An Unpredictable Lad

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The story describes a man's life and how he succeeds his goals.

Submitted: November 07, 2018

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Submitted: November 07, 2018



An Unpredictable Lad

Remo was an enthusiastic jolly go bloke in the terrain of Villes. One day, he was running in the Park View ground at a lightning speed. In the midway a lamp post crossed him there was something engraved in it. He went close to the post and the post read “Getting rid is not a solution”. The following day he went to Garden Enclave recreation club to relax for a day along with his buddies. When he approached the manager of the club the person was flabbergasted when he saw a little lad coming alone. Remo entered the manager’s cabin with intrepid and told he was 10 years old. He enquired in detail about the club. The manager patiently explained the facilities available in the club.  

 Way the lad expressed himself was spectacular. He told the manager about his credentials that gave abundant self -motivation and confidence. His vision was to do something to have an unimaginable growth in his career in the future. The manager was impressed with the boy’s approach towards life.

But the manager…… awe. Two months later he met Remo in a coffee shop with his parents – Alex and Sitara. They were dazed to know that their son had gone alone to a club.  The manager was chatting with them and realized that the parents were not aware of the potential of the child. He told the parents their son was a prodigy. Remo always tended to give his best. As a boy he came across many learning junction to achieve his goals. He was a dancer, orator, magician and lot more to his credit.

Two decades passed, Remo started a coffee shop. The manager of Garden Enclave visited Remo’s shop. He was astonished to meet him as an entrepreneur. When the manager met the toddler as an entrepreneur he was speechless. Remo shared his experiences he had to cross. As he was speaking a huge crowd gathered. He started saying about his hard times, he told he was travelling from New York to New Jersy,  it was around 80 kilometres away. He got connected to a co – passenger Jord who was an established tycoon. Their conversation was at a larger perspective about global economy, peoples’ concern for social responsibility and such. Interaction prolonged till the end of the journey. They were waiting to collect their bags in the baggage carousel. The tycoon asked shall we start a business. Enthusiastic nature of the tycoon and energy he held throughout his interaction gave him a trust.

Three weeks later, finishing his business tour he called Jord to sign an agreement to commence a business but his inner instinct held his decision so he declined Jord’s plan . But Remo decided to borrow money from the tycoon  to invest in his own business. Jord disagreed. Remo tried to convince him and finally the tycoon agreed to fund. Agreement was not signed and there was no evidence or proof for the money he borrowed. Jord  had the record for the money borrowed. He tried to cheat him but his teacher Prof. Stephen came in disguise and protected Remo from the unknown danger.

The hall was loudly in silence. The crowd wondered how the professor could come in disguise, as the entire gathering wondered the professor entered the hall with laughter and he introduced himself as Prof. Stephen. He then started to converse with the group. He had interaction with the youngsters on Business Management and its Efficacies in Future for Youngsters. The group was engrossed in the insights he shared.

 After the meet Remo accompanied his professor to his coffee shop. They had long hours of discussion about business tactics that would help the business grow. Remo and professor partnered together to start a new venture. The budget for the business was estimated to around 50 lakhs. The profit from the coffee shop was pretty good. From the profits he invested for his next venture. They decided to borrow money from Din International Bank. A thought flashed in Remo’s boggling mind. He shared the idea with his mentor. He exclaimed, wow! And appreciated Remo. Gaming club was his next move to achieve his passion. The club had all variety of games – games for children for the age group 10 to games for adults. He earned huge money in business.

Over 20 years, he was a successful gamer and the Gaming Industry Association honored him with awards. Witnessing his success the competitors were jealous of his achievement in the field. Jerry, proprietor of Winner gaming club paved a unusual path to make Remo a puppet in the industry. Jerry watched Remo’s growth with owl’s eye. One day Jerry along with his friends was engaged in a party, to his surprise Remo with gaming association delegates entered the banquet hall. Jerry was annoyed seeing the delegates with Remo. He rushed to the delegates furiously. The entire galaxy of people tried to convince Jerry. But he was not able to control his temperament. He used awful language. The gathering necked him out of the association.

