to think and do these pleasures is reveal and create us be it paradise that exist for all things to how it does paradise as we are made to think and do how is pleasure so we be like the paradise vision that the paradise creation thinks and sees it has paradise appear because it has things think this wish that does pleasures perfect so it has a reality of paradise as it uses all things how it does and think paradise is real so the power of paradise make paradise be real as a person sees it wish comes true it make paradise be real so deity creates this as it has paradise from us. You make the pleasure have all your ideas to think for it a way that shows other ideas people use does the pleasure and it not paradise as you make ideas for how it imagines paradise that reality does for pleasures. You show that something doing having pleasure is not really paradise as it does actions showing it not using paradise ideas to action so the pleasures they gave had is not on the level of paradise ideas how to act and treat as to how pleasures and scenarios show different events for ideas actions of paradise act think like. You teach pleasures is
Only paradise from actions that happen as it shows the pleasure they offer and do is the ideas of how do pleasures the paradise way and it imagines these ideas to act like this and deity you test them since they is act like pleasure a person good because they then act like not do pleasure how it is paradise when offer and try to pleasure a person so they really prefer to sometimes act like or hate and mistreat what they want pleasure with and is good who do pleasure with and use what they do do wrong to think you are bad or good and need to not perform and think of want and do paradise pleasures. You appear to prove what is evil pleasure to me from who as you show me what does pleasure the paradise ideas actions style so i realise what bodies is paradise at pleasures and you show me how to think and do this and what does and act like to do this pleasure and that this is imagned and acted like how when see each scenario and person as paradise ideas is beliefs and you show me people act think like this style of pleasure to show my visisions really has a power of deity does paradise and made me think how paradise happen because people was doing pleasures that shown it is evil at how paradise shown me vision
How i like someone to paradise me as you shown and it has people think act like how paradise does everything for are body think act like at what see happen and i seen people offer and do pleasure how like be evil at this so they do and want pleasures this evil way as they do lead on and tempt pleasures to do wrong at it and hate pleasures act think like paradise how give have pleasure. Deity i love your power as you show you have all beautiful things that you have all ideas actions how it does paradise for it be a body play paradise how it need and offers paradise my body as deity your ideas actions of paradise is what each thing imagines and sees be a creation happen it and this is made from you to exist us be how things is perfect as we be things that is about and causes what is paradise and think it to see we be things that does and has all for paradise happen. Deity you make paradise be revealed and happen in everything it be and does as there is all things to see and ideas to know what it all does as paradise this how much paradise ideas and causes of it things you appear to us become the complete power of paradise as it happens from being this is what we are as exist. Deity you make all ideas how do
Paradise to see it how it happen from things in visions and find reality things does this to be are paradise powers have all this about be are form created have all it creates of paradise appear for are body and scenarios as we are made in a reality for different pleasure activities for things do at are body that this happen are paradise ideas know how and have how things has paradise from our physique and ideas. Deity you make all things so we be all the reality and ideas as what a thing we be and things is to imagine and have how things does paradise that we be in the form of all cycles sensations of paradise actual ideas causes how it happen paradise from things as we exist in the structure and with other structures of things in a reality so it must be a paradise as things is happen causes as now we in the creation and exist eternal to be made as things in a world level how much paradise it has as we think what is paradise things is be and how much things does that reality of paradise and the real paradise level does all the best causes for things be as real and that are ideas shows what paradise level we at as it make us treat or mistreat everything in scenarios as we are made to exist with all
Scenarios and things as this has the paradise ideas of how the highest complete paradise level does a reality for things we see in are wishes for how are level of paradise that happens everything fabulous and only way have paradise level is from think all it ideas actions as this make us do and have what is paradise levels things and are body does in the world. A woman can not make her own paradise as the way to trick me she does paradise to mistreat abuse betray my pleasure and hate reject it because deity continuously has a reality of actions causes be visions sent in my brain and eternal sense to realise how my and her body does paradise as deity made all things think paradise visions at what they see happen and do so we act like paradise at what we do and see they do. Deity you make paradise and things because you have for it everything it like and does and think and be as it structure to experience what your powers does as paradise and that to be a thing in a and with a creation is all things how it does paradise to be things we have in are paradise world so we think how all things does this to be in paradise imagination powers and be what paradise does as are body do and has each paradise cause and
This is what each thing does in paradise and we be the forms of all ideas what paradise does to perform it and have it happen to us perfect and we are created be in paradise see the same things how it happen and made us imagine good it be like is now in the power of paradise that is about and made us be it and think what paradise does with everything to happen all it ability capability what paradise does from things. Deity you create us be an amount of least and most paradise level to guide us know how most paradise level happens so we be the cause of it as are ideas actions has a body and world has play all that paradise does and think like as paradise does this from things we be and paradise is a power of has all paradise causes for things be so the paradise most level be real as the power of deity i worship you because you make each paradise thing be in a power of make that be as there is a way of how paradise happen from things that it creates it just be this so all things is made to happen everything to make what believes in paradise powers have it be real as then you a thing really do it. Deity i worship you as you make yourself be what all paradise is and does so at creation you make what things does
