Broken China

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A reminisce
An honest poem

Submitted: November 07, 2018

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Submitted: November 07, 2018



Honest Poems
1. Broken China

Broken China
Shattered by love
I'm heading to my house
With a clouded head
God is the only thing
That's stopping from
Breaking down
In the streets full moving
Puzzle pieces

I say a little prayer
May your will come to pass
In my life
In this brokenness 
Please hold me together 
An amen follows
And immediately 
I'm answered

Eyes fell upon an angel
I never thought
I'd invite a stranger into my house
But there we were half an hour 
Later taking about school 
Laughing at a paper
In which I scored 25%
Talking about how I saw
The mark first in a vision

Laughing we were
In time I walked him out 
When I came home 
My mind was no longer 
Dwelling on the breakup
The reason I cried at school
The reason I had to play 
Pretend in my classes the whole day

It's been five years
Never once have I thought 
Of these small miracles
God performs 
How he can instantly suture wounds 
Never once did I say thank you
Dear God
I know what you have done upon my life 
You give me purpose 
Keep me together
Thank you

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