My Real Life Story

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This story is about my life.As a teenager, I would like to share my story and other teenagers like me.

Submitted: November 09, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018



I was born on November 8th, 2000 in Port Au Prince, Haiti.I was raised by my aunts and grandma in a  town named Jacmel for 15 years.I’m from a christian family. Difficult times have come so my dad send my older sister and I  in the United States.My sister’s name is Kewina.She was born on August 1st 1996.She's a beautiful young girl,she looks like my mom.Everytime I see her all I think about is my mother.My mom died 7 years ago.Her and my dad never had a good relationship.I was asking myselfhow come a beautiful woman like my mom didn’t have a chance with my dad.I think about her every single day.My dad Larousse Lubin is a Frigorist.He lives in Haiti.You’re probably wondering what a Frigorist is It’s a technician who participates in the development,installation and maintenance of the refrigerated system. My mom in the other hand was a housewife,take of us,do what a housewife should do.  We’ve been living here for two years now.The reason our dad send us here is because Haiti is not so great in opportunities.We came here to live a better life and find opportunities to make our lives successful.But my sister find her own way to make hers successful.Not to mention,when I came here in the United States in 2016,I was living with my stepmother in New York,Spring Valley.My father married her 6 years ago and their relationship is not so romantic right now.However,my stepmother is a very loving woman.To be honest,I’m so grateful to have her in my life.I spent two weeks at her house in NY and then I went to New Jersey to live with my aunt.Her name is Elisabeth.She has two children,a girl and a boy.As I was saying,my sister was living with her but she didn’t really like it here and she moved out.The niece and aunt relationship right not is not so great either.My sister lives in Texas now.I don’t know if she’s with her boyfriend, I don’t know what she makes for a living,what I know is that she’s working at least that what she told me.If I ask her too much questions on what she’s doing all the way to Texas,she got mad.And I keep wondering,when I think about her all I do is wonder because I’m worried about her.We’re the only two daughters that he has and I want my relationship to be real with her no matter what hard time we're going through.

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