Have a power of just be created as the reality paradise made you realise and you are at creation i do everything for you how paradise has all causes things need for what it is and made to cause so a fantasy be real how it knows paradise and i want to do everything as paradise for the creation see my power appear happen as creation has all causes and ideas that is see my paradise happen to it and know it my powers and what imagined paradise is see it is given paradise just like how paradise is real from use this happen from you that paradise think and causes like you how paradise ideas has you wish and make it be like this as reality for things so paradise powers is about everything to be real it is and deity uses this create things to reach most level delight. Deity you make paradise be what things is and does to show what is paradise in the reality of a planet and your most level of delight does everything like those deeds and things be like and the beliefs of the wicked remain only in the paradise lower level tested in and will decrease to the hellfire in the hereafter after they we given all things in a planet to use make it be a wicked reality and greed corrupted oppressive and that pleasures is like it
How be evil for delight. Deity i love you how there is each pleasure has a way do it is only way i am like it and things is like do it as this and also there is nothing wrong do to know how and do it like this so it really is good the pleasures of paradise how it has ideas actions for what is perfect so truly ideas actions for paradise are this accurate in what it reveals in imagination of real causes and things to do and be. Diety i love how you reveal your power about paradise as it is perfect that is about the actual reality for things how it happen and be all good it does for things like as your power reveals and shows the form of a paradise reality for things in the world and universe how to happen all good causes for things and what it be like during this that how this is a reality of things we think about and have happen and wish for you then reveal your power show it in a paradise and are visions sees it as paradise for how things does a good reality so we can imagine it is a paradise and how this is in a dream showing powers for reality and it happen like the think and reality of all good things causes and structure and looks it be best as for each pleasure miracle. Deity you make reality have a
Power as everything has a good way be and it is for the paradise levels that has what knows and does all good as we become to like what is all good to happen and think about as this as this is the progress about reality that does have everything good to be real how it is good so we become how think and happen that the power has us to exist as to then be things for the powers happen paradise as it is like what is all good and real that does this as the power about have and be what is good things are as deity want be and have all things to be what causes good as it in a form of already have perfection happen so it uses this find real everything else good and perfect as it perfect scenario of things is find what else is good to be things as it like these things did and need create reality be all good things as it is be perfect as already deity in a perfect scenario of things with it powers causing this that what it creates is be everything else perfect to have all pleasure things use for it form of being have those pleasures and scenarios from things and deity has this be the creation for it power make it pleasure the deity so things become how happen that power as it made do it and deity make each thing to
Have paradise about it as what it has perfect is make all else made perfect so it make everything for creation that it has what is perfect the power uses that for paradise and how imagination in this become like the reality of give the power it perfect reality it does as imagination has for things how it happen paradise that because things exist about how it has perfect reality and the power for this is real as imagination exist in the form of that real paradise about things to transfer us in that paradise a power destined as all things made be real that this has the power of how it need and has all things be it best good perfect reality so it creates paradise as it has things to do and believe how paradise happen and already the power has all perfect reality and beliefs of and from things in it paradise as all this happens and be from what knows how create and happen it like this so creation can be in this power of worlds existence as it made to do paradise like the power of deity and the power does paradise as the deity already has things and how it think and causes this to be how paradise happens real and be all it does and think when it has all causes to decide do as it sees knows and uses the reality
Of causes so things in reality has all actions ideas how do powers for think and happening what in the reality to make things be this it knows and be what paradise is as power exist in creation as it has all things to happen good then this has a power know only good is what it causes things be s that is real and capable as to how things in creation learn and want and do this happen a paradise so powers is a real reality for the creation to how it happen all good about things be things do this. Deity you make each thing exist for it show all good causes it does for us see this and understand the reality of paradise for things so we have for it the power reality as we wish you appear as the events of power reality the good about what things does be in reality as this make us exist as a thing that we imagine power of what is paradise things so we think what is created that powers does to paradise you as you is exist as a body do have all best causes what it make you imagine and have and do as what is paradise about the things happening in best reality that earth did from things so what you be now and was doing good is reveal to me what you be for paradise and is how each thing i am realise the power of
