Never Forget

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A short story based on a family of three. A husband, a wife, and a daughter.
Mr. William Jackson has told his family he has just joined the army to fight in the war in the year 1914, His wife Anne and daughter June both protest against his decision but sadly he sticks with his decision, what happens next will surely bring you to tears.
Lest We Forget.

Submitted: November 08, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018




It was a cold, chilly night when he came back with the news. 

July 18th, 1914... 

Mr. William Jackson was his name, he had a beautiful wife; Anne Jackson and daughter; June Jackson. 

He entered his house to see them both sat in front of the fireplace, logs of wood engulfed in flames keeping the front room warm as they sat down next to each over. Anne was reading her beautiful blonde-haired daughter Pinocchio while they both sat on the floor. 

He told them the news. 

He had joined the British army to fight in the war a few days from now on the 28th. 

His daughter and wife protested and pleaded but he would not go against his decision. They both sat there in silence. They didn’t want him to leave. He couldn’t leave. 



But he did... 



On the 26th the army’s general knocked on their door while the other soldiers stayed in a few of the army’s cars on the street. William opened the door all dressed in a formal, black, uniform ready to leave. 

June and Anne walked towards him, Anne giving him a family photo and June giving him a small, pocket teddy bear that he could keep with him, she began to weep and hugged her dad goodbye even though she cried for him to stay. The mother joined her, weeping in his shoulder before they both moved away, and he gave them a proud salute before leaving with his general and closing the door behind him. 

Anne collapsed to the floor crying, and all June could do was sit and watch, not knowing how to comfort her mother she ran into the kitchen and got her mother a cup of water and a box of tissues... 

June was only 6. 

And her father had left. 

  Not knowing if he’d come back... 

She just hoped and prayed each night that he would. 

Soon it got too dangerous to stay in the city, so she had to be evacuated but unlike other children, her mother went with her. They moved into a country cottage not too far from the school and not too far from the local markets. 

Every night they’d put blackout curtains over the windows, so they could stay out of sight from the warplanes. 

June had made friends with a lot of girls from the school and her mother would chat with their mothers. 

But then... 


The news came... 


November 18th, 1918 the last leg of the war. 

The general came to their cottage after the army had gotten back from the war once it was over. 

They both had hope in their eyes but as soon as he looked down with his hat in his hands. 

They knew he wasn’t coming home. Just like it started both mother and daughter in tears, they lost their loved one in action on the battlefield and they could do nothing but remember him. 

A flower bloomed that day. 

A poppy. 

All families wore poppies in respect to their loved ones. 

Hoping they were at peace and thanking them for their freedom that they granted them. 



‘A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself’- Thomas Campbell 

November 11th 

Lest We Forget. 

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