Elemental Guardian Warriors universe episode 3

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Dean meets Goblin Slayer and Priestess for the first time

Submitted: November 06, 2018

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Submitted: November 06, 2018



As Dean enters another universe he discovers he is in a medieval looking place He sees an adventurers guild and enters the guild and everyone was in surprised to see him.

“Orc Slayer you’ve returned,” said Guild Girl.

“Orc Slayer?” said Dean. “My name is—

“Orc Slayer I see you returned from your adventure,” said a voice.

Dean turns around and sees a man with armor all over him and a helmet covering head and face and he was not alone he was with a girl who seemed to be about fifteen and was wearing almost all white. She had long blonde hair and was very pretty.

“I’m not the man who you think I am,” said Dean.

“Your right, your clothes tell me your not from this world,” said the man.

“You are correct uh—

“Goblin Slayer and this is Priestess,” said the man introducing himself and his friend. Priestess waves happily to Dean.

Dean waves back at Priestess and said, “What you guys have no names.”

“We don’t give out our real names in adventurer sir,” said Guild Girl.

“I see well then you can call me the Elementalist,” said Dean.

“I see, like my friend,” said Goblin Slayer.

“I can’t use elemental magic,” said Priestess.

“I can see that,” said Dean.

“Wait how do you know about my powers?” asked Priestess.

“I have the ability to sense others magic powers, for example, your friend does not have magic power but you possess the power of five miracles which are Minor Heal, Holy Light, Silence, Protection and Purity,” said Dean.

“How do you know that?” asked Priestess.

“Where I come from my friends and I are Elementalists and that we can sense each other’s strengths and weaknesses, on how we train on how we use our powers,” said Dean.

“Interesting but what are you doing in our world,” asked Priestess.

“I came here to do some training,” said Dean.

“Well we are about to go on a quest and the rest of our party is on another quest,” said Priestess.

“You look young to go on quest girl,” said Dean.

“She is capable of handling herself and plus she is a big help to me,” said Goblin Slayer. “She is Obsidian rank.”

“Is that good rank and plus what kind of quest anyway,” said Dean
“Well kind of,” said Priestess.

“I’m more of silver rank myself. Little girl,” said Dean.

“I’m fifteen,” said Priestess.

“Oh, well then a teenager but still what kind of quest Goblin Slayer,” said Dean.

“Goblin slaying,” said Goblin Slayer.

“Ah, goblin slaying—

As Dean heard the words “Goblin Slaying,” he then said, “Wait what whoa, whoa, goblin slaying what kind?”

“The kind who raid villages and steal women from their homes and use them as playthings,” said Goblin Slayer.

“Oh those bastards,” said Dean. “Where would they likely be stationed at.”

“They are stationed in a cave from the far east,” said Goblin Slayer.

“OK but before we go she can’t come,” said Dean pointing at Priestess.

“Why is that,” said Priestess.

“This quest could get ugly and you might slow us down,” said Dean.

“I am capable on how I use my magic powers,” said Priestess.

“Really from those five spells you have they are too weak against high ranking goblins,” said Dean.

“I can do this please,” said Priestess. “Goblin Slayer tell him.”

“She’s proven herself useful to me,” said Goblin Slayer.

“She will slow us down,” said Dean.

“Trust me she can do it,” said Goblin Slayer.

Dean looks at Priestess and asks, “How many times can you use your spell Holy Light?”

“Three times,” said Priestess.

“Yeah I’m not convinced,” said Dean. “She can’t come.”

“And what can you do Elementalist?” asked Goblin Slayer.

“I possess the seven elementals: Fire, Wind, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Ice and Light, and I know many supernatural abilities such as speed and teleportation,” said Dean.

“Wow,” said Priestess in amazement.

“Yeah be amazed,” said Dean.

“Then tell me what do you know about goblins,” asked Goblin Slayer.

“They are easy to kill when I visited them in other worlds,” said Dean.

“Not like these goblins I’ve seen what they can do and how they fight,” said Priestess remembering her past adventures.

“Even though your not from this world you should watch what you say,” said Goblin Slayer. “Now then we must be off.”