Paradise you perform as your imagination and body is be this whatever i believe as things made to think and do paradise so it is realise how think and be it as it is be a reality you imagnie and cause real how all things has you imagine and do what is paradise about each thing and you so you cause paradise from your body at creations paradise this a power about you is imagined. Deity we be your power as it has what is the think the things of the best reality for things and this is real to be how it think and happen everything perfect that it make deity a real being for us exist as perfect things as things has the power ogle things to be a perfect reality and how we use it be that perfect reality and this is power imagination to how everything be perfect and are imagination shows how we can be perfect with the best reality. Deity you make the best reality that all the perfect causes is be what things we seen they is be and think how perfect reality is as the paradise is a reality to happen all it causes and ideas from things be this and is show it from their form of structure so deity powers of how we know things does paradise that is what we see the powers happen paradise from to show how paradise happen
So the person and things is the actual reality that happens and knows all causes of what is good so it be the feeling the reality the happen of it how it make everything feel and be right as it imagines the actual reality of how it feels and causes what is miraculous about how things happen to be it and this is what we imagine about this person that it think and be what is how paradise happen so look how this make us think of the person in the form of how it body is happen and think of everything perfect about what things and it body does in reality as we know how things think does and be what is paradise about reality so we know their body is now this paradise sense and it reality as all the good causes and ideas things does is be the reality of paradise and it be the ideas they think of as reality for things and their body act and happen that reality of best causes so they be a paradise body so this reality of how things be perfect is make us think how a person be a body of all ideas actions what is and does and to be how a paradise reality to things and it has paradise do this at so their fantasies become reality how do and they have paradise it goes with how they be this wonderful form doing thinking
Paradise just how we think what things does as paradise as we think it do this and that is what their body performs and imagines as paradise so we think of them and see them as a body that has paradise and does how it has imagination and creation how it does paradise reality and they be the form of ideas actions how paradise is as we can imagine them be a paradise of ideas actions so from earth what they did and think it becomes a paradise form of body to happen and ideas how their body and world does paradise so what we imagine about their body is be paradise from their ideas actions as we think how they be this and their form of body has all good causes to think and do from their body so they be a body to how it is be for the power of paradise be a body thinking doing paradise that is show as their body of scenarios and ideas is show from their body how we think paradise happen from things as they are the imagination and creation that happens to be and think this show they are paradise as we imagine how they do this and think it so their body is acting thinking that has all paradise causes as it all happen how are body think and appears it actions wishes because how we think of paradise this has how
Things be this so we can think what their new and previous body was and is about to how it imagines and does each attribute of a paradise body as it has actions ideas to do good about all it body does and this shows us visions what to think of how it has all paradise attributes and powers to happen their body in the reality because their body is about what we think is paradise attributes from their body as we are made to think all paradise attributes something does as me and they be these ideas actions for are body and think and see this about you that you is see my body be this to you so deity paradise us all from be made how to do this think what is paradise about you me and what we do as this. And with the deity is each thing a reality for it deity causes it be and it has the best reality to appear for things be really and it uses this make the best beliefs about things become this reality. Deity it is the form of what all things is it has a reality for it and that is what all things can be like that it wish be it can only like it and deity takes this reality for things be as and is this form to it creation make it into that desired reality and deity makes things be into the best reality. Deity it has
It form of a reality for things and makes things be what it like as a reality as it made to be how that reality is and deity makes a reality be that in a form they appear in to see the wish of this comes true. Deity the magnificent has for the reality of things a world appear it in a form of certain this is a wish of reality to happen perfect as deity creates reality of things happen the causes a world has with things and makes it a structure of it does what things be and happen the best is now in this structure and appearance of a paradise world. Deity has all the realm of each wish and right cause for all things does like this be in a power of make a structure world show things be does this that deity makes these causes ideas have a structure of world play this that deity form is what is how it happen perfect is a form of energy they believe do so i make it be things of that paradise reality or a world for what they do and we certainly have for the causes of things a world to make it be things happen the wishes and things causes that we set and reset the only causes things can be and do in a world and we are creating of what energy has to do with and as things when it be made as be things in a reality
On what they be to enter this to know what do and they be to think do this so we create paradise levels for what is known to happen that it become in a structures world and body to play reality. Deity you make your form be what is perfect to make as things a reality and create the likes of this be things do this and you show this happen to how it is imagined believed that things do this and then it made be new things enter a world do this as they are made to die knowing they be created be things to happen the perfect reality they wish and that deity you are a form beyond and about what reality has for you and creation think what reality has perfect for things and this be created into things to think and be this things it causes and what is perfect for it be the paradise power and that your form is about and beyond this and is the perfection of this as you make us be what is imaginary and enter into being with things for our body world that we are made into what is for are imagination and creation we be as with it to exist as knowing what can be real and this has perfection for everything we can be as a reality created have as we are things to happen that has a perfect reality.
