Dear Mother 2 ft. Joy Shaw

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Submitted: November 07, 2018

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Submitted: November 07, 2018



Dear Mother 2


You were always there when I needed you
My father left, but you stayed
You brought me up to be a man
Not allowing me to make the same mistakes

You struggled a lot
But kept it together

You never gave up
Despite all the pressure

You're the strongest woman I know
No one comes close
When I was always feeling down
You filled my heart with hope

You're not only my mother
But you're also my friend
One I can live life with
Till the very end

I'd do anything for you
You ask and I'll do
You come first, second and third
Then the rest come through

Dear mother, I love you
More than words can explain
You cried a lot in the past
I promise you'll never cry again

Anyone who makes you cry
I'll bring them to their knees
Make them beg for forgiveness
From the one and only queen
My mother, my rock
Who means everything to me
Dear mother, you're only one that makes me feel complete
No woman can compete
Your love is so unique
You're the only one I need
With you, I feel at peace
With you, I feel at ease
When you're not around
It's so difficult to breathe

Dear mother
You're the light in my life and I'm blessed
To have you in my life
Whilst everyone left
Right now I'm in debt
To all of your stress
To all your late nights
When I was a mess
I know I slip up
I can be such a wreck
But one thing for sure is I love you to death

[Joy Shaw]

My dear son, 
You say you needed me.
I needed you more,
Wanted you more.
You lifted me from the brinks of despair
When life jabbed me with rejection
Again and again. 
Rejection from everyone 
Even from my own mom
And my own dad
They never loved me the way I loved you.
I was the forgotten child 
Always abused
Until you happened.
You bloomed inside me
Bit by bit,
My womb glad for this beautiful baby 
A heavenly treasure created perfectly for me.
I claimed you as mine 
From the moment I held you.
I promised myself to you. 
Welcomed you into my arms.
Kissed each of your toes and fingers.
And thanked you everyday. 
For the joy you brought and still bring to my life.
Raising you has been my ultimate achievement.
I am so proud of you,
So proud of your accomplishments 
Despite your sadness,
Your mistakes,
Or your disappointments.
You rose above it all.
You became a man of integrity and of love.
You healed me.
In ways no one else can heal.
When I needed you most, you were there for me. 
For that I will be eternally grateful. 
I will love you far after than the sun sets on me 
And far longer than the stars shine in the sky.
I will love you forever.

Written by Sohaaaaail & Joy Shaw

© Copyright 2019 Sohaaaaail. All rights reserved.

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