The Bunny of Elm Street

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The latest installment of My Nightmare Bunny series. I had intended to post this around Halloween so I apologize for the lateness of this. Hope everyone enjoys.

Disclaimer: Might not be fully edited, so forgive me for any oddities.

Submitted: November 07, 2018

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Submitted: November 07, 2018






A wicked night it was that had blown into my town. The leaves from the various elms and oaks in the neighborhood laid sprawled across the many yards. Many danced and flew in the breeze. Their soulless forms floated and drifted, searching for their final resting place; while pumpkins aligning the porches, with their jacked up grins and carved out faces, flickered from their light, appearing to laugh as the dreaded All Hallow’s Eve rolled in.

Scrapping limbs dragged along the pavement of the street causing my skin to crawl and shiver at the haunting sound. Up the road, a few kids darted across ahead of me. They seemed to be rushing to one of the nearby houses, trying to get in from this blasted wind. Its whipping frenzy cast ominous feelings upon me as I recalled the weather report. It had called for overcast skies with a thirty-five percent chance of rain this evening. Yet, here I was witnessing the birth of a tornado it seemed.

The darkened sky became even more boding as it shaded itself even further. The sun’s light no longer poked through the holes in the clouds. And the street lamps, down the sidewalk, began lighting one by one. Being solar, I was surprised they hadn’t already lit. My presence on this road, Elm Street, wasn’t really a coincidence, of course. I lived at the end in a small cul-de-sac within the white two-story home with grey trim and rickety shutters.

I’d been out for a short jog, of course. To clear my mind of the day’s arduous labor of grocery retail. Don’t get me wrong. Bagging groceries is a rather easy chore. But, the number of people swarming the store this morning and up to about two this afternoon had been positively phenomenal. We hadn’t seen this much business since Thanksgiving of last year. Must’ve been some sort of sugar rush, I figured. If a truck full of candy had pulled up, it would’ve been accosted by the mob of people looking for tootsie rolls and candy corn among other things. Scary, right?

With my jog finished, I stood in the middle of the cul-de-sac, about to go into my house, when I notice my shadow starting to fade with the impending darkness. The wind whirled suddenly, wrapping around the house in a huge gush, whistling as it ran across some pipes that protruded from the roof. Its suddenness startled me a bit but hadn’t freaked me to the point of true fear just yet. You know the feeling, right? Those cold shivers that run up the spine chilling your soul in a wave of trembling. No, that little event happened a few moments later.

A frying electrical buzz of lightning surged overhead, striking a nearby tree in a neighbors backyard. Its resulting clap of thunder powered my personal “Oh, shit” response as every hair stood on end. My mind whirled in thought, a little disoriented. Where in the hell did this storm come from? I stood on my porch now. A result of my body moving of its own. I turned to face the street, watching the pelt of rain begin to fall from the sky.

Flashes of light pranced about in the sky with A few crackles of heat energy exploding in the sky above; yet, my eyes didn’t even register its spectacle as something in the distance down the road had caught my attention. At first, it looked like a child in a costume but it seemed too small and didn’t appear to be carrying a pal of any sort.

It also didn’t seem to be moving very fast. There was a wobble in its gait that seemed a bit unnatural like maybe it was hurt. I didn’t realize anything was truly wrong with this scenario yet.  My mind seemed preoccupied with curiosity as to the nature of the person or animal. But, my eyes finally perceived something that they hadn’t anticipated. Every time the creature passed a lamp post, the lights went out. The darkness behind it wasn’t just dark, it felt like a void as if the world was losing itself to the aura of the creature. 

My mind’s change from curiosity to nervousness triggered within that moment. Nervousness, then began to get twisted into fear as the being got nearer and nearer. Three lamp posts from the cul-de-sac now and it still approached. Why I still stood there? I have no clue. As the glow from the lamps still lit showed me what my mind had failed to conceive earlier. This was no ordinary beast. It was something else.

At two foot high, the entity stood. In a furry, fuzzy exterior worn and ragged yet stiff like pliable cardboard and walking on two short stubby legs that squished down with every step of its weight, it plodded deliberately forward. It appeared slow but my senses told me it was just waiting for the right moment to pounce. The slight wobbly it had was due to a roundish white belly surrounded in grey. The arm appendages, short like the legs, hung by its side waiting for the command to move.  Their padded ends were adorned with what appeared to be the talons of an eagle—only longer and straighter—with one nail curved inward like a thumb.