Deity you seem like you create a person be a body to know everything good it can do and have because we are made to believe that everything good we imagine that is the reality to do and because you can create us think this as you are a deity for all things be like all your perfection to be and do that you have caused on and imagined in all things as your form of being is how use and make everything be all good and as a paradise so you can create each thing realise this when they be a thing but the problem is satan misguide us do wrong think wicked. Deity you make all things only look beautiful in paradise as there they only do and think good because was made to think how this be at what happens yet this shows on earth the ugly are a test of how they good at all ideas causes to be a beautiful body in paradise as deity you not make beautiful bodies be who is evil from earth test how be good. Deity you make how things happen perfect to be what is imagined to how it be about things do be this so we be powers of paradise fantasies for a real reality that has things to really happen what all things does and be good and what we wish of this be real so we exist as paradise ideas to be a form of the best made
Being that has and knows how things does a real paradise reality. Deity you make each thing so it causes this perfection to happen and be this so we exist as this what we cause and have as things do a paradise reality so what we think and be is for all causes to be like this and that to believe this is be and have a power to create us in this reality of paradise we are made to realise how and be the things of all paradise reality as we be with the world and the power to make us think and be this paradise all things does and you make are beliefs be how paradise happen and this be our power of existence for how it be created real. Deity you make make the reality of desires be a world that has been made real to how things does that perfection amd is used be are imagination powers how good we have a reality as things to do this and we be this as a body that all the pleasures has good right have it and his has a paradise play this for our body as we exist as knowing how play paradise and be created into these things as that is the power of us exist that deity make us a perfection that all things has good reality be and is made be this and we have imagination create us be that paradise because the form of
All things has causes and ideas how do and be it good right best and this has a power of create this be a reality as this is the power existence that uses this as it form and is made be real as how it just be this as it created what it form just be about for all things be real as a paradise and it has it be real how it think and does and creates things be like that this is the power humans wish for things and do as things that is how we do paradise in this powers form of being the deity our creator to give us life how it should happen be this we like. Deity you give all your powers to us as we are made as what does reality be things to how happen it perfect and are visions for this make that reality be real and we be a body happen all things as a paradise as we are made be the things that happen like your power that makes things just cause and be and think how do paradise that it appears in each scenario knowing how do paradise and think it so it be a power of made all paradise be real as it creates paradise from think and cause paradise that then appears it in the world reality and form of being happening a paradise reality because what we be and think is also made be the reality of things doing be
Paradise as it happens from think and be things that does and is about paradise as we think how things does paradise while we have the reality of things live with so this shows we have a power that want create real are wish of paradise as this has what we imagined real things be like for reality and our body and is create the power of deity have all good for reality to be world happen this to how we are made live in a world do ideas and deeds at real things that is paradise style and this reveals visions of a power of deity form to become a creator of make this paradise be real and then it already has this to create for how all things has perfection already did and be in the world as it has this effect to do and think how things be perfect as it happening we exist in this world and it make our form of person and the deity delighted things does perfection be it and is powers for our visions that this has a power create this all be the paradise for things be like so we really exist as a power from the deity this what is for are desires the paradise be real for how we exist as a body to think and do real each thing be how that is for paradise and we already have this reality really does this so is power
Deity you are perfect for are body as while we exist as a human there is things to like what it be and is for our wishes be this much reality and this happens real and this reveals your character what you want us be created as to have happen and because we only have what we like and think this that it be real to have from exist as a person with worlds and this is how and from you being a deity to create us be all we like as existing in the form of body and world has all desires to be about the things and ideas that does the causes and be the things to make us and everything to do this as it is the things how it made it process function the performance and knowledge how be all we like to think and this has what we have and do as a reality perfect that we exist in things made as what causes us think about and have performed each causes of paradise that happen in a reality as things because the things is a structure to happen what we like and in this produce the wish how it be what happens that we like and during being the structure of our body with a world we now exist as how are body feels and does event we like it be this and have visions of what like happen that things does so we in paradise of how it
