They Don’t Understand Him

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Ironically I wrote this during pride month. I didn’t think much on how people should be proud about themselves, but on how others treated them and how it effected them. Especially on the people that supposed to love them. An old poem

Submitted: November 08, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018




He’ll grow out of it
When they saw him
Playing with dolls
Instead of football

They looked disgusted
When he wore the color pink
He’s confused
Why do they hate it?

He told them he’s in love
“Who’s the girl”, they ask
To their dismay. It’s another guy
He doesn’t understand.
What’s wrong?

They say he’s sick
So they took him to the hospital
Hoping he would be fixed
He afraid
What am I?

Years later. He’s confused
He doesn’t understand the feelings
Afraid of himself
He’s sick
They told him

He’s tries so hard to bend in
It’s unnatural to him
His fears what he is
Afraid to show himself
In front of his peers

The world was colorful
When did it became dull
Has it always been lifeless
He doesn’t see it until now

A boy and a girl love each other
Like it should be
They told him very clearly
He doesn’t understand
Love is blurry

They told him to get marry soon
To a beautiful girl
”That way you’re sad”, they told him
I don’t understand love
He told himself depressingly

I’m confused
I don’t understand
I’m broken
He tells himself unclearly

So he hangs on a willow tree
Not able to understand
That he doesn’t needs to be
Like the crowd that shuns him
For the person he wants to be

He is sick
He needs to be “normal”
He’s not allowed to love a man

Now he’s swinging upon the dead tree
Lonely as they made him to be

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