my rapist

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15. i was only 15. at 15 your just entering womanhood, your starting exam level education. at 15 you are just starting to find yourself, that was all ruined for me, by my rapist.

Submitted: November 07, 2018

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Submitted: November 07, 2018



Happy birthday!

It was my best friend Sophie’s birthday, she had just turned 15. Me and Sophie became friends when she started at my primary in class 4, luckily enough she only lived around the corner from me so we could see eachother daily.

“What do you want to do for your birthday then?” I ask

”This guy I’m speaking to mentioned me and you could go round to his and have a small house party” Sophie said with such excitement

With the enthusiasm Sophie brung, I couldn’t let her down. 

I began speaking to someone too who was friends with the same person Sophie’s speaking to, called Jamie. Jamie is 19, four years older than me. Nobody knows we speak only Sophie and her possible boyfriend to-be Alex knows, who’s also 19. Our age gap is something people frown upon, hence why nobody knew but if people understood me and Sophie were much more mature than people let on then I don’t think it would of mattered.

”Can you get us a taxi to yours babe?” I hear Sophie say over the phone

Its September, it’s cold, and extremely dark. We leave Sophie’s  all dolled up at 7pm, her parents believe she’s staying at mine, and my parents believe I’m staying at hers. When your young you don’t understand that lying can cause a lot of problems if something goes wrong, if only I had known that sooner...

We arrive outside this house which was a ten minute drive away, and get greeted by the man Sophie’s speaking to, Alex. This is my first encounter with Alex, and if I’m honest he most certainly didn’t look her type. We enter into the living room where this other guy was sitting

”Hi I’m scott, yous want a drink?”

Scott. You can tell he had nothing going for him, you can see it in his eyes he has had his fair share of drugs. 

We sat back and drank underage. I had a feeling I would have been experiencing my first drink that day, little did I know what a impact it would make on me so quickly. I was tipsy.

”guys we will need to leave mine and head to Scott’s across the road my mums coming back” Alex said as he stressed out over all the empty cans.

I was confused.. I thought this was going to be a house party? Why didn’t his mum know about us being there? Why go to Scott’s? Maybe it’s time to go home, but Sophie wanted to go and I couldn’t leave her.

We began heading to Scott’s with all the cans stuffed in my bag. I don’t remember that 2 minute journey across the road, the alcohol must be kicking in... I only drink two cans though? I must just be a lightweight.

Everyone sits on Scott’s bed whilst I sit in the floor contemplating if I should go home and face the punishment or not. Scott decided to join me on the floor, asking about me. 

“I heard you and Jamie are speaking your making a big mistake.” Scott says with anger

Im confused I have only met this guy once and he’s trying to make decisions on who I speak to? What does he know that I don’t?

”once Jamie threw a punch at my best friend Shelby, and since then I’ve despised the boy. We used to be good friends but since that day I can never forgive him”

What is he talking about? Jamie’s not that kind of guy? Jamie is still friends with Shelby so clearly it couldn’t be true...


Where is everyone... have I passed out? This makes no sense I haven’t even took another drink yet. My eyes opened. Sophie has my hair in her fist hanging my head over the bin while her phone was in her other hand phoning her dad. What the hell. 

“What’s going on?” I panic

Everyone begins to tell me that I drink a full bottle of vodka, passed out, phoned her dad drunk. I would remember drinking that, of all drinks I’d remember taking my first sip of vodka - it’s vile.

”I need to go home, my parents know we’ve been drinking I wish I could bring you with me but I can’t in your state, I’m sorry.” Sophie says as she packs her things and leaves the room.

I am now left with two strangers. For all I know they drugged me. For all I know they fed me vodka when I was passed out. But now I am stuck with these two strangers.

”I want to go home” I finally build up the courage to leave.

Passed out again? What’s going on? What’s happening to me. Where am I? A guys bedroom... what time is it?

Alex enters the bedroom with a fresh set of clothes, but why am I naked? What’s happened?

I quickly change and make my way back downstairs to find Alex.

”What happened?” I stutter with such confusion.


”Yeh you passed out at Scott’s and his girlfriend walked in and wanted you out... Scott carried you to her car but accidentally smacked your head on the car and you fell to the ground. You got drove about as they tried taking you home but you weren’t responding so they dumped you at mine. But you and Scott got frisky in my bed”

”Wait what!?” Did I have sex with Scott?

”Yeah I walked in and he told me to fuck off, he also said I’m worth trying it on to but obviously I wouldn’t” Alex admits.

I have no recollection of this, why would he do that to me? 

I head to Alex’s bed as he said he would sleep on the spare mattress. I woke up to him playing the PlayStation beside me, and quickly I fall pack asleep. 

Who’s touching me?

Its Alex! Why is he trying to move up my thigh, I want my sleep! Maybe he’s just drunk... I’ll just keep rolling away. He persisted alright. Filthy animal.

Its morning. I wake up to the door getting chapped and Scott walking in

”you left this in mine” as he gives me something from my bag

Sophie comes back and visits me upstairs whilst Scott and Alex are downstairs.

”You need washed you look a mess” Sophie says trying to get me out of bed

I began to tell Sophie what happened last night with Scott and Alex, she didn’t sound phased all she had to say was “I’ll speak to him”. Where was my best friend? Did she know they were disgusting like that? Was she in on it?

I began to clean my body, rinsing away the shame I had on me, the cum marks left down my thighs.

I head back to the bedroom when Sophie mentions she asked Alex if he ouches me last night too and he denied it. I by this point was so drained from humiliation that I didn’t even want to kick up a fuss and just wanted out. There was no WiFi I had no calls or texts, nothing.


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