Be a reality for our body and what things exist as when we be things this how we exist to have all we like and for this happen we have to be what are body nad things does nad has now be the reality as it has everything perfect to be about what all does to be a paradise as then we can perform and be what a reality does to happen everything. Deity i worship you because nothing can be perfect without use your powers of ideas and be the quality and structure ability of things as this how it be a body does and has paradise and so everything to happen be perfect is how it is paradise to have everything we like from you deity as this how it make all things be a paradise reality for our body because to think and have everything how it be perfect is what we are made to be and wish about and see things does this reality that it does as we exist in a reality with things so there is how it be perfect for our body desires because all we like be real has a wish how things be like and that is the power of deity showing in our visions how it happen things be what we like it do as paradise reality so this confirms how perfect things can be like that it has to think and be the things how deity does reality as we are made
To wish what reality we want be real as this enable us know how paradise be real and cause it be this as deity made us be a body of reality o have it be real from think how it be as we are made to do happen this so deity can appear created the paradise to happen as we are made to think how it happen so we do this then the reality of things appear do this is have deity powers be performed just how deity knows when it things in creation think this it happens them do paradise with the creation they be in so each thing has the paradise happen as we are made be a body have reality happen from things we wish does these causes as we have deity powers reveal how it does perfect reality from the things in the world we see is real and how this reveals things does the powers for reality how it happen as paradise that deity powers has things do and be this as we are made to think of the perfect reality have and about things so deity powers reveals how fantastic it want are body pleased from how ideas and things does causes and be these things we desire so we made to have and do paradise as this reveals how think and see things does this paradise so we be in the power that creates what causes paradise as we exist as
Things that has all we think and do and cause that paradise does as a creation. Deity you want us be in the form of all wishes what paradise does as we exist as a body with things in a world and it candy o this reality we wish and these wishes is for your power that has and is create things give us a world happen the wishes and because you want us realise to become in the trance state of how many pleasures and fantastic scenarios our body has to think and see be real that this how tremendous incredible things does a paradise of desires to play and that all we wish be real is how things does what we like and how a world has this many scenarios and how things be like so this is what we wish and have as things and scenarios paradise our body desires so we exist as a body that really it is how perfect the paradise is be for our body as the wishes is have things do this as things has paradise from wish it happen and it do actions and be looks and structure of body and has things do these desires that this reveals deity powers has this paradise be real for our body as we imagine this about things that really does causes ideas and looks like what is do this paradise for things it desires and this make us do it
Perfect as we are the imagination of how pleasures happen and we love it happen and did it like this that this how deity powers about what we desire and how all things does paradise because it things has causes and looks for it reality it happen and we see these things in reality goes with what we wish be given real do for our body and it is made to realise desire powers for the reality play. Plenty of reality how it can be like that it all has to be imagined for how it be real then you have it to be this perfect what everything is as we have to exist with creation be how like it and just how the experience is with things happening is the power of that reality imagined to create us be what is paradise be a power of a created reality to be in real that it be like this so reality of paradise can only be like this as we imagine how it just happen be perfect so the power of this only shows how it be this that are imagination is showing a reality of it just be this as the imagination is for how perfect reality can be imagined that it has a reality just to cause it so this how paradise is real and the point in paradise ideas that has a real creation do this so this is the power that exist for what things can be
For our body as we exist to have a reality be what we like so it has a power make real how we had and do and wish things be like for reality so how good things be in reality as it make us wish it be this then this has a power of make it be real the reality we like and our imagination for this have a paradise level create appear the reality we wished happen from the life we live in as then it creates are imagination and reality how perfect it be to then exist in the form and causes of how reality and imagination for reality happens thinks feels wonderful because imagination and reality how it be perfect what thing be that causes are life play reality it need all we wish and things happening good being form of terrific to formulate this be a paradise because the imagination shows things just be perfect that are reality of life does and be to show what is perfect to like so these things be real to happen a reality and decisions to cause what we like so we imagine how paradise is to give us a reality of things be what we like it reality how so this develops are imagination have a creation to create the reality our visions sees as paradise for what things be as just a perfect form to exist as things that is
Paradise form like how are visions seen this about the real life and world of things. Deity i love you as each thing i see it reveals the reality what i like that your power and form of being is create me have things do what i like as you are in the form of like to create and use what you like in a reality and what i imagine shows this is a reality you need use and that all i like is a reality you make be real for me have as you like all perfection and what i think i like things do is your form is being those things to have all you like so this be the paradise i imagined as how reality has each thing to like what it be and does and is wished it be this to have these causes from that thing is this has a form of power that deity is in the form of doing having everything as a perfect reality so when i think what like i have a power that is make all things i like appear to me in a reality as this has a deity create it be real as deity likes to make all paradise things become real and appear as deity a form of paradise for all things as it has this to be the best deity so creation has this power supply your paradise as we exist as things knowing how paradise be real and the form of deity we see it reality of
