Blue Chevalier: The Mystery Adventures Scripts Chapter 1, The Mystery of the Red Buccaneer

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The humorous overweight Blue Chevalier investigates multiple murder mysteries with his fearful obese side-kick, Erico.

Submitted: November 08, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018





By Jason and Eric Vinansky
(A woman is seen running on the docks.)
Woman: HELP!
???: MHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Farts)  Pardon me, lass.
Woman: Oh no! He's getting closer! (Tries to run, but gets blocked by a shadowy group of figures).
Woman: No, I won't let you!
???: Ye know what to do to people who say no, right me hearties?
??? Group: Aye, aye Captain!
Woman: What are you doing? No, NO, NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Scene displays the pier while woman is screaming.)
(A few hours later.)
Narrator: Whoa! Talk about eerie! You must be wondering, what happened to the poor woman. Well, that's why our hero is here! Sure, he looks different with the knight detective look with the blue hair; sun-glasses, white dress shirt, blue tabbard, white ring belt, blue belted trench coat, black pants, greaves, pauldrons, gauntlets, white dress shoes, and blue shield; (whew!), but hey, he's the
, Knight Detective! With him, we see Erico! What horrors will they discover in this horrific mystery?
Chief O'Daniel: Well, well, well, if it isn't the
Blue Chevalier and Erico. What's the matter guys? Did you guys finally decide to go on a diet?
Blue Chevalier: Very funny Chief. What did you call us here for?
Chief O'Daniel: We have a murder on Pier 50. A witness said that a woman was running from a group of guys who talked like pirates.  However, these bums are also dressed like pirates, but still, we're not too sure if we could confirm the tip.
Erico: "Arrrr-Caruba, matey!" What are we going to search first in the pier?
Blue Chevalier: Why don't we just go to the murder scene?
Chief O'Daniel: Just get going, ya ironsided dimbulbs!  We've got to get who's behind the murder raids!
Erico: Ay, ay, chief! 
Blue Chevalier: Yes sir, chief.  We'll get on the case, pronto!
(Scene change to: Harbor - "Pier 50")
Erico: (Examines a half-eaten hamburger, then chows it down)  Mmmmmm, still downright good.
Blue Chevalier: Save the eating for later.  We've got a case to solve. The woman's name is Cassie Jones. She's married to Doctor William Jones who had a thing for pirates. Hmmm....
Narrator: While the Blue Cavalier investigates the scene, he notices a ruby "crossbones" pendant. 
Blue Chevalier: It can't be... he's here?
Erico: Who?
Blue Chevalier: The Red Buccaneer! He is a killer who raids ships and kills anyone who gets in his path! (Looks at murder Scene), It looks like there has been a struggle here. These footsteps seem to have been running from that boathouse over there.
Erico: (Gulps loudly) Boathouse?

: Alright, let's head over there.
(Blue Chevalier and Erico proceed to the Pier 50 Boathouse)
(Scene change to: "Pier 50" - Boathouse, Interior)
Blue Chevalier: (Looks around, and enters) It's all right, Erico.
Erico: (Shivers) Ya gotta be kidding me, Blue.
Blue Chevalier: There's nothing to be afraid of.  (Leans on lever, which drops a crane on his head, causing him to see stars) No mommy, I don't want to go to school.
(A woman screams)
Erico: (Runs like a chicken) GANGWAY, ME HEARTCRACKS!!!!
Blue Chevalier: (Regain consciousness), It's coming from outside! (Grabs Erico), C'mon Erico!
(Blue Chevalier and Erico exit the Boat House. Blue Chevalier investigates the scene of the murder.)
Blue Chevalier: (Look at ID in wallet), Says here that her name is Allison Penny. (Searches for clues, finds a glove), Let me use my DNA Analyzer. (Looks at results), It belongs to her brother, Edward Penny! He's been missing for 2 years!
Erico: What does it mean?
Blue Chevalier: I don't know, but it's all starting to come together...
Red Buccaneer: Arg, ye be snooping a bit too much matey! (Knocks out Blue Chevalier).
Erico: (Gulps loudly), As I said before...(Runs around like a chicken), GANGWAY, ME HEARTCRACKS!
Red Buccaneer: Heartcracks??? Oy, well. Anyway... (kicks box aside) YE TWO BLOKES AREN'T GOIN' ANYWHERE!!!!!!! (Laughs maniacally)
(Erico faints when hearing his diabolical laughter on to the floor)
Narrator: Oh no! Our heroes are at the mercy of the Myterious Figure! What will happen to them? Will we ever find out?
Director: GET ON WITH IT!
(Scene Change To: Pirate's Brig, Interior)
Narrator: Well anyway, You'll find out...Right now! We find our Heroes tied up in the pirate's brig. Will they escape?
Erico: I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!
Blue Chevalier: (Wakes up), Ouch. Wait a minute! How come you're tied up? How come I'm tied up? What happened?
Erico: Well "Mr. Macho", we got captured by those who committed the recent murders on the Harbor.
Blue Chevalier: Well, we got to get out of here.
Erico: (Stomach rumbles), Oh boy...
Blue Chevalier: What?
Erico: I had Beans and Franks with you, remember?
Blue Chevalier: (Stomach rumbles), This can only turn out bad...
  Blue Chevalier and Erico made a long fart)
Narrator: WHAT A MIRACLE! The ropes were burned by the flatulence passed by
Blue Chevalier? and Erico! Now to get the guy behind the murders!
Blue Chevalier: Don't count on it, Red Buccaneer!
Red Buccaneer: Wait, was he supposed to get out?  (Reads the Script), Oh yeah, right. He was. (Gets into character), ARG! YE BE OUR NEXT SHARK-BAIT! (slashs cutlass at 's Shield, then a blue light shines), What be this?! I be blind as a bat!
: (Throws shield at Red Buccaneer, knocking him out), You're all under arrest!
(Police burst on to the Pirate Ship.)
Chief O'Daniel: Good work, Blue Chevalier. We'll take it from here!
Blue Chevalier: Time to see who the Red Buccaneer really is...
Erico: Blue, I bet you 8 fried dumplings that it's Edward Penny!
Edward Penny: Sure, blame the guy who called the cops.
( Blue Chevalier takes off Red Buccaneer's Mask.)
Chief O'Dainel: Doctor William Jones!
Blue Chevalier: My DNA Analyzer said that the glove belonged to Edward, however, the hair on the glove came from Doctor William Jones which was covered in Miss Penny's blood. Boy, I'm hungry!
Erico: You said it!
Chief O'Daniel: Of course you are. The chinese food restaurant is having a "all you can eat" buffet, enjoy!
Blue Chevalier: Sweet! C'mon Eri-
Erico: (Dashes to the chinese food restaurant), Last one there goes on a diet!
Narrator: Well that concludes this chapter. See you next time in the next chapter!

© Copyright 2018 Vinansky Brothers. All rights reserved.

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