I clamored backward, bumping against the door, grasping for the knob in the hope I’d remembered to unlock it moments ago when I’d stepped on the porch. Its head peered upward at me. The eyes, a crimson glowing red, inset into the face of a stuffed bunny. Both ears had been drooped over from the rain but they instantly perked up at the noise I was making fumbling with the knob. My feet started to slip from under me as I tried to crawl back through the door but it wasn’t open yet.

A sneer of devilish delight formed across its face as it grinned. Two prominent incisors slid out from the upper jaw, slow and deliberate-like. Smaller little sharp dagger-like teeth flowed in beside them. My heart raced inside my chest. The pounding in my ears tore apart my sanity as the fear of death encroached upon my soul.

Adrenaline no doubt had surged through my system as I reached for the knob once again and it broke off in my hand. I dove inside as the door swung open. My mind didn’t even register the fact I couldn’t shut and lock the door but it didn’t matter I felt safer just being inside. My body had scrambled inside into a darkened corner. A cold wind blew through the crack of the door as I laid there, panting from an anxiety attack of the third order. 

The thin claws of the creature crept in along the edge of the door, scraping down the steel shrilling slightly like the sound of chalk on a blackboard. The door eased open from its slight push as the little demonic bunny slowly entered my abode. Huddled in the corner opposite the door, I tried to hide but knowing it could probably sense my fear.

I saw its beady red eyes searching the room. They glimmered with pulsing throbs of excitement. It tilted its head back slightly like it was trying to sniff the air. Maybe, it could smell my fear. Heck, it looked like a stuffed bunny but normally they don’t walk around scaring people that I knew of. Its gaze honed in on my direction. With the lights out and the sky so dark, I felt sure I’d been shrouded in the shadow of the room. As I tried to bundle myself up tighter, my left hand brushed something cold and stiff to my right. It felt like metal.

Damn it, how could I have forgotten this was here. Oh, yes. My hand reached out for the object roaming up and down its surface. A metal ring with an opening, alright! My finger slipped inside. A trigger, oh yes, sweet baby Jesus! I grabbed the weapon with both hands, hoping I’d be able to fire before the monster could reach me but its reaction was much faster than I thought.

I saw only its flickering red eyes as they rushed in the air toward my location. I stood up quick, dodging to my right. A flash of light flashed across my eyes as its claws swooped in on the position I had been in. The ripping and tearing of drywall were all I heard afterward. I still clutched the gun I had found as I laid upon the couch I’d dove upon. The thud of the bunny as its weight hit the floor surprised me. Though, a second later, its eyes appeared above me at the end of the couch. The gun was too long to try a shot from this angle so I rolled out of the open side, hoping I would break away for a better chance but I was too slow.

A sting of pain seared across my legs as it slashed at me mid-roll. It didn’t feel deep but it burned like ice upon the skin too long. I grimaced at my stubbornness for hesitating too long. Damn, that bunny! It’ll wish it had never stepped foot in my house. I dragged the shotgun along with me as I scurried away as quick as I could.

The trickle of oozing life slithered along my calf as I broke into the kitchen. My footing slipped a couple of times as I tried to maintain my stance. Tile doesn’t do well with liquids at maintaining the frictional force. The soft padded fhoomp, fhoomp, fhoomp, of its feet just did make it to my ears as I settled down behind the table and chairs, awaiting its entrance into the room. The shotgun I held propped on the table, hoping the furry bastard would jump straight at me again.

I knew the gun was loaded but with what I couldn’t remember. Was it a true load or rock salt? I hoped for the rock salt as it would burn as it raked through its hide. A flash of lightning tore through the great window behind me. The cascading light danced brilliantly for a moment highlighting all the objects present and casting others in shadow upon the wall in front of me.

My eyes only had a moment to pick up where the beast was hiding. Its beady red eyes were the deciding detail to where it lay. Above me, in the top of the cabinets, it hung attached to the door of one of my corner units with its penetrating claws. It hissed and bared its teeth at me similar to vampires in the movies. Reflex and action became one movement as I jerked the gun up at the foul creature, squeezing the trigger. Dust and fire escaped the muzzle.

A hellish scream ripped at my eardrums as the bunny sounded off its wail of pain. It had tried to dodge the blast but didn’t succeed fully in its intent. The back left leg had gotten seared by the eruption from the rock salt. The hide was engulfed in flame around the wound and spreading as it flailed about on the floor. I stepped closer to fiend, shotgun still at ready. It was a double-barreled version.

Lightning flashed once more as I moved closer. The little bugger reached out several times trying to slash at my ankles but I stood just outside its reach. Half its fur had been burned away by this point. I pointed the gun at the monster’s head. Its eyes glared at me and pulsed. The body stopped twitching for just a moment and the lightning flashed once more.

Shadows from the window appeared across the floor and wall. Five in total. Each with long ears and rounded bodies. I glanced over to see for myself if they were actually there. Nothing, a ruse. Something to stop me from completing my victory. I looked back down toward the place where the bunny had been. Gone. Just a little ash from the singed hair that had burned off its hide.

Where to now, you little bastard? I kept my eyes peeled for any movement in the shadows. My eyes darted around the room, scanning quickly and haphazardly, hoping to get a flash of its red glowing eyes. Nothing appeared. I stepped over toward the sink, making sure to peer down the side of the island as I moved around its end. The moment I turned to go behind the island a familiar sting ran down my shoulder blade.

“Ah, you fucking little carrot-butt muncher!” It had hidden in the corner next to the refrigerator up on the counter. I swung the gun around to take aim but it had already jumped across to the sink. It prepared to take another swipe at me. A large coffee cup came to my rescue. I batted his thrust away with the cup, grabbing a spoon off the counter as I let the gun go to the floor. Heck, I didn’t know it was a spoon at first. It was a spur of the moment grab.

A flurry of thrusts and jabs emanated between us. Most of mine just bounced off of him but he continued to tear at my skin. I recall red streams of splattered blood on the cabinets surrounding us in the intermittent flashes of lightning. Finally, I had had enough. My eyes spied the rolling pin just behind the fuzzy bastard. Flinging the spoon at him, I rushed forward. The stupid bunny actually dodged the spoon. I grabbed the rolling pin and bashed away at his claws as they swung at me.

It didn’t realize my rolling pin was custom-made. A steel bar wrapped in a ceramic coating, it was. An elegant work, I had crafted myself sometime back. Never thought, it would be used to kill a demonic rabbit in my kitchen. Its eyes scowled at me as I swung continuously into its strikes. Hisses left its throat with every other swipe. I screamed back like a madman. My fury had already reached its boiling point.

It tried to swing some more but realize its claws were having less of an effect. Fact was there were no more claws. My bar had broken them off with every strike against them. The demon rabbit desperate lunged at me, hoping to dig its protuberant teeth into my neck.

“Bad move, Bunny!” I swung at him hard, knocking the stuffing out of it. Well, not literally. The rotund little body slammed against the wall and slid into the blender. I grabbed the plug and shoved it into the socket, pushing the button for MINCE, and slammed the top down holding it firm.

A scream resonated inside the canister as its body began to spin. I watched in glee as his beady red eyes fragmented and shattered as they passed through the blades inside. A putrid black mass swirled from its body, forcing its way back out the container and knocking me back several feet. The dark shadowy essence flowed out the kitchen and through the house to the front door from which the bunny had came. I slumped to the floor, mentally and physically exhausted. Then, I awoke with a jerk.

My body laid in the chair in the living room. Popcorn had splattered over my body from the sudden movement of my body. My lights were off and the television was on. The last incarnation of ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ was playing. By my right hand, a bucket of candy I had purchased for this years Halloween festivities stood on the table beside the chair. My head was groggy but had that inkling of haunt that something wasn’t right.

Then, the doorbell rang. I glanced at the porch window. My lights weren’t on anymore. The clock atop my television displayed 12:00 a.m. There shouldn’t be anyone still out at this hour. Then, the tapping at my door started. Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap. I grabbed the bucket thinking maybe it was just some stragglers, trying to get the last remaining bits of candy from the neighborhood. Or maybe someone needed help.

Reaching the door, I pulled it open. A gush of wind blasted my face and there on the porch, standing at the top of my steps. A bunny, two foot tall, floppy ears, and short stubby arms with claws. It grinned, baring its gleaming salivating teeth. In my mind came the words:


Trick or Treat!



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