Chimerical Footprint

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For such an impatient society, there is much learning for all of us. (Image by pinterest)

Submitted: November 08, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018



Chimerical Footprint


Shortsightedness knows no ally,
its focus blind to willing aid.




How we enjoy picturing that
which isn't there,
the "what if",
often prescribed to dreams,
but made real by denials' insistence,
relegating simple innocence to the shadows
where hampered discovery awaits.






How willingly we wet ourselves
beneath the enigmatic rainbow waterfall,
drenching ourselves with vicarious beauty.

Not ours
by ownership.


Not anyone's
whose reality speaks.


But everyone's by default.


Awash with delusion,
it roils upon our survival,
impacting our desires,
often drowning us with self-imposed defeat.


Nature's ancient warnings,

Man's embryonic shortcomings,
Enjoin chronic ignorance until…


It doesn't.


The fortunate few overcome,
refusing to drown in multicolored wakes of chimerism,

we surface from ocean's horizon,
find reality by contenting ourselves with self-sufficient islands
surrounded by life's checks and balances,
Knowing the I Ching of change,
Nature's way of coalescing tributaries,
many call experience,
others, missed opportunity.


Through it all…





waits like a hammer in freeze-frame,
poised high above the anvil,
knowing its dropping
induces a footprint
of who we are
not who we might think we are.


The Yin of you.


The Yang of me.


© Copyright 2019 Odin Roark. All rights reserved.

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