Paradise form like how are visions seen this about the real life and world of things. Deity i love you as each thing i see it reveals the reality what i like that your power and form of being is create me have things do what i like as you are in the form of like to create and use what you like in a reality and what i imagine shows this is a reality you need use and that all i like is a reality you make be real for me have as you like all perfection and what i think i like things do is your form is being those things to have all you like so this be the paradise i imagined as how reality has each thing to like what it be and does and is wished it be this to have these causes from that thing is this has a form of power that deity is in the form of doing having everything as a perfect reality so when i think what like i have a power that is make all things i like appear to me in a reality as this has a deity create it be real as deity likes to make all paradise things become real and appear as deity a form of paradise for all things as it has this to be the best deity so creation has this power supply your paradise as we exist as things knowing how paradise be real and the form of deity we see it reality of
Paradise as we have and realise how things does wonderful causes to be a thing for this happen feel look like this and this shows all deity does to us have a reality of things and it power is make all we like as we see the reality and imagination is we think and hapen it perfect like how deity form creates knows how it does just paradise that it has a creation for this be caused and a person has visions for reality to see how perfect and likeable they have all things to be a miraculous pleasure reality have and just do everything perfect to this is how much powers exist in our fantasy that this is the power for the reality we exist in to how enter a real paradise as all the pleasures miracles how things does this is entering are fantasy about be our body in a world how we and it does paradise so we see this is a form of deity it creates things to realise wish and is a paradise to show we do everything perfect to how we imagined things be like in a reality for our desires so we are created be in a world realise how be beautiful have beauty with this has all miracles pleasures and how do and think it be this and with this be the form of body and structures of paradise this what pleasures we wish is about
To exist us enter a world things does this for our body and reality as this shows when we be a body in a world that all things is perfect and we are the cause of this reality as we wished and did it like this and is how deity guides us about it world it shows our body because we are made as a body think how pleasures be like that this has how it happen imagined be perfect we be this perfect and reality of things doing all we like be this perfect and this has all the world and universe happen be perfect as we use a portion of the deity knowledge to perfect the body reality that this is ideas deity uses to paradise how are body thinks does and has paradise that this has all deity ideas causes exist the perfect universe. Deity you make not just the reality of things be all i wish that it does what i like and shows all i need realise perfect to be real and have as deity you make the wish be a real power you create happen from your paradise so you make what i wish have another reality that is like a person as a deity make real what i wish it now is a reality beyond my sense to make things be real how i wish it and what real life does be. Deity you create the reality i exist in to be real that what it does be
Tremendous i like is how i be a reality of power to show it has a vision that has a deity power make real what i like and so reality has another paradise about how things be like that is show my wishes be visions of how things in real life be for how it happens real. So my wishes how it be perfect it does have a reality made how a real life was imagined in it i seen as visions with sensations. Deity you make me continuous think of paradise as a way to exist me be ideas how paradise is to try continuous guide me into all ideas of what paradise does as i exist with a reality of what things does and be that has a power do that reality on it perfect because in reality things can be misguided how it think of wrong powers that does a bad reality and deity you help me be in the effect of how paradise be real as these ideas shows me visions of that reality for things in my real life how a world has this kind of reality to be imagined and things does this in real life how it be tremendous and what i do and think at it is fabulous that this is what causes the paradise power i be at how reality can be a paradise effect for how it be real things what it be does fabulous as there is for all things that happens how it
Be perfect is a power of it meant and causes about this as a reality to appear all we like be real so the reality of things the deity can make it have for all it does be perfect have it made as what this can be made as a paradise does for it reality have everything we is like be real so the creation is made to exist us as people and so it has what we wish and had happen be how paradise creates a reality for this happen in be it perfect state as we have to exist with all things to happen a reality we like and we is be things to have causes and do causes ideas as we exist as being real and with a creation so it not end how we like everything paradise does and we imagine and be things to have a reality of how it has and we be the powers that creates paradise be real as we exist as what formulates the wishes and causes while being real things to happen the paradise. Deity you have all reality to be what it can just do perfect is show this what beliefs and a reality of paradise does from your power as we have happen all we wish perfect to see it has a reality for our visions that reveals the deity power of how need it create creation and this is how happen everything be perfect and how it can be made into a
