Impressionable Youth

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Lock the children away
From a world that they can't understand
We must keep them in their innocence
Take out any influence
Of which we won't approve

Keep the children alone
And away from those that may do harm
Won't let them make a single friend
Will go to any end
To keep them at home

Keep the children in line
Don't let them behave this way
Make them act like they're all grown
We will mold them into our own
Ideals and dreams

Make the children conform
They are far too young to figure it out
After all, they're just a human being
We will crush all their hopes and dreams
And make them a drone

Let the children unite
Against the adult regime
Tell them you won't take no more
You have the rest of your life to become full-grown
Let the children unite

Submitted: November 08, 2018

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