Silence smashes your eardrums

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It's dark, it's short. Made it on my way home after a few injustices i've heard of popped into my head.
The characters are the only fictional part in the story.

Submitted: November 07, 2018

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Submitted: November 07, 2018



"Do you remember our contract?" He asks

"Yes, i belong to you and you belong to me." she responds. 

He sighs deeply, wearing a frown "Can i still trust you to keep your part?" 

She responds calmly with a curious face "Ofcourse, why would you even ask that?"

"You haven't offered yourself to me for half a year" he states firmly, with subtle signs of frustration, his words drawn slightly with a lack of energy, his eyes, focused on hers, serious about getting an answer.

She looks down and responds after a slight sigh "I just haven't been feeling too well." 

He slams his hands onto the table in frustration "I'm not buying it anymore! I've worked, i've tried, i've helped, listened and done all i could think of to make things work!"

She lowers her shoulders and steps back "What's with these questions? Why don't you trust me?" 

He calms his voice after seeing her reaction and responds "Simply cause i'm giving my all, i'm upholding my part of the bargain"

"Anything else?" She asks

"The house has smelled slightly differently lately, any clue why?" 


She gets upset and raises her voice "I haven't done anything wrong!"

"Why are you so upset at me than?" He asks,

"Cause you don't trust me!"

"So, why does it smell differently?" 

She responds more angrily "I don't know!" And her iphone blinks with a new notification from facebook.

"We agreed to get rid of that years ago and never use that garbage again..." He says with disappointment, anger and sadness in his voice.

"I needed it for work!" She quickly responds. 


"There's no guy named Dan at your job, let alone no guy that should say, - Thanks for your time earlier, 

other than me" 


"He's... He has just started, it's an internship" 

"I'm not buying your bullshit anymore, GET OUT!" The man shouts. 

"You weren't there for me..." She says

"I did all you asked of me! I DID EVERYTHING I COULD! Was my love not enough?! Were the 6 grand per month not enough? Was me listening to you in the little spare time i had not enough?!"

"No, You weren't enough! I want a divorce!"

The woman turns around and walks to the door to put on her shoes. 

10 seconds of silence pass by as she puts the shoes on and ties the laces. 


"I bought those shoes for you five years ago, and the laces still remain intact, unlike our bond" 

She turns around and her eyesight turns red, and shortly after, lays unconscious on the ground,the last words she hears are

"The contract has been absolved"


As she lays down next to the broken glass, 

"Now you can sleep where you broke my heart, shattered, on the floor, right where you belong. That glass is my heart, at least you can die with it"



-The end

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