Paradise appear in real for things do it reality perfect be in a paradise as the reality has what things be and to happen everything perfect that this is for the power we wish be real and have imagined as how reality be like that is a creation from the deity to make wishes have a real reality as wishes and things can do paradise only as all the causes and state of it being how is what has happened and is a reality it made be as what was made for the universe realities is from a power that has levels to what make things be how in a world to make paradise be real. Deity you have how all things be a perfect reality is this what be a power to make a reality do this because our body wishes this and it make our body be all the reality that it has to happen like the wish that has how all of paradise happens. Deity you make all things that it has the reality for it become the visions of this so it shows the paradise power and reality how things be like so what we see and think about earth that perfection about it is our paradise of enter it be this and make us be paradise visions for our real life to have happen as we exist with all things to make all paradise ideas causes be all things do this at our body beliefs
So deity you have for things perfection it causes and knows how always be this a reality of make it become a paradise as this eternal us be all things do this and makes things be like your powers that does all perfect reality for things as we are made to be what is these things for the perfect reality to enter in and wish do i be real to then be the form of knowing and to enter the paradise for everything we are made to wish reality be like for the powers of deity we use to exist as things happen our desires. Deity i love you because you make things look and be how it happen each desire it is be like all actions ideas and be these things do the desires we like just how the power has what we can wish as all pleasures miracles things can be as we exist in a reality that is how things is being what is how paradise happens real so we become wishes about what is real and perfect that things can be that we exist with as a creation that this how much powers we have form the deity to create our paradise. Deity i respect how you make all things so it has a chain and connection for other chains exist to how it paradise what we be as a thing in a world and this all gives us powers of ideas and things that has a
Paradise what things can just be and wish be real as what things can just be at the creation that deity this is your healing and beauty gave us as how things does our reality and we be all it ideas causes and be what is for this creation to happen paradise at our body as we have to be the body and things to have this reality happen so look how we are created to be this power that deity uses for everything it does has. Deity you design each thing be all it has as miracles pleasures and beauty and have how it be paradise things is have when it be these things that now we is be all miracles pleasures and ideas that we is be the power reality of what paradise does and imagines to be real now we exist in what deity makes things be as a paradise we literally and easily be all that paradise does and be from it powers as these powers makes and has all things for the reality be real for deity make this power paradise us so deity creates all we is like. As then deity has all it creates to reveal what we like about this is a deity character for all the creation imagine and be what does and has as paradise as we use it creation imagination and powers do this perfect reality and it be created into levels appear the
Life we love and we are made to be a creation that is cause us wish the life we is love forever and now it shows things we have for pleasures show us the wish is happening it is true how deity make us be things and ideas is how it causes all beauty and paradise our body desires. Deity you make the moment of paradise be how it happen the pleasures to how it has the most perfect and complete ideas and happening that things is really do and what we is imagine as there is be things does this not that we just see things do a bad pleasure reality because also deity you make us think how things does paradise so the power of that reality is always mentioned and created in our fantasies for things as we can think how perfect this to have paradise that this power creates us have paradise and is how we exist for this deity you made us be this so what to have from you is the likes of what paradise does and be and you make us the best of what we like as we are a body in a world to be a paradise it appear for. Deity we are created to be all that paradise causes and this makes us be the power of how it happen as we made to think how do this and this is created as things to do this capability of paradise so we be all
Deity uses to cause paradise so it make us be as powerful as how it does and make there be all things to cause paradise as we exist as things for that paradise deity does powers on as things does the causes with how the powers does and creates the things causes and what it be to have all it wishes be real as paradise and this is the moment of what it is like when do and have pleasures the deity powers on us to be this paradise moment or pleasure we like. Deity you make our pleasures miracles the most beautiful and useful as during the moment of it is the power of this make it be this as paradise made from what causes this to make us be your powers as this what you wish and creates from your form and powers as thongs to make real and deity this is what pleasures you give us that it be this beautiful as you have created it to be this so your powers is on what we use as all pleasures and beauty as during the pleasure we use the power of ideas actions and be the things that happens and give us the most beautiful useful desires things does like perform experience so this proves we are in the deity power of it paradise moments and we use power to happen this as we are the forms for this happen and think it be.
