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Submitted: November 07, 2018

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Submitted: November 07, 2018




The life of a farmer isn’t always easy.  For instance I have to work the fields and sleep in the barn. But on the other side of the door, I have a large acre of trees to to climb and there’s a lot of space to explore with with my friend and  horse, mercy. I named her Mercy after she saved my life. I was walking home from the hospital where my mom is currently admitted when a couple of horses went wild.  Naturally they were hooked up to a wagon.


I immediately started to run for I was not gonna stay and get trampled.  That is when they started to stampede. The last thing I remember was seeing a dark brown horse bend down as if to say get on you will be safe with me.


I woke up in a pasture of flowers.  Mercy sleeping peacefully beside me.  I didn’t recognize the land or even the stars.  For as toddler I was taught direction by the stars.  By the time I could stand it was pitch black like the Devil’s cape.  


I couldn’t leave for I could barely walk,and Mercy was peacefully sleeping as if nothing happened.  So I sat back down and sat closer to mercy. Around Mercy I feel calm so calm that I immediately felt right at home.


The sun rose at 4:30 and woke Mercy and I up.  Thankfully I was in better shape then the day before.  Once again Mercy (now my portable calming friend)bent down as if to say”let’s go for a ride.”  A shook my head but climbed on any way. I am Cleo and this is my story.



Chapter 1:


Mercy is like lightning.  bright and free,calm but gentle,tame yet wild.  Put all these together and you get the horse who saved my life,my new best friend.  Mercy and I rode until all around me all I could see was the sun. Everything else was blurry.  Whether from Mercy going to fast or my body half asleep I am not quite sure.


We continued to ride until we hit a stream.  We stopped and got a drink from the stream. We then continued on our way, until it was so dark that the only light was the moon and the stars.


We then stopped for the night.  Once again, as I laid in the crack between Mercy’s neck and legs,I was overwhelmed with the sense of home and security.  I fell asleep feeling safe.


I woke up my dark skin pale.  My natural straight hair wavy and my eyes straining to see.  I grabbed on to Mercy and climbed on. I told Mercy to head towards the nearest road.  On the way I sank into a much needed rest.


“How is she” asked Merinda.  “She is still in a coma but she should recover quickly.”You are very lucky that her horse brought her to North County Rd” replied the doctor.  Her parents gave each other a questioning look.


Inside Cleo's room her vitals were stable but she was still unconscious.  My subconscious longing for the feel of Mercy’s soft fur against her face.  The feel of safety and security surrounding me.

Her parents looked at her with a worried expression.  The tests the doctors did showed nothing. She was sinking deeper into an internal sleep.  She was drifting away,like driftwood lost in a current.


Her body heading towards the blinding light. Yet, her eyes did not burn from the laser of a light.  


Her parents were getting restless for it had been 2 weeks since they found her on Mercy.  They didn’t know if or when they would see her easy yet sincere smile again. Or if they would hear her laugh and voice again.  


Sometimes when we are in tough situations it is easier to look at would could happen instead of what will happen.  Just then her mom heard a nicker from outside the window.


She looked out and had an idea.


Chapter 3:


With permission from the hospital of course they brought Mercy into her room.  Mercy just being in the room made a change in Cleo’s vitals. They jumped up as if she were waking but nothing happened.  As he got closer she became more aware.


She could smell!  As soon as Mercy touched her it was like lightning shot from the sky.  There was an electrical field that surrounded them. When Cleo’s mom tried to get closer she was immediately pushed back by the force.


No One dared to move.  Then a wiggle of a finger.  Caused great excitement in the room.  Soon she was awake completely. “Mercy”Cleo said when she could find the words that were hidden in her throat.


“Oh,how I missed you”  And with that Cleo gave him a big kiss on the cheek and hugged him as if he were human.  Though to her he probably was.


After I was released from the hospital I convinced my mom to let me keep Mercy.  After all he did save my life. My mom didn’t argue much because she saw the bond between us.


“Cleo get up and do your chores” my mom said.  But as much as I wanted to argue I knew she was right.  Half an hour later I was dressed and ready to do my chores.  


The only thing missing was Mercy.  I ran out and sighed with relief at the sight of him.  I thought he was just a dream.


“Cleo you can ride Mercy later,but right now you need to do your chores”.  Yelled my mom. And with that I went about feeding all of the chickens(12) and horses(3).  Then I started to pick the vegetables from the soil. I started from the row the row farthest from the barn,so I could see what progress they made and which ones to pick.  


I started by picking the Carrots then the Potatoes and then the peppers.  By the time I was done with my chores it was lunch time. For lunch my mom cooked eggs and fried potatoes.  It was the best lunch ever,though I say that every day.


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