My Best Friend Bert - #10

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Almost everything can be a mystery, in Bert's viewpoint, even a fly on a computer screen.

Submitted: November 08, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018



My best friend, Bert, and I were playing cards out on my front porch when he asked, "Did you ever talk to some critter and the critter acted as if it understood what you said?"

I wasn't sure what he was driving at, so I asked, "How do you mean?"

Bert took a drink from his lemonade and began to explain, "It was a normal evening, my wife was watching the later part of a feel good Christmas drama. I don't care for those girl shows so I was in the den playing computer games and Liking stuff on Facebook.

Well, for about an hour I occasionally noticed a house-fly buzzing around and landing on the drapes near the computer. I figured that I had let it in the house when I had gone out to the mailbox.

I lost track of where the fly was for awhile and where it went I couldn't guess; as they say, "Out of sight, out of mind.

Normally I find these flies dead, usually the next morning, and always next to a window glass. I guess they just burn themselves out from exhaustion. Who knows?

Anyway, right after dinner I noticed that the fly was back. But this time was different and the way this fly acted was different too."


Bert had my interest. He seldom talks about insects so I really wanted to find out where this fly story was going. That is why I encouraged him to continue, by asking, "Why would you say that?

Bert explained, "After some time of buzzing around, the fly landed on the edge of my computer screen. If it had landed anywhere else I would have placed a glass over it and taken it outside where it belonged.

I know, I know, it is called a house-fly. But I'm thinking they are saying an Outside-the-House, Fly, not an Inside-the-house, Fly; so I put them where I think they belong, outside.

Well there I was, watching this fly stroll along the edge of my computer screen; Boy, talk about distracting.

I was wondering how I was going to catch this fly when an idea came to me. Why such an idea would come to anyone's mind, I wouldn't try to guess, but it came to me so I did it to see what would happen.

I placed my finger on the edge of the screen, about an inch from the fly, and said, "I'll bet you are pretty tired. Tell you what; if you'll get on my finger I'll take you outside where you belong."

To my surprise the darn fly did exactly what I asked it to do, so I took it outside.

I was happy and the fly was happy. Well, I guess the fly was happy because as soon as I opened the door it flew off into the night."

I looked at Bert and asked with a chuckle, "What did you have for dinner, Bert?"

"Fried chicken," Bert said, questioningly, "Why do you ask?"


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