Goblin Slayer and Priestess left to go out for some goblin slaying while Dean followed them.


As they entered the village where the goblin’s attacked Dean could see what the horror they could do. He sees a boy crying for his mom, a man begging people to help bring his daughter back home and so many corpses of people laying around.

“So goblin did this,” said Dean.

“Yes and they all must be exterminated from existence,” said Goblin Slayer.

“I see,” said Dean.

As they arrived at the goblin’s location Dean sees a few goblins guarding the cave. Dean pulled out his katana and started to charge at the cave.

“Wait!” yelled Goblin Slayer.

The goblins saw Dean charging at them and as they were about to call for aid but Dean went right through them and killed them with his katana.

Goblin Slayer and Priestess saw what Dean did and Priestess can sense the power within Dean, and was shocked to see what he did to the goblin guards. Dean then turned around and looked at Goblin Slayer and Priestess then he heard a stampede coming towards him and Dean point his finger at the cave and was about to fire light energy beams at the cave. Just as he was about to fire his light energy beams he heard the words “Holy Light!”

And saw he was about to shoot human girls as goblin’s personal shields he then sees Goblin Slayer running right past him and kill the enemy without hesitation.  Dean then charged as well killed some goblins with Goblin Slayer’s help.

Dean then used his finger beam attack to kill the leader of the goblin which was a goblin shaman.

“I think that’s the last of them,” said Dean.

“Not quite,” said Goblin Slayer entering the cave. “Stay here Priestess.”


Dean could see tears falling from her eyes Priestess. He followed Goblin Slayer to a secret hole and Dean was surprised to see goblin children.

“My god,” said Dean. He then sees Goblin Slayer picking up a club and started to walk towards them and asked, “What do you think you're doing?”

“I’m going to kill them,” said Goblin Slayer.

“Killing children are you mad,” said Dean.

Goblins tend to hold grudges and will come after those who killed their comrades,” said Goblin Slayer.

“Where I come from we don’t kill children we just take them, prisoner,”  said Dean.

“Do you really know your goblin lore,” said Goblin Slayer.

Dean went right in front of the three goblin children and said, “I’m not gonna let you kill any of these children.”

“Step aside Elementalist or I will kill you,” said Goblin Slayer.

“I’m not gonna just let you—

Suddenly Dean was hit in the back by a small rock and turned around and saw one of the goblin children jump right in front of him Dean then accidentally fire one of his light energy beam attack at the goblin and Goblin Slayer charged at the other two and killed both of them.

“I didn’t mean too,” said Dean.

“That’s how they are,” said Goblin Slayer.

“But still their children,” said Dean.
“Children or not they will still come for revenge,” said Goblin Slayer.

As Goblin Slayer left Dean alone Dean started to remember every killed mythical creature he had killed and took their children away to be rehabilitated and remembered none of them had gone for revenge.


As Dean left the universe he was in and went back to his universe. As he got back to his universe he sighed and sat on his chair and said softly, “Why?”

“Because that’s how he is,” said a voice.

Dean looked to his left and saw The Creator standing right in front of him. “Creator, what are you doing here?”

“I saw you went to Orc Slayer’s universe and saw what you did,” said Creator.

“I killed a child and it was by my hand,” said Dean had his hand covering his face.

“It was a goblin,” said Creator.

“But still I killed a child, I was taught if we kill a mythical creature we let the children of that thing we just take it prisoner and have it rehabilitated so that it won’t kill any civilian but if it doesn’t follow it we have no choice but to kill it,” said Dean.

“What about Ramiel would you show him mercy,” asked Creator.  

Dean stood up angrily and looked at Creator and said, “That man shall not receive mercy for what he did to his own kind.”

“That’s the answer I need,” said Creator. As Creator was about to teleport away he looks at Dean and said, “Those goblins from Orc Slayer’s universe do not show mercy I suggest you follow the rules of his universe.”

As Creator disappeared, Dean then looks at remembers every mythical creature’s child that he killed and said, “So that’s the answer.”

© Copyright 2019 Dean Zhou-Lee 47. All rights reserved.

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