Stay Strong

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I imagine talking to my nephew. An old poem

Submitted: November 08, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018



I hold these tiny hands

And pray

That it would break

I been broken and repaired

But each time

I been fixed

I been missing a shard

A missing piece


I pray that the world

Would be kind to you

But I know the world

Would find a way

To tear you



I stayed in hoping

That it wouldn’t be done

This would is rotten

Bitter to the core

You’re the light

Shining through

The never ending war


I been fighting my demons

I am a veteran of this

Futile war

But you are born to fight

I know you can win

Against you frightful demons


This world is full

Of demons

Shadows of man

But you’re the light

Shining bright

An archangel of

The cold night


I pray you don’t break

Because I don’t want you

To hurt the way I do

Stay strong little one

These wings are not big

For the two of us

But I’m just happy

To see you flying

Over the horizon

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