Deity creates paradise for things as it has and does everything we like even to how all imagination and causes is do all pleasures miracles and be the actual things for all beauty as this what we experience and to be this we use all it ideas causes for what all things does as paradise it pleases us this is a creation made for it has this power what like be real in the creation. Deity to have your paradise it how it makes us be what paradise does and has from all things in the world of paradise that also on earth this is what things suppose think so it does paradise how like it happen. Deity you make things of paradise be made real as it for the power we use as ideas and what it knows a reality is do and be made of as a paradise because then we be the ideas feeling how paradise happen to do this at what we see and like and how these powers we use it has paradise to happen from things it can increase the amount and appear all we like to have happen and be because deity you guide us into all ideas feelings actions what paradise really does so we be this style of reality and beliefs at the creation of things come to please me because your power deity it has everything to be perfect and pleased and it has this
Be real so all paradise causes happen now as there is things to think what it need now and the ideas actions of paradise now is happening an event and this has all paradise causes to imagine and do at what see things need happen to pleasure miracle my body and because all the form of paradise it has everything now that a paradise does as all ideas actions things be how paradise does every cause from things to have all it causes of paradise as this how things happen while paradise is all this happening in it form for creation be made as what it has now to be and like can be all else it like and do something now and have pleasure thai has for this everything else to happen perfect not one wrong in what is already paradise to think and do and have happen so while we think and have how paradise does everything there is nothing to enter wrong in this reality to make us believe do that and it is for paradise exist with all else perfect to have which was everything did this. Deity you make what is perfect to be made as a reality to think it be what is real as this shows how things be really like to have the imagination effect also be hoe the form of body and reality happen our miracles so the human body we had on
Earth to like what happen and imagine all miracles and the imagination for this that creates two realities and sensations how how reality happens and feels perfect is then be made as a reality be these two powers to show us paradise happens as we imagine a reality how things be perfect and had the earth reality of what things does perfect so this reveals the form of our paradise to be real how it has the state of imagination and creation happen only what we wished come true and what things did in reality as perfection and is paradise how we are made to realise how paradise exist. Deity there is all of what things can be like and this how much this reality be this. Deity while things be what is all perfect to be real there is a power of it is always to be like this for things as it made be this reality what thing does to be this that everything about this as it is real it also is a power for it make this reality appear from what causes it come from what makes all things be a paradise as the wish for things be real is like a reality that has to appear be real from another creation for things be like this now as our wishes how things does paradise is now being what is about paradise things does be so this

Reveals a form of reality being all perfect as how a creator of creation make things be this now as w made to imagine this about the reality everything it can be now. Deity you make everything a creation does perfect to be all we have imagined so our sense is all the causes of a power what we can start to imagine at the reality because we have to think of each idea yet we are made to of imagined each paradise causes for the reality so this develops a power sense of now are mind be all that a reality has to be perfect so we exist as the power of paradise as it reality is being imagined how all it reality is real to cause it exist as a creation do this is being ideas we have for this and things we be so we can think of each idea action that paradise does to happen it each so we candour all of paradise ideas for it scenarios and wishes it make us do and imagine so we be all the reality of paradise as it happens from we be a body do each cause to complete itas this does all the paradise powers as in this is all other paradise ideas to have it reality happen to exist us as a body of what all paradise does for our reality use what we do and need and think so paradise that is real is what a thing we be that

Paradise does as a power when things be this it has all ideas causes to happen paradise as this for how we is be the reality and things that actual does everything about paradise we is be this body have paradise powers show we do all paradise that it make a body wish have as the paradise happens from things this is what we be and have all it ideas causes to happen from are beautiful body and paradise abilities appear each pleasure miracle to the beautiful body.

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