Months later he returned the his office. His anger was at its peak. He met the office bearers and also met Remo in his office. Jerry, meeting Remo held him and questioned. Remo was eloquently silent. Immediately Jerry stopped questioning. Remo replied jealousy is an enemy that would divest the possessions, peace and morality in you. Jerry was astonished to meet such a calm youngster. They became good friends.

Remo brought in many innovative thoughts in the industry. His ideas were appreciated by many. One day, he wrote a request letter to the gaming committee to grant him funds for a research in the field. Initially his plea was rejected by the board for not having a concrete thought on the research. A year trundled he was ready with his proposal. He went to the association with the well -defined proposal. The members were elated. The board approved the proposal. Research started in its own pace. The research paved the way for a new line of thought for the industry. The research took an undiscovered path to find out the vacuity between sports and electronic gaming. During his research Remo made an in -depth study came across intricacies of gaming. He concluded the research with a remarkable note: Out -door games are supplements for energy, and electronic games are the pavements for innovative thinking. The research paper was published. Jerry read the study and was elated for his friend. The fraternity was excited to know more about gaming through his research.

The gaming industry had an unimaginable growth. Remo earned popularity. His idea widened. The perception of gaming took a u turn. Gaming did not stop with electronic games for fun. Remo wanted gaming to be a learning center. He wanted to think beyond animated games. He introduced scientific knowledge through games. He released the game worldwide. The gamers were enthralled with new ideas by sharing knowledge. The game was all about knowing the unknown.

Jerry was impressed with his innovative thought. He invited Remo to his office and appreciated his work. Now, Jerry was interested to commence a new initiative with him. Discussions were on for something new. Remo was suspicious about his idea as Jerry had annoyed him once. His suspicion did not fade though he tried to convince him. After couple of days, Jerry met Remo in a market place.

Remo was optimistic and at the same time skeptical. Jerry told him to rethink about the idea. Remo went to Jerry? office to sign a contract. Jerry informed that they would be part of a social responsibility organization. The organization plays a pivotal role in protecting the lives of people affected by cancer. Remo  accepted in spur of the moment. Jerry and Remo became close associates as they had to interact a lot. Every evening, the Twenty days later, they decided to invest on land. Jerry called on his friend to discuss about the land. They wanted to do farming. They met agriculturists to gather knowledge on agriculture. The community was elated to explain about it.

The agriculturists shared the techniques in agriculture. Both were stunned at complexities a farmer faces. They decided to contribute to the nation. After ten  years the fertile land gave them high profits. This emotional moment spread like fire around. The community rejoiced and appreciated their efforts realize the vitality of agriculture.

Remo and Jerry returned to run the clubs they owned. But their eyes were boiling with tears after they witnessed the plight of the farmers. Jerry along with Frank, a banker initiated a plan to start a financial institution for farmers. Frank supported the idea but Remo thought it would be a risk, so he did not involve himself in the business. As he predicted the finance company faced loss within a year. Jerry borrowed loan  from Remo to pay the financiers. Jerry settled the money and returned the money to Remo in five years. He lost all his property including the club. He was left with nothing. Remo was a pillar of support during his lows.

Remo signed a partnership with Jerry for the business he owned. Years trundled as  seasonal birds reach the destination. Money flaunted with them. Jerry, one day asked his friend to invest money in agriculture. Remo happily accepted his suggestion and invested in crops and fruits. Few years later, the business expanded at large and they became landlords. Both became old and were immobile. They had to manage with somebody? help.

After many years the manager of the recreation club met Remo when he took a stroll. Meeting him the manager was speechless. Oh ! you have grown old exclaimed the manager. He expressed his memories with little lad to Jerry. He enquired about the club he owned. He replied with joy it is given to a  service organization who take care of orphans. As well I help those orphans, he told he is also a trustee member. The manager was happy with his growth. You lived your life to the fullest




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