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Submitted: November 07, 2018

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Submitted: November 07, 2018




(my American accent, Benson and Hedges and English girls)

what would you think about this

could you be happy for my happiness?

I’m sure you want to be here

won't wait anymore for anyone else

delete me and I'll go

that's another mistake you’ll make

I'm pretty much a million miles from home

this experience has made me stronger

you couldn't do what I've done

it takes courage to make these memories

I know what's inside my heart

why didn't you want me to go?

just tell me you'll be there when I get back

or don't…

your eyes let me know

different time zones won't fix my insides

I miss you more with each flight

writing about it won't change anything

you're still mad and I'm still me

promise to learn from mistakes that we made

your skin and voice stays with me

one day I'll reach for you

but for now airports feel more like home

man I wish you could be here

some faces don't just get lost in the crowd

they have to crouch down to get out

where did I go wrong?

can't you let me fix what I've done

thought about you while on the Underground

drunken English night's take me further away

it's never too late to say sorry

for the best that what we had is dead

you know I'm sorry I let you down

sorry you had to leave

but if you can stomach it, stop hating me

last night your face overshadowed the lights

an American heart committing London crimes

kept thinking about jumping into the Thames

not much to say about losing it all

I'll come home and write about the things I've done and seen

like kissing European girls on their lips and cheeks

call me when you feel alone

when all the repressed nostalgia flows

you're everything that I want and dream of

someone to suffer and bleed for

don't we keep eachother off the ledge?

sweetness, you're the one I think about

the lingering pain I can't forget

tonight, I want to be where you are

you're still something that matters to me


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