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Submitted: November 08, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018



How do you picture a hero?

Do you envision a cape,

Or is it a costume with a logo on it?


Sure, on T.V. that is how they are seen,

But television is not reality.

On camera the "heroes" can come back to life,

Some are even indestructible.


But the real superheroes aren't even at home fighting.

No, instead, they are worlds away from their family and friends.

Some can't go home for up to a year at time.

It's not fight a battle and it is over that same day;


Instead it is fight and fight until there is no fight left in them.

These heroes do not wear a costume.

They wear a uniform.

And the logo is not something made up,

It is a flag worn prouldy on their sleeve.


As for a cape, it happens to be dog tags.

Tags that are worn around the necks of soldiers.

They are not indestructible,

All they have is a bullet proof vest.


They cannot be ressurected after dying in war.

In movies some "heroes" can fly.

In Afghanistan, soldiers fly too, they fly in fighter jets.


Some "heroes" have superstrength.

A soldier's strength lies in his will to keep his country safe.

A fictional hero fights a fictional enemy.

A real hero, fights the real enemy.


"Superheroes" fight because they have to.

A soldier fights because he wants to.

So the next time you see a "superhero" fighting on a rooftop,

know that a soldier may be fighting in the trenches.


And when you see a "superhero" with his family,

Remember the true heroes who cannot be with theirs.

It does not take unique abilities to be a hero:

It takes a hell of alot of courage and